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Omega habits or quirks is when pups are nervous or shy ,omega makes cooing sounds or funny chirps to make the pup feel safe.

You have killed me, my sweet anon. Genuinely, I am deceased. Oh my fuck. Bless you, bless up. This is just great. I’m going to frame this and look at this for seven hours. I won’t even add anything to this, because great. 


It hurts even more that after the break up scene, you get the “Beloved and Precious” achievement which, as we all know, only happens when you reach the pinnacle of your romance - the point of no return, the moment when your LI looks at you and thinks, “I love this person with my entire being and I cannot imagine a life without them”.

@qunaributts​ this was supposed to be the prompt but I think the art style wouldn’t fit the humor so I’m starting it all from scratch :V  Thank the creators for fans who posted the break up videos. They were great for frame by frame references ;v;

Deadpool does the Spiderman kiss.

“ Okay little buddy, now go all the way to the top of the building”, Deadpool yelled up to Spiderman as he climbed his way on the side of the brick wall.

Spiderman hollered back at him, “ oh I can’t tell you how much I am not your little buddy..!”

Deadpool chuckled, “ keep telling yourself that, bud ”, he mocked, with his hands on his hips, “ okay now when your at the top, come back down, upside down”, Deadpool instructed him, drawing a circle with his finger.

“Why?”, Spiderman yelled from above.

“Just do it!”, Deadpool replied.

Spiderman sighed, “ okay, I’m coming back down.. ”, he said as he spun his web and slipped down the silky rope as slow as he could go.

Deadpool giggled, “ that’s great ”, he brought his hands up and framed Spiderman with his fingers, “ a little further, ” he exclaimed.

Spiderman frowned under his mask, “ a little more”, Deadpool gestured Spiderman to move down further. Spiderman slid down until he was facing Deadpool, except upside down.

“Perfect! Just like that ”, Deadpool mused as he walked up closer to meet the upside down spider.

“ why do you want me to do this exactly?”, he asked with a confused tone, dangling on his string of web.

Deadpool got rather close, a little too close to be exact, “ hey, what did I tell you about personal boundaries.. ”, Spiderman shoved his hand in Deadpools face and he laughed back at him, moving his hands away.

“ What boundaries? ”, he shrugged with a little laugh, and Spiderman let out an annoyed noise.

“Okay now close your eyes under that mask of yours.. ”, he waved his finger in front of his face.

Spiderman huffed, “ why do I have to do this..?”, he replied in an unamused voice.

Deadpool’s eyebrows raised under his mask, pushing it up, “ just trust me”, he said in a lower tone.

The red and black neutral sneaked up a little closer, and Spiderman rolled his eyes before closing them, “ you better have those eyes closed!”, Deadpool joked.

“They are okay!”, Spiderman said, keeping his word with his eyes tightly shut. Thinking, what in gods name has he got planned this time.

Deadpool laughed internally, pulling his own mask up a little so just his smirking mouth showed.

As he stepped closer and started to peal Spiderman’s mask down bit by bit. His heart beat excitedly as he started to see his chin and then his bottom lip. Spiderman let out a surprised noise as he felt the other pull his mask away.

“Dude what the he-!?”, Spiderman was cut off as he felt Deadpool force his lips against his own unexpecting ones.

Spiderman gasped and shoved the other away immediately, “ what the fuck are you doing?!” ,he spat. “Just something I have been wanting to do for a long time”, Deadpool admitted before pulling him back down and kissing him again.

Spiderman struggled at first but then he found it hard to pull away and before he knew it he was into he kiss, rather deeply.

Deadpool all but purred as he felt Spiderman drift into the kiss willingly. Moving his lips over the others he made out with the hero daringly, teasing his top lip and then his tounge as well.

Deadpool liked this position because it was new and exciting, he began to feel his suit become a little tighter as he heard Spiderman grunt a little under his lips.

He dove his tongue into his mouth rather roughly and the two began a heated oral battle that made Spiderman’s cheeks flush hard underneath his mask. The same thing happened to Deadpool as he felt his sensitive tongue being toyed with.

The two broke apart and breathed a little harshly before Deadpool captured his lips again and began to suck at his lip a little which made Spiderman groan deliciously. Deadpool chuckled as he broke the heated kiss, leaving a flustered and confused Spiderman in front of him.

Spiderman whined as he felt too much blood rush to his head, he began to slip and he yelled as he lost his grip and fell to the hard concrete. He groaned in pain as he sat up and rubbed his head and Deadpool laughed, pointing at him.

“Haha! You loser!”, he said, teasing the spider.

Spiderman snarled, “ ugh, why did you kiss me?”, he said in a pained voice.

Deadpool snorted, “ oh you liked it! Just admit it!”, he exclaimed.

“You practically forced me to kiss you! ”, he said with an embarrassed glare.

“Yeah but then you lost yourself, and gave in, you’re so gay ! You loved it!”, Deadpool laughed loudly.

Spiderman growled, “ hey you know I am not gay! You just caught me uh guard! ”, Spiderman said weakly.

Deadpool cackled, “ sure, whatever man, you loved it! ”, he slapped his knee with a chuckle. Spiderman punched Deadpool in the arm, “ fuck you. I’m outta here”, Spiderman said in a frazzled voice. “ooh! Touchy! ”, Deadpool teased the poor flustered spider.

Deadpool shrugged and followed the red hero as he walked away from the alley, “ hey it’s just a kiss, don’t take it so hard!”, he shoved Spiderman a little. Laughing internally because he thought of something he could definitely take hard “wink.”

“That’s the last time I let you talk me into something like that! ”, he said with crossed arms, not looking at the neutral. Deadpool stretched his arms as he followed the other bothersomly down the street, “ I just wanted to see how you would react if I did something like that ”, he said with a nudge.

“ Well that was a sick joke, dude..”, he grumbled. Deadpool sighed, “ aw don’t be embarrassed, you should thank me because now you can finally decide whether you are straight or not!”, he joked.

“You can’t just decide that, you idiot.. ”, Spiderman huffed, “ Oh right ! ”, Deadpool replied dully.

“But come on , I totally turned you from being straight to being at least a little bi-curious perhaps?”, Deadpool teased, “ please stop, ” Spiderman pleaded with a whimper.

“but its so fun to mess with you”, he said. Spiderman looked at him with a confused masked face, “ what even is your sexuality? ” ,Spiderman asked curiously.

“I am what you would call pansexual my friend! I like everyone ! Everyone is hot!”, Deadpool said excitedly, and Spiderman just stared at him.

“ But you my friend are the first male I have crushed on ever!”, Deadpool slapped Spiderman on the back. “Lucky you!”

Spiderman coughed, “ you have a crush on me?!”, he snorted, “ you don’t even know what I look like!”, he said with raised eyebrows under his mask.

Deadpool chuckled, “ yea but you sound hot and your body is hella fine!”, Deadpool winked under his mask and Spiderman shivered a little.

“Why else would I kiss you ”, Deadpool leaned into the hero and Spiderman leaned away shyly.

“ UHh I am going to go anywhere but here!”, Spiderman jumped and spun his web at the closest building and swung away, too embarrassed to be near the pushy neutral any longer.

Deadpool called after him, with a wolf whistle, “ playing hard to get are we? Get back here I’m not done bothering you for today ”, Deadpool said as he ran in the direction to where the hero swung off to.

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In some dreams like the ones I’m about to talk about I am not really me. I can be different people and genders etc and it can change mid dream. Basically I quantum leap (yeah I’m old sue me).

Let me preface this by saying I haven’t watched any horror anything recently. In the dream I’m in this nice ass house with huge wall of windows. And I’m sitting on the couch talking to someone, a family member I think. When I see the red light (traffic light) in the fog. I think hmm that would be a great picture so I stand up to get a better look/frame when I see a creepy Asian lady with raccoon like dark circles and messy hair. So I call to the family hey come check out this creepy chick hanging her head out in the grass behind the traffic light. Well as soon as everyone including my abuela see her she comes into the house as she is some sort of supernatural demon. My abuela knows what is up and is freaked. Anyway weird shit happens I can’t remember it all and my family is killed by her and I find my abuela’s list of what should defeat this monster only it’s not correct. Such as looking in her eyes and not backing down is exactly what killed my abuela. I am then haunted forever by this demon. Like everywhere I go she reads havoc and try’s to transform people by tricking them into drinking this liquid that would steal their soul. Lots of weird shit happened but no matter what I couldn’t stop her. She kept killing and it got to the point I was ready to submit. Thankfully I finally woke up but I swear I had three dreams about her. And I was sweaty (which keeps happening lately). Anyway even as an atheist this shit had me freaked. Like it was some Rings type shit.

So if I die suddenly you know what happened. Creepy Asian demon.

Frame-Up: Expertise, Quality & Great Design - Klaine ficlet

Title: Frame-Up: Expertise, Quality & Great Design
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating/Length: G / ~2,250

Summary: Kurt is a high school student in Lima working a part-time job at framing store in the local mall, counting the hours until he graduates and gets the hell out of town, when Blaine comes in with a slightly embarrassing photo to frame.


Kurt really doesn’t care much about the fine art of picture framing, despite his current part-time job at Frame-Up, the framing store in the middle of the Lima Mall. And he doesn’t particularly care about the fine art that goes into the frames either.  Sometimes it’s fine art, other times it’s $10 prints of celebrities, movie posters, or terrible vacation photos he has to pretend are masterpieces for his overly proud clients.

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Paul Gaugin was a businessman turned artist who produced a vast amount of art that had a great influence on 20th century modern art.  Here are 10 facts about him that you might find interesting.  For more information on his life and art, visit Wikipedia.

  1. Born in Paris, France on June 7, 1848.

  2. Moved to Peru as a young child, but returned to France at age 7.

  3. After partaking in the required military service in France, Gauguin started his career as a stock broker.

  4. He married the Danish Mette-Sophie Gad in 1873 and had 5 children.

  5. Gauguin painted in his free time but did not pursue it full-time until the mid to late 1880’s, when his marriage fell apart.

  6. His art was inspired by folk art and Japanese prints.

  7. Gauguin is considered a Post-Impressionist painter. His bold, colorful and design oriented paintings significantly influenced Modern art.

  8. He spent much of his time in later years in French Polynesia, Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands, where many of his paintings were influenced and created.  Many pieces consisted of tropical landscapes and Tahitian women.

  9. His art evolved towards Cloisonnism (an enameling technique) and was also considered Primitivism.

  10. Gauguin’s art inspired many of the artists and movements in the early 20th century, including Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Fauvism, Cubism and Orphism, among many others.

*Pictured: Landscape at Pont Aven, 1888

Artist of the Week: Robert Bateman


Born in Toronto, Robert Bateman has been a keen artist and naturalist from his early days. He has always painted wildlife and nature, beginning with a representational style, moving through impressionism and cubism to abstract expressionism. In his early thirties he moved back to realism as a more suitable way to express the particularity of the planet. It is this style that has made him one of the foremost artists depicting the world of nature.

Bateman’s work is in many public and private collections and several art museums. He was commissioned by the Governor-General of Canada to create a painting as the wedding gift for HRH The Prince Charles from the people of Canada. His work is also represented in the collection of HRH The Prince Philip, the late Princess Grace of Monaco and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. He has also been the subject of three films and several video productions. Three books of his art, The Art of Robert Bateman, The World of Robert Bateman, and Robert Bateman: An Artist in Nature, have made publishing history. A fourth book of his art, Robert Bateman: Natural Worlds, focuses on the importance of natural and cultural heritage. Safari, an illustrated book for young readers, contains firsthand accounts and interesting facts about African wildlife. The book, Thinking Like a Mountain, details Bateman’s environmental philosophies and observations and includes pencil sketches throughout.

Bateman’s art reflects his commitment to ecology and preservation and has used his artwork and limited edition prints in fund-raising efforts which have provided millions of dollars for these worthy causes. He says, “I can’t conceive of anything being more varied and rich and handsome than the planet Earth. And its crowning beauty is the natural world. I want to soak it up, to understand it as well as I can, and to absorb it. And then I’d like to put it together and express it in my painting. This is the way I want to dedicate my work.”

Stay tuned for more posts of Robert’s amazing artwork!

Featured Artist of the Week: Lobo

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“What started as a hobby became a profession”. 

That’s what Lobo says, a Brazilian artist born in São Paulo, the biggest city in South America. Thanks to compliments received from paintings he created to present to friends, he decided to take a turn in his career and dedicate himself exclusively to his art. 

Inspired by artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Burton Morris, Lobo expresses his art with outstanding features, influenced by the experience he gained in the several art fields in which he worked. 

His art works always ring with vibrant and happy colors, features that are already his trademark. His work has gallery representation in several countries. 

“I never thought that a free time passion could become a profession.”