the great debate has been conquered

anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Magi 349? Was Ugo's reaction dissapointing for u?

I wasn’t disappointed by Ugo simply because I didn’t expect him to do anything drastic, I knew he would just join the debate.

Speaking of which, I still find it irritating that all these characters do lately is talking. I mean, it’s great that they are able to sort out their differences via talking and don’t resort to violence. But personally, I’d prefer to see the characters actually conquering the dungeons not with words but with actions.

Also, it still rubs me the wrong way how Arba has been portrayed lately. Everyone is chill with her participating in the conversations, forgetting that this woman is responsible for terrible crimes. I hope this isn’t mangaka’s way for showing that Arba isn’t that bad because it doesn’t work.

I do wonder where Judal and Hakuryuu are now that they have conquered their dungeons. Why Alibaba and Aladdin haven’t asked Sinbad to summon those two? After all, Alibaba and Aladdin gladly accepted Judal and Hakuryuu’s help when they were about to confront Sinbad. But suddenly, they don’t consider them important enough to be in front of the conversations about the world’s fate. That’s not very nice of them. On the other hand, I’m glad that Judal and Hakuryuu aren’t there. Because I wouldn’t like to see them talk with Arba (their abuser) like nothing happened.