the great fusilli

Made this in honor of the creepiest episode of anything ever…

The Great Fusilli. This was the season finale of the first season as many suspect is the intended ending of the show. It’s the only episode where Eustace and Muriel are not changed back at the end. Fusilli never reappeared for vengeance like most of the other major villains. Backstage at FUsilli’s he had several formerly human puppets that did nothing showing that they, and now Eustace and Muriel are dead. IE, forever now Courage plays with the dead bodies of his former owners to recreate the life he once had with them….

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Courage the Cowardly Dog - The Great Fusilli

Eto yung episode na talagang nagpa-lungkot sa akin. Pinapanood ko talaga ang episodes nito tapos noong ibinalik sa Cartoon Network, pinanood ko na to dati. Super iba kasi ang dating sa akin nito tapos basta. Nakakapang-hina.

Sa episode kasi na ito, hindi na talaga natulungan ni Courage na maging okay sina Muriel at Eustace. Tapos ayon, naging puppet sila. Super nakakaiyak kasi nga, ang dating sa akin ay yung talagang sa mga susunod na episodes, lahat ay part na ng imagination ni Courage. Imagine, kahit wala na sila, pinagmumukha parin niya silang buhay.

The things I do for love.