i have kind of a mixed reaction for the great gatsby, bc on one hand i disrespect fitzgerald’s treatment of the women in his fiction - specifically daisy - writing her like a question mark and a symbol (i ofc know that’s a prominent role in literature, but in this case daisy’s whole arc is a glue between jay’s obsession between the past and the present, and the problematic idolization of her in a result to romantic memories to the reality of her shallow personality), but on the other hand it does acknowledge the patriarchal and misogynistic reality of women at the time. daisy hoping her daughter would grow up to be a ‘beautiful little fool’ does reveal her awareness of the politics and society around her, and her obligation to fall in line with that society. which, ‘kay, is an interesting character point. 

Your lips against mine is the most peaceful thing I have ever encountered. Your hands on my face and back is the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt. You make me feel warm. The effect that your touch has on me, is the same effect the sun has on the earth after a hurricane, or a cold night. I will long for your touch every evening, and every day until I’m with you again. That hour cannot come soon enough.
—  E.H