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I work at mikes farts and crafts as a cashier. I proceed to ask if the customer was a rewards member when I got rudely interrupted before I even said a single word. “No I don’t have email or rewards or any of that. See don’t I make things easy for you?”
“Oh and I have military ID”
My GM literally asked me if I’ve gotten lots of people to sign up for rewards, I told him I’m trying. They track that shit. So no you’re not helping. Thanks for the arrogance.

Girl Meets Audrey Hepburn

I think everyone’s pretty aware of the obvious Maya in GM Money dressed as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (they even included a cat!).

And that’s pretty interesting when you consider additional parallels like the song that Audrey sings in the movie, Moon River (link), includes the lyric “my huckleberry friend”. Plus, the guitar Holly plays looks awfully similar (albeit slightly smaller) to May’s guitar that Maya receives.

And at first I thought the Audrey Hepburn parallel was interesting but didn’t think much of it….until I looked closer at the other Audrey Hepburn parallel.

The other time they have a character channel Audrey Hepburn is in GM 1961, with Riley’s great-grandmother Rosie dressed up as Jo, Audrey’s character in Funny Face.

Since I’ve been stuck in a blizzard and haven’t seen the movie since I was kid with my grandparents, I decided to rewatch it. And holy moly, if I wasn’t convinced about the writers being intentional with the Hepburn parallels before, I certainly am now.  More after the cut since idk how long this will end up being.

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Hey, that Eggs comment oddly enough was said on Critical Role last night. I say oddly because I know you have a huge backlog so it seems unlikely that someone was plagiarizing them when they'd have to submit it weeks ago for it to be showing up today. Whoever submitted it (assuming you're not a time traveling thief) tell your GM that great minds think alike!

It was probably in all likeliness from Critical Role, I’ve been pretty busy with offline stuff so the queue only gets filled out a day or two at a time as of right now (if I remember to queue anything at all). People send in quotes from podcast, comic books, etc a lot and if I personally don’t recognize there’s not much I can do other than acknowledge it after the fact. I don’t make any money off of this so its not a big deal, but if Mr. Mercer does object he’ll have to come find me in my dungeon.

I would like to point out something, in particular, about the sentiment in this scene that might make you appreciate it, even more...

A video posted by @riarklematthews on Sep 16, 2016 at 1:32am PDT

^^Video cred to @riarklematthews, on Instagram. 🎥 ❤️

Okay - so I just watched this scene, once again, but this time, on Disney Channel via my TV set. Fortunately, I got much clearer picture and sound quality than when I watched clips on Instagram, Tumblr, or Youtube.

Before watching GM GLONY on TV, it was really hard to tell if Farkle was actually crying, though we knew he was through the info given out by people who went to the taping. He is, in fact, holding back tears.

First of all, let me just say that I am absolutely thrilled that Disney found a way to cover the Holocaust. This was a very serious time in world history and Corey did such an amazing job as Farkle, conveying the shock, sadness, and grief that one would experience when learning something as tragic as your ancestors being wiped out by Nazis. I hope this episode inspired its viewers to not only read up about their own history, but also about the Holocaust and, in Zay’s family’s case, slavery.

Of course, in response to this new information that Farkle learned about his family, Riley comforted him with a hug - but I want to break down this scene for you because, as some of you may know, I study Psychology at the graduate level and I work as a counselor, currently. Part of being a counselor is being very observant of body language and interpreting it.

In the case of this scene, I’d like you to notice Farkle’s emotional expression when he says the line, “…My whole family…”

Farkle is choked up. He could not even finish the last syllable of the word “Family”. He is trying to keep it together as he is certainly not comfortable being emotional around his friends, as evidenced by the fact that he avoided the subject for half of the episode. However, if you look closely, you can see tears forming in his eyes.

As soon as he gets himself together, after voicing his mutual sympathy to Zay, he goes on to talk about the Christian Rescuers saving his great-grandfather. This was the first moment, after becoming emotional, that he turns his head to Riley…

Originally posted by riarkleilove

It took Riley literally two seconds to realize that Farkle could really use a hug.

What’s interesting about this is that she did not hug Farkle until he looked her way.

Why is this interesting, you ask?

Because the moment he looked her way, they made eye contact.

Farkle still had tears in his eyes, Riley saw them, and her immediate response was to comfort him with a hug.

It was exactly what he needed.

This may seem like something pretty small, but as someone who studied human behavior and emotions, this is huge.

It means Riley loves Farkle so much, she does not like to see him cry.

This love could be labeled as platonic, right now, but it is the selfless kind of love where you are in-tune with another person’s emotions and what they need to feel better that could potentially blossom into a beautiful, romantic relationship, down the line.

Because of this small, but significant observation, this scene speaks to me in a much sweeter way, than before. ❤️️♠️

This is Merki Riwaea, an NPC from my pathfinder campaign, which I tentatively call the Great GM-ing Experiment.

Merki is a half-human, half-molly (mermaid) butcher. She’s sort of a “genki girl” type, a biracial lesbian, and likes to eat fish most of all. She has some other interesting traits players may learn eventually…
I’ve never seen a nonevil butcher character in an RPG myself, which is where the idea came from.

Doodle in the corner unrelated.
Colors on this scanned sort of dully.


AAAAAAAAAAA, SO MUCH HYPE! The cast is really fuckin great as well, Geoff (always great and hilarious) as GM, Totalbiscuit is back after that long health related hiatus with all the usual 40k ridiculousness, Adam Koebel (my favourite GM/Game designer ever), John Harper (who can really sell the grimdark as evidenced by his RPG Blades in the Dark) and Frontline Gaming (I’ve never heard of ‘em but hopefully they’ll be good) 

Edit: Its streamingas close as monday week apparently. More hype


Ok so obviously we know that Farkle almost immediately knew that Riley was hiding her feelings for Lucas in GMT3, and was also the first one to know that she was being bullied in GMRT. So, we know that Farkle understands Riley really, extremely well.

But what about Riley? I mean yes, she was also the first to find out about Farkle being bullied in GM Flaws, but that was quite a while ago. What about now? GLONY is a perfect example of how well Riley understands Farkle. The thing that messes me up most about the Riarkle GLONY scene during the fair is literally how fast Riley went to defend Farkle when everyone was asking him what was wrong. She knew what he meant when he said “I can imagine it, Riley.” And you can tell as her realization face reappears. In the next scene, Maya asks what’s wrong, and seeing how uncomfortable Farkle is, Riley steps in to save him. No one else could get what was wrong, but Riley was able to.

Just like how Farkle was able to figure out Riley was hurting in GMT3.

Do you see how well they understand each other?