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Rainy Days- A BATIM Fic

I have waited literally all day to post this. But yeah, literally for the last week it’s been rainy and dreary and while I normally love the rain, I had to go out in the rain and work, which is not fun. Anyways, another fic in @doodledrawsthings Hell’s Studio AU, about the first time the toons saw rain and I fudged the timeline a bit so they could all do it together because I like the trio together discovering things and it’s my story so :P. Anyways, enjoy!

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Ocean Sampler, square 11/16- little lanternfish watch with glowing eyes from the deep, deep depths of the tiny river on my favorite nature trail

one of the actual best things is when you can just say to your friend, “yeah okay fuck you too” or just give ‘em two middle fingers because that’s just how chill you are

faitht123  asked:

What should I do to make my dorm room less cluttered? Like diy options.. college budget lol

Hey hey,
First off to really declutter: throw out all the junk you don’t need. It might be heart wrenching, but do you really need all those birthday gifts from 500 years ago that you feel guilty about throwing out?
If you’ve already done this and you need some organisation strategies, try some of these DIY declutter projects: 

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touch, talk, fall asleep -- jeddy oneshot

3rd POV (changed the age gap to 4 years for this)

Teddy Lupin was a good kid. He did his homework, got good grades, played seeker for Hufflepuff and was an overall teacher’s pet. He had brilliant manners and always smiled charmingly at anyone and everyone. He was loved amongst students and teachers.

So when he graduated Hogwarts, changed his hair to a bright rainbow and shaved the sides. When he got two ear piercings and magical tattoo. Friends and family all over were more than surprised. Teddy had waited till he was seventeen to make all the changes. Till he could ready start living for himself.

Harry and Ginny didn’t mind. Andromeda had to give it a few weeks before she could look at him without frowning but eventually got used to it too.

The rainbow had was the thing most people has suspected. He had come out as pansexual three years prior but had always shown a love for rainbows and the brightness they represented.

Teddy also ended up finding some of Sirius’ old leather jackets and harry had allowed him the motorcycle a few times prior but now both the jackets and the cycle had completely found their way into Teddy’s hands, permanently.

He looked the opposite of his personality. The piercings the tattoos, that gradually became more, and the way he dressed. He was a wizarding world hearth throb.

Of course, he had even got into the magazines and news due to the commotion of ‘Golden boy Harry Potter’ godson is Britain’s most wanted bachelor’. Now yes the title was a bit of an over exaggeration but he had defiantly worked his way into the press’ hearts. He had even gotten a few modelling offers.

But Teddy being Teddy kindly declined each love confession and modelling agency. He was a modest bloke and really didn’t see what all the commotion was about.

James Potter was a simple guy. He was a hot but simple guy.

He was Gryffindors dearly beloved prankster and constantly had some rumour of a girlfriend floating around.

He was seen as a player and an easy fuck. A pretty face and a nice arse.

Now what James didn’t understand is that he’d only been with three girls in his Hogwarts life but thanks to his oh so lovely cousin clan there was always a rumour or a little whisper of him sleeping with the older Ravenclaw girl or the snarky Slytherin 6th year. Or just snogging with a random girl outside Hogsmeade.

The worst bit was that there was always a girl that was willing to say that she was the one James had that week. Even if he hadn’t spoken to her once before.

There was always a girl latching herself onto his arm, always someone sexualizing him.

James tried to ignore the whispers he heard seeing as he knew they weren’t true but he couldn’t tell them they weren’t true. No one had believed him before. Why would they now?

There was always one person James could rant to.


The boys had known each other since diapers and they were connected at the hip whenever close.

James adored the older boy. More than a best friend probably should but he never let that get to him. Teddy was too important to him to loose.

The boys often found themselves in James’ room on Friday nights casting silencing charms and talking. Talking for as along as much as they could before they fell asleep. Sometimes Teddy word bring his guitar and play James something he had been working on. Or they would sneak downstairs and James would teach teddy something on the piano.

There was never a dull moment. Especially not when they teased Albus or took Lilly out to the close by park.

Both boys however published or previewed by the socialism around them always knew the real them.

James knew the real Teddy and Teddy knew the real James.

And sometimes the only person you need to believe you is the one who knows you best.

James was good at hiding his feelings towards Teddy. He never really acted out too much and always knew what not to do after seeing Albus do exactly what you’re not supposed to with his feelings towards Scorpius.

He stared very little and kept his blush internal. For most of it at least.

But when Teddy arrived at James’ 18th birthday party with his hair dark blue almost black. With his ear pierced again, his eyebrow shaved a little near the end and a leather jacket on James couldn’t control his eyes.

He scanned Teddy over at least 20 times before he accidentally dropped his cup and snapped out of it.

He looked good. So so good. Even more good than usual. And man was that saying something.

James had enough time to stare while his relatives made a large deal out of Teddy’s new look.

“Close your mouth lover boy” Scorpius laughed walking past James, snapping him out of his second trance of staring at those ripped jeans.

“You know my boyfriend is right. You should stop staring before yours catches on” Albus rolled his eyes before smirking and dragging a giggling Scorpius to the kitchen.

James glared at where the younger boys once stood before going up to his room.

The party was practically over anyway and he’s teddy was late but he couldn’t be bothered to care.

Once he closed the door he clicked it locked and slid down against it sighing deeply.

He would thank everyone tomorrow for coming. Right now he was too dazed.

He placed his head in his hands and pulled his knees closer.

Teddy becoming even more attractive was not good for his already two-year strong crush. Teddy with his stupid smile and cute dimples. Teddy with his bad knock jokes and brilliant singing. Goddamnit could he be more perfect?

James groaned loudly.

“Knock knock”

Speak of the devil.

“Who’s there” James smiled, opening the door slightly and walking away from it letting teddy enter himself.

“Me” The dark haired boy laughed.

“That’s the worst one so far” James spoke raising an eyebrow at the boy leaning against his door frame.

“Nah I think I’m a great person to show up at someone’s door. Especially yours” Teddy grinned showing his dimples.

“Yeah shut up” James smiled, falling backwards onto his bed.

“I’m sorry-”

“It’s fine. You’re always late.” James sighed.

“Jamieeeee” teddy drawled walking over to the bed and leaning over to look James in the eyes.

“What is is bubble head?” James rolled his eyes and moved to the side of the bed.

“Pay attention to meet” Teddy spoke sitting down next to James.

James proceeded to ignore the dark haired boy. He couldn’t trust himself, he knew that as soon as he looked into Teddy’s eyes he would instantly forgive him. Or kiss him. Either way not good.

Teddy huffed and started to slightly poke and tickle James.

“Ted hehe Ted- stop haha Teddy” James laughed and squirmed finally turning around and laying close to Teddy. He took the blue haired boy’s hands and looked him in the eye.


“Make me” Teddy challenged, raising an eyebrow.

“Maybe later” James rolled his eyes and turned onto his back.

He and Teddy stayed like that for a while. Maybe two minutes. It was too peaceful to interrupt. That was until Teddy suddenly got up and walked to the door.

James frowned but kept quiet.

Teddy walked outside James’ room and brought back a bag

Overnight stuff okay.

Teddy then walked back out and brought in his guitar.


y, James thought

Hr expected teddy to walk back to the bed, force him up and make him set up or something but instead, teddy kept quiet and simply placed his things where they would normally go.

“Remember how you helped me play the piano,” Teddy asked very suddenly

“Yeah, I’ve been showing you for a few months now. Why?” James responded sitting up.

“Come with me” Teddy smiled.

Despite what James had expected when they got downstairs a fee family members were still there. Still around 10 people.

“Teddy what’s-”

“Just stay here I’ll be right back” Teddy smiled quickly before running into the kitchen.

“Dad do you know what’s up with Teddy,” James asked walking over to his dad.

“No, but it seems Lily is in on it. She’s been acting weird too” Harry squinted in his daughter’s direction.

Teddy was there too. Whispering into her ear. She seemed to be focusing on his information quite a lot as well.

What on earth.

Teddy then quickly walked away and right back to James.


“Let’s go” Teddy quickly grabbed James’ hand and he tried his best to look nonchalant about it.

Teddy pulled James into the study on the bottom floor where the bitters had an arrangement of bookcases, a record player, a small desk and their piano.

“Well, I’ve been practising” Teddy spoke letting go of James’ hand and rubbing his neck.

“We couldn’t wait till morning for -”

“I want to play you something”

“You need to stop cutting me off” James laughed “but go ahead then we’re here now so might as well.”

Teddy sat down in front of the piano and did a few chords as a warm up. James had positioned a chair right next to the piano and sat down with Teddy watching as he nervously placed his fingers down.

“Now I’m no James potter but this isn’t that bad and”

“Just play”

That’s exactly what he did.

The few notes were long and simple but teddy managed to keep in time as well.

“Won’t you turn around and please look at me
For everything we are, everything we’ve been
I promise I’ll be good if you stay with me

But everything we are, it just went away
With the slide of a tongue and a sour taste
I cannot recall, I can explain”

James was completely awestruck. Teddy’s soft singing and great accompaniment. Everything just worked.

“But I remember the nights when you’d lie with me
Where we’d talk and we’d touch and we’d fall asleep
I wake up in your arms and I’d feel at ease

It’s gonna be a long night”

The piano got a little bit more complicated here but teddy kept the pace and to be honest. James wouldn’t even have realised that the piano was off if it was. He was too drawn into the playing.

So drawn in he didn’t realise the rest of the family joining them inside.

Teddy was beyond nervous. He’d practised the song more times than he could remember all that he knew was that there’s so way he could mess up. He couldn’t allow himself. He wouldn’t allow himself.

“I still have your shirt in my dresser drawer
The one with the stripes that you liked in store
Everything has changed, I wanted more

Teddy continued playing and singing. Sneaking James a little smile every time he just played and didn’t meet to sing. James was completely destroyed, falling more in love with every note played.

Oh, it’s gonna be a long night

Teddy finished, playing the last new notes, looking towards his feet.

“So um” The dark haired boy paused “what did you think?”

“It was. I’m. Well. I.” James stuttered “it was brilliant.”

Teddy sighed in relief

“I mean it was about-”

“Well done lupin. Who knew you could impress us even more” Albus cut Teddy off with a smirk.

“Allll” Lily whined

“What I didn’t do anything” he defended as Lily smacked him.

“Well done Teddy” Harry smiled and a chorus of agreement followed.

“Okay well it’s about time we all head to bed” Ginny clapped her hands. Everyone left out the room saying goodbyes and apparating out of the house.

“I’ll leave you to it then” Ginny smirked walking past Teddy. “Have fun boys and sleep well”

James blushed and looked away before muttering an incoherent “shut up”

As James and Teddy walked into James’ room they heard Ginny once again. This time yelling a “not too much fun”

James swears he could sense Albus snorting at their mum and silently agreeing.

“Mum” he whined causing a laugh to be heard down the hallway.

They settled into James’ room, Teddy flopping down onto the sleeper couch and sighed heavily.

“I was so scared of messing up”

“But you didn’t”

“Yeah. I think I was just too commuted to mess up.”

“Before Al interrupted. You said, were about to say- what the song was about.”

“Oh. Yeah. Well, I found it and it just really summed up how I felt. Um about” Teddy trailed off


“Well. You”

James’ heart skipped a beat.

“What do you mean?”

Teddy got up and walked over to James who was still standing in the middle of the room.

“Exactly what I said. You. You and I. How we’ve become what we are. Who we are. How we’ve grown to become close” Teddy stepped closer to James “I don’t know how or when. But you-you are just so much more to me than you can comprehend.”

James’ breath caught in his throat

“James. I know I’m giving you a lot of information and that this can be really awkward for you but I just want to say that I don’t want this to be a burden or upset you so please just. Say something.”

“Edward Remus Lupin do me a favour and shut up” James smiled flicking his eyes between Teddy’s eyes and lips

Teddy snapped his mouth shut and looked down slightly at James.


This time James cut Teddy off. He grabbed Teddy’s shirt and pulled him closer, kissing him hard. Teddy’s initial shock passed and he settled into James touch, placing his hands on the other boy’s waist.

James moved his hand from Teddy’s shirt and rested his arms on Teddy’s shoulders.

“I told you to stop cutting me off that was your punishment,”  James smirked as he pulled away.

“If that’s a punishment I’ll take it any day” teddy grinned.

“Well I’ll take you up on that” James muttered leaning in again.

“Mum they kissed” They heard Al yell from the other room

“That little bu-” James growled trying to pull away and chase after his brother but teddy stopped him by the hand pulling him back into his chest.

“Jamie they were bound to find out ignore Albus and kiss me again.”

James looked to the door for a second before turning back to Teddy. He rolled his eyes and cast a silencing charm

“Fair point”

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What Did I Get Myself Into?

A/N: This was an anon request where the reader owns a sex shop and Spencer walks in on a case (I’m assuming the idea came from the season 12 premiere). The anon asked that Spencer and the reader start dating and Spencer is worried that because of her job, she may be too kinky for him, but that’s actually not the case. 

P.S. I am going to start out slow, so this request may turn into a short series, especially if I get feedback that people would like it, so let me know! Enjoy! ;)


You were just about the most unassuming woman anyone could ever possibly meet. You came from a good family - two loving parents and two siblings, you got good grades in high school, great marks in college while pursuing your degree in business and now worked an 8-hour a day job, not 9 to 5, but whatever, it worked.

One catch: You owned a sex shop. 

All kinds of different people entered your store every day - and it was your store. After pursuing your degree in business, and not wanting to leave the area to stay closer to your family, you decided to open your own store. Sex toys were always wanted and there was a lack of stores in the area - so it was really a smart business decision more than your “love of the field.” As a matter of fact, you were vanilla as fuck. Never used toys in the bedroom (with your partner at least), never really dressed provocatively, never deviated from the typical sex positions, and you’d only had two boyfriends in your 30 years of life. One in high school and early college and the other longer-term boyfriend who you’d broken up with about a year ago after realizing he was cheating.

Most of the characters - and you would call them characters - that entered your shop were more than kinky enough to make up for your vanilla. You knew your products, and occasionally used more of the tamer ones, vibrators mostly, but you knew all about your inventory. There was a particular part of the store that you stocked because there was a want for it, but honestly, it scared you and you stayed away from it as much as possible, things like whips and chains, heavier BDSM devices, swings. Some of it was intriguing sure, but it was also scary as shit and not at all like your vanilla self. Most of your friends made fun of you for being “boring.” But, fuck ‘em, you did what worked for you and didn’t pass judgement on anyone for doing what made them comfortable.

Occasionally, you’d get a more normal customer, like a girl looking for her first vibrator, a couple looking for something to spice up the relationship or even a bachelorette party, but you tended to get a lot of creepers. It had been weeks since you’d had a normal customer, but two hours into your shift this afternoon, two men, one in casual business clothes and the other in a dressed-down suit, shuffled in. 

“Hi,” the casually-dressed one said, introducing himself, “My name is Agent Luke Alvez and this is my colleague Dr. Spencer Reid from the FBI. Can we ask you a couple of questions about your inventory and a customer you may have served?”

Who knew the FBI employed such good-looking agents? Goddamn. 

You replied, looking at the doctor in particular. Totally your type. Honestly, both were your type. “Hi, I’m Y/N and sure, no problem. What can I help you with?”

Dr. Reid’s voice was slightly higher than Agent Alvez, but it was smooth as silk and you couldn’t deny you enjoyed the sound of his voice, imagining it saying sexy things in your ear. You may have been pretty vanilla, but being surrounded by sex all day, definitely rubbed off on you in certain ways. The upward inflection in the doctor’s voice, indicating a question, snapped you back to what he was actually asking, but you had been off in daydream-land and hadn’t heard, so you asked him to repeat himself. “Do you have any particular products that would restrain a person’s hands or wrists in place?” he asked again, more emphatically. Pay attention, dammit.

Again, your mind was in the gutter, but you controlled yourself. “I carry an array of products like that Doctor, do you have a particular item in mind, a picture? Anything I can use to find the exact one you’re looking for?”

He reached into his suit jacket pocket and pulled out a picture of the item in question, which you identified as a deluxe, rigid spreader bar. “I don’t sell too many of them, but I can get you a list of people who have recently, if you give me a time frame.”

Agent Alvez spoke up, “That would be great. Can we get a list from the last three months?”

You ventured toward the back room, inviting them as well, so you could get what they needed. “If there’s any way, would you be able to tell us whether these customers used cash or credit?” Dr. Reid asked.

“Sure. No problem.”

As you searched your records for the information the agents needed, Agent Alvez seemed to be rocking back and forth. “Agent? I do have a restroom if you need it. It’s out of the office and in the scary section in the back that I try and stay away from.”

“Thank you, so much,” he said, practically running out.

You waited for the printer to boot up, as you had found the information you needed for them, but while you were waiting, you couldn’t help but stare at the Doctor. His jaw was amazing, his hair was soft and fluffy, his eyes were stunning and he was tall and fit, not super muscular, but fit. Dammit, he was gorgeous. You turned your back to the agent and bent down to grab the papers that had printed. Quickly, you spun back around and noticed that the gorgeous, FBI doctor had been looking down. You could’ve sworn he was looking at your butt.

“So you said you stay away from the “scary section?” he asked, raising on eyebrow. Did he not believe you?

You nodded your head in agreement. “Yup, I try as I might to stay away from that super scary area. It’s much too kinky for me.”

He laughed. “So what made you become the owner of a sex shop if you’re not into all of this?” he said, motioning his hands around the room.

“More of a smart business decision than anything else,” you said, unable to keep yourself from staring at his lips. “I stock the things I don’t like because there is a desire for them, but there was a lack of this kind of establishment,” you said, emphasizing the ‘t,’”so I decided it made sense.”

You could’ve sworn he was staring at your lips as well, “Um…I’m normally not so forward, but..I mean, only if you want to…would you be interested in dinner?” He immediately looked down, as if he was ashamed of how forward he’d been. But you found it refreshing.

Oh my god. Did the super sexy Doctor just ask you out in the middle of your sex shop? “Like on a date, Dr. Reid?” you asked, pushing your glasses back up the bridge of your nose.

He blushed, and nearly retracted his request. “I mean…I don’t even know if your single. I probably shouldn’t have assumed that, but if you are…and if you want to, then yea?”

You smirked. Most people didn’t ask you out when they knew what you did because they assumed you were into some seriously kinky shit, but you hoped you’d gotten across how boring you really were. “I think I would like that a lot,” you said, turning back to the counter to grab a pen and paper to jot down your number for him. 

You finished writing your number, ripped the paper off the notebook and handed it to Dr. Reid just as Agent Alvez walked back into the room. His questioning gaze indicated he might have just seen his colleague getting a phone number while on the job, but he didn’t seem to care. 

Spencer, as he insisted you call him, looked a little embarrassed however, so his speech became professional once more. “Well, thank you again Y/N, this will really help us.”

“No problem,” you responded, “I hope you find who you’re looking for.”

As they left the store you thought to yourself, Did that really just happen?


“So,” Agent Alvez said, taking his sunglasses off of his shirt and putting them back on, “Did I just see my colleague get a number from the sex shop owner?”

Spencer scrunched up his mouth in a stifled smile. “I think I just did,” he said surprised, looking toward Alvez, “What did I just get myself into?”

“I have no idea,” he laughed, “But that reputation I said you had earlier said nothing about this kind of thing.”

Spencer knew his reputation preceded him within the FBI, and he was that person. So what just made him do that? 

Deadpool does the Spiderman kiss.

“ Okay little buddy, now go all the way to the top of the building”, Deadpool yelled up to Spiderman as he climbed his way on the side of the brick wall.

Spiderman hollered back at him, “ oh I can’t tell you how much I am not your little buddy..!”

Deadpool chuckled, “ keep telling yourself that, bud ”, he mocked, with his hands on his hips, “ okay now when your at the top, come back down, upside down”, Deadpool instructed him, drawing a circle with his finger.

“Why?”, Spiderman yelled from above.

“Just do it!”, Deadpool replied.

Spiderman sighed, “ okay, I’m coming back down.. ”, he said as he spun his web and slipped down the silky rope as slow as he could go.

Deadpool giggled, “ that’s great ”, he brought his hands up and framed Spiderman with his fingers, “ a little further, ” he exclaimed.

Spiderman frowned under his mask, “ a little more”, Deadpool gestured Spiderman to move down further. Spiderman slid down until he was facing Deadpool, except upside down.

“Perfect! Just like that ”, Deadpool mused as he walked up closer to meet the upside down spider.

“ why do you want me to do this exactly?”, he asked with a confused tone, dangling on his string of web.

Deadpool got rather close, a little too close to be exact, “ hey, what did I tell you about personal boundaries.. ”, Spiderman shoved his hand in Deadpools face and he laughed back at him, moving his hands away.

“ What boundaries? ”, he shrugged with a little laugh, and Spiderman let out an annoyed noise.

“Okay now close your eyes under that mask of yours.. ”, he waved his finger in front of his face.

Spiderman huffed, “ why do I have to do this..?”, he replied in an unamused voice.

Deadpool’s eyebrows raised under his mask, pushing it up, “ just trust me”, he said in a lower tone.

The red and black neutral sneaked up a little closer, and Spiderman rolled his eyes before closing them, “ you better have those eyes closed!”, Deadpool joked.

“They are okay!”, Spiderman said, keeping his word with his eyes tightly shut. Thinking, what in gods name has he got planned this time.

Deadpool laughed internally, pulling his own mask up a little so just his smirking mouth showed.

As he stepped closer and started to peal Spiderman’s mask down bit by bit. His heart beat excitedly as he started to see his chin and then his bottom lip. Spiderman let out a surprised noise as he felt the other pull his mask away.

“Dude what the he-!?”, Spiderman was cut off as he felt Deadpool force his lips against his own unexpecting ones.

Spiderman gasped and shoved the other away immediately, “ what the fuck are you doing?!” ,he spat. “Just something I have been wanting to do for a long time”, Deadpool admitted before pulling him back down and kissing him again.

Spiderman struggled at first but then he found it hard to pull away and before he knew it he was into he kiss, rather deeply.

Deadpool all but purred as he felt Spiderman drift into the kiss willingly. Moving his lips over the others he made out with the hero daringly, teasing his top lip and then his tounge as well.

Deadpool liked this position because it was new and exciting, he began to feel his suit become a little tighter as he heard Spiderman grunt a little under his lips.

He dove his tongue into his mouth rather roughly and the two began a heated oral battle that made Spiderman’s cheeks flush hard underneath his mask. The same thing happened to Deadpool as he felt his sensitive tongue being toyed with.

The two broke apart and breathed a little harshly before Deadpool captured his lips again and began to suck at his lip a little which made Spiderman groan deliciously. Deadpool chuckled as he broke the heated kiss, leaving a flustered and confused Spiderman in front of him.

Spiderman whined as he felt too much blood rush to his head, he began to slip and he yelled as he lost his grip and fell to the hard concrete. He groaned in pain as he sat up and rubbed his head and Deadpool laughed, pointing at him.

“Haha! You loser!”, he said, teasing the spider.

Spiderman snarled, “ ugh, why did you kiss me?”, he said in a pained voice.

Deadpool snorted, “ oh you liked it! Just admit it!”, he exclaimed.

“You practically forced me to kiss you! ”, he said with an embarrassed glare.

“Yeah but then you lost yourself, and gave in, you’re so gay ! You loved it!”, Deadpool laughed loudly.

Spiderman growled, “ hey you know I am not gay! You just caught me uh guard! ”, Spiderman said weakly.

Deadpool cackled, “ sure, whatever man, you loved it! ”, he slapped his knee with a chuckle. Spiderman punched Deadpool in the arm, “ fuck you. I’m outta here”, Spiderman said in a frazzled voice. “ooh! Touchy! ”, Deadpool teased the poor flustered spider.

Deadpool shrugged and followed the red hero as he walked away from the alley, “ hey it’s just a kiss, don’t take it so hard!”, he shoved Spiderman a little. Laughing internally because he thought of something he could definitely take hard “wink.”

“That’s the last time I let you talk me into something like that! ”, he said with crossed arms, not looking at the neutral. Deadpool stretched his arms as he followed the other bothersomly down the street, “ I just wanted to see how you would react if I did something like that ”, he said with a nudge.

“ Well that was a sick joke, dude..”, he grumbled. Deadpool sighed, “ aw don’t be embarrassed, you should thank me because now you can finally decide whether you are straight or not!”, he joked.

“You can’t just decide that, you idiot.. ”, Spiderman huffed, “ Oh right ! ”, Deadpool replied dully.

“But come on , I totally turned you from being straight to being at least a little bi-curious perhaps?”, Deadpool teased, “ please stop, ” Spiderman pleaded with a whimper.

“but its so fun to mess with you”, he said. Spiderman looked at him with a confused masked face, “ what even is your sexuality? ” ,Spiderman asked curiously.

“I am what you would call pansexual my friend! I like everyone ! Everyone is hot!”, Deadpool said excitedly, and Spiderman just stared at him.

“ But you my friend are the first male I have crushed on ever!”, Deadpool slapped Spiderman on the back. “Lucky you!”

Spiderman coughed, “ you have a crush on me?!”, he snorted, “ you don’t even know what I look like!”, he said with raised eyebrows under his mask.

Deadpool chuckled, “ yea but you sound hot and your body is hella fine!”, Deadpool winked under his mask and Spiderman shivered a little.

“Why else would I kiss you ”, Deadpool leaned into the hero and Spiderman leaned away shyly.

“ UHh I am going to go anywhere but here!”, Spiderman jumped and spun his web at the closest building and swung away, too embarrassed to be near the pushy neutral any longer.

Deadpool called after him, with a wolf whistle, “ playing hard to get are we? Get back here I’m not done bothering you for today ”, Deadpool said as he ran in the direction to where the hero swung off to.

(( this is also on my Fanfiction: transformertard )) Hope you guys enjoy it!

In Debt


It’d been a bit over three days since the paratrooper’s ‘rescue’. Every time his frame panicked and tried to reboot within that time frame, the pain lured Crosshairs back into a quick shut down.

Now that he wasn’t being prodded awake to try and keep him delirious, his systems where all too happy to keep him in shut down until the pain eased. Until he began to be able to think a bit more clearly.

Groggily, optics blink open. Confusion overwriting everything. Jolting up and jarring a still sore frame— particularly his left arm.

Still not functioning. Great. Everything caught up to him within that moment. Right servo flying to his left leg.

“Th’ fuck…” So that one was fixed. Joints creaking as the mech tried it out. Wincing lowly.

Crosshairs slowly shifted, properly looking around now. He remembered being saved by Tarn… remembered what he did to the humans.

Remembered that Tarn claimed he owed him… Was it Tarn that fixed him? His doing, directly or indirectly?

His right servo trailed along the damage to his left arm. Checking the damage by feel. Hopeful maybe it’s something simple enough he could fix on his own. But his first order of business was figuring out where he was.


It hurts even more that after the break up scene, you get the “Beloved and Precious” achievement which, as we all know, only happens when you reach the pinnacle of your romance - the point of no return, the moment when your LI looks at you and thinks, “I love this person with my entire being and I cannot imagine a life without them”.

@qunaributts​ this was supposed to be the prompt but I think the art style wouldn’t fit the humor so I’m starting it all from scratch :V  Thank the creators for fans who posted the break up videos. They were great for frame by frame references ;v;