the great communicator


Author’s note: So before I start, this is all my opinion. So if you disagree with whatever I write remember, this is based on my opinion , boys personalities and also what they look for a future partner. Also because I am an INFJ….so yeah…

What will BTS members will think and what they will love about you?

Jin: I believe that Jin will love your affirming and warm nature. Also that you hear him out because you’re a good listener, and he can completely trust you. Your dedicated nature to your relationship with him will make him fall more in love with you because that’s what he is looking for, someone who listens, cares and loves him endlessly because he will do the same or even more for you. 

Suga: I think he will like your affirming nature, he has stated that he wanted someone more on the positive side than negative. Also that you have great communications skills and a good listener meaning that you won’t sugar coat things, and I think he will dig it. Overall he wants someone who is independent and who works hard for things and I think the INFJ’s are like that. 

J-Hope: He wants someone who is as optimistic as he is and I think we possess that due to our affirming nature. Also our warm nature because he has stated that he wants a kind girl. He will absolutely love that you are a good listener  and also communicator because he wants a girl who understands him and who is there for him when he most needs it. 

Rap Monster: Since we are (Yeah like I said I am an INFJ) part of the knowledge and intelligence family, I believe that Namjoon will love this due that you can both have very interesting conversations.. Also our great communication and listening skills because we communicate what we feel and listen very well to others people’s emotions and/or ideas/perspectives.

 Jimin: He has stated that he wants a warm S/O that is shy at first but they open up once they had found the trust and I believe that the INFJ’s possess these qualities. He will also love that you’re very dedicated on the relationship and you’re sensitive and concerned about other’s people’s feelings, especially people who is very close to you. 

Taehyung (V): He has stated that he wants someone to take care of him so I believe that he will really dig both the warm and affirming nature. Also that you take commitment very seriously. Meaning that this will bring his mature side but on the other hand he also wants someone with a dorky/awkward charm just so can he can smile all day long. 

Jungkook: Due to our introverted nature we tend to be more shy than usual and I think he will like this because we seem quiet at first but then we are warm, affirming, and tend to have high expectations on us and others and I believe this will help him motivate more and strive for the better. But I think this also will get you into trouble, just sometimes we need to let it slide. But either way he just wants someone who is there for him, takes care of him and loves him for who he is. 

thank you.  :-)

your concern about my elbow and tendons warms my heart.  tumblr is indeed a great community.

  • for the small tendon in my forearm, probably no treatment needed
  • for the elbow arthritis, i doubt that they will ask to do anything
  • for the bicep tendon, probably surgery to fix it.

for now, i am not lifting anything heavy with my left arm.

i will update after my appointment with the orthopedic doctor.

In my review of Moominworld, Finland, I mentioned that there are many languages spoken in Moominworld. I was privileged to have a nice conversation with a person who actually works at the park and would like to give some more tips to anyone who is interested in going;

Moominworld customer service has many different languages available. Official languages in Finland are Finnish and Swedish so those are partially a given. But besides that, they offer skill in many different languages. In their team alone, they currently have English, German, French, Korean and Portugese. Other big “moominlanguages” which the park values are Japanese (surprise!) and Russian. This is not all but some of the many languages mentiones.

So they will be able to offer great communication to many people from all over the globe. Friendliness and customer service skills are essential so feel free to turn to the personnel if you have any issues during your visit.

Moominworld is also a welcoming work environment for people of various age groups (from teenagers to adults) and with different professional backgrounds. So if any Moomin fan in the area feels like this is their dream job, do not hesitate to apply once again next year.

anonymous asked:

Is this place dead?...Last time you posted was an eternity ago. Sad to see a once great community die...

I wouldn’t call it dead, but submissions have indeed slowed down.


Our Communication

When a problem arises,
Don’t panick and start blaming,
I find it hard to talk with you,
You always say before you think through.

When you say something you don’t mean
And you end up hurting the other party.
You may feel sorry but your pride stops you
From admitting wrong and apologising.
That is one thing I really hate about you.

There are times when I want to just speak,
For you to attentively listen to me.
There are times when I want to cry,
For you to quietly comfort me.
There are times when I want to hear your opinions,
For you to say your true feelings.

But you never did,
You never tried,
When I have opened up,
You shut me down viciously.

This is just a one-way communication,
A great rift between us,
And a spark starting to burn through the wires connecting us.
Destroying what’s left of our communication.

small descriptions: sun, moon, & ascendant


sun - independent and courageous, enjoy leading others and bringing excitement into the lives of others, enthusiastic, very goal-oriented.

moon - incredibly persevering, brilliant sense of humor, modest about achievements (unless they also have aries sun), need to express yourself

rising - individualistic and impatient, quick-tempered, blush easily, outspoken with opinions, likes to get things done quickly


sun - fight for what they want, easy going but stubborn, good work ethic, very loyal, strong love for home, practical, choosy about who they befriend

moon - inner wisdom, dislike unpredictability, value honesty, prefer familiarity, gentle and warm, serene quality that calms those around them, set in their ways

rising - great self-reliance, inclined to frequent stubbornness and jealousness, strongly persistent nature


sun - very talkative, known for their sociability, go with the flow attitude, ability to think clearly, charming, wide range of interests, driven by curiosity

moon - clear and sharp mind, remarkable communication skills, confident speakers, tendency to over think

rising - quick witted, constantly alert, curious mind, strong desire to acquire knowledge, great need to communicate with others


sun - enjoy security while also seeking adventure, unpredictable nature, love to nurture others, value a sense of security, homebodies, kind and warm

moon - need to see the difference they make in other people’s lives, not likely to show their emotional nature to others, very intuitive, supportive friend

rising - sympathetic, very talkative, fond of home, extremely sensitive to criticism, may like to collect things


sun - high self esteem, very devoted, kind and generous, hot tempered yet forgiving, most comfortable when in charge, independent, idealistic

moon - undeniable energy, charming and intelligent, like to take risks, optimistic outlook on life, amazing wit

rising - strong character, normally good natured and generous, demonstrative, energetic, need to be the center of attention, regal disposition, good humored


sun - mind oriented, constantly analyzing and thinking, enjoy bettering themselves, down to earth and practical, selective with friendships

moon - often anxious, intuitive, very critical, high expectations of themselves, detail oriented and a dedicated planner

rising - worriers, tactful and somewhat high strung, strong desire for money, inclined to “tell it like it is”, modest due to self-criticism


sun - diplomatic nature, very expensive taste, get along well with everyone, quite ambitious, strive to maintain peace in their daily lives

moon - find beauty in simplicity, always seeking balance, they love a challenge and enjoy debates, like to have their way, unpredictable mood

rising - love parties, believe in justice for all, courteous and agreeable, tendency to meddle too much in other’s affairs


sun - very intense, like to question everything, treat others with kindness and loyalty, self reliant and in control, tendency to be a bit obsessive

moon - intense emotions, protective of themselves, loving heart, strong presence, need for control, very passionate, can be intimidating

rising - mysterious, intimidating, may come off as aloof or brooding, powerful, strong presence


sun - optimistic, adventurous, sees life as a journey, loves to travel, needs variety in life, independent and honest, fast-thinkers, strong willed

moon - happy-go-lucky attitude, competitive, adaptable, likes to leave an impression on others, impulsive and enthusiastic

rising - loves to be active, very opinionated, bores easily with routine, cheerful presence, curious, appears confident, needs independence


sun - practical and persistent, self-confident, profound thinkers, their seriousness may make them seem unhappy, can concentrate very well

moon - needs to feel useful and productive, does not like dealing with emotions, very hard on themselves, hides sensitivity with sarcasm

rising - takes everything seriously, very conscious of the image they project, chooses to be around others who make them look good, calm demeanor 


sun - free-spirited and eccentric, charming, keeps to themselves and doesn’t express their problems, detached view of life, social, independent and original

moon - very observant, have always felt “different”, emotionally detached, kind and compassionate, strong ego, outgoing introverts, friendly and optimistic

rising - unique, loves to express their individuality, quiet and irreverent sense of humor, curious, likable and friendly, appears aloof while also coming off as kind


sun - emotional and instinctual, easily discouraged, generous with friends, homebodies, accepts people for who they are, may feel unappreciated

moon - silly sense of humor, sweet and soft hearted, genuinely cares about others, creative, easily amused, tries to avoid the dull parts of life

rising - charming and intriguing, very impressionable, dislikes confrontation, is seen as genuine and gentle, dislikes attention

TONYS 2017

LETS ALL AGREE THAT EVERY SHOW NOMINATED, (AND EVEN SOME SHOWS THAT WEREN’T) ARE BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN WAY!!!! I have seen so much hate aimed toward specific musicals/plays recently on tumblr and it is breaking my heart! Broadway is about appreciating each divine work of art! A huge controversy right now is DEH being nominated for best show! I know many people want other shows to win, but I think we should all acknowledge the beauty that each show has encased, before deliberately rioting against the nomination/winning of another.
Thank you, and goodnight!!!

The great communicator.

This is how River lets me know it’s time for breakfast.  After this, she’ll look at me then at the pellet container and back at me to make sure I understand what she is saying.  If I don’t move quickly enough, she’ll start nibbling on the lid of the container while staring me down as if saying, “Fine, I’ll get it myself!”

Sometimes Tumblr is a great way to find community, share knowledge and experiences and perspectives and see the world in radically new ways.

But most times Tumblr is just a bunch of sad (not in an insulting way. Just really sad and depressed) angry people who are so beaten down by the world that they can no longer see difference without threat, triggering each other, refusing to acknowledge each other’s humanity and basically whipping each other into an exhausting froth for no real reason. We’re not communities, we’re mobs with pitchforks aimed at each other.

When I joined Tumblr, it was the only place where my anger as a result of trauma and oppression was valid and powerful. Seeing the inequalities happening in the world, my minority status validated but forced into a self-examination of privilege changed me as a person and my worldview. But Tumblr culture also fails to acknowledge that anger is only good as a catalyst, that holding onto it for too long is dangerous and can warp you. Anger is exactly like fire; if it is not carefully doused and contained it will burn everything in its path including you.

I have grown more educated but but I have not grown wiser, I have not grown more patient and tolerant and I don’t know if I’ve become less of a toxic, overreactive bully. I think I’m still toxic, overreactive and bully-prone, only from a different political viewpoint. And yeah, a lot of that is trauma and mental illness, but I’ve never made that an excuse for anything and I can’t start now.

I can’t see people for ideology anymore, I dismiss and dehumanize entire swathes of people for their politics, I lose sight of the fact that people are more than their politics and every time I lose my shit at people and call them names on here, my behaviour is validated as warranted. I’m feeding a horribly toxic, purist morality culture that uses whataboutism and identity as weapons, I encourage isolation and insularity under the guise of self-care. I’m actually yelling into an echo chamber and expecting it to do anything for either my personal growth or anyone else’s, my politics are to me are what religion is to other people except without the emphasis on spiritual nourishment. It would actually be more beneficial to my agnostic atheist ass at this point to get religion.

I’m thirty, what the entire fuck am I doing.


Usually when I take a day off it’s for something sensible and practical, and it’s often for someone else.

Today I took a day off just for fun that was all for me. And it was AWESOME!!

(Big thanks to my buddy John who works at Wizards for inviting me to visit, and also a big thanks to Alison Luhrs for taking the time to meet me while I was there!!)