the great cascade


Happy New Years Everyone! Thanks for all the support in 2016, and hopefully 2017 will be a better year. 

Chatsworth Fireworks by James Grant
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Gosh, I love fairies and stuff so much and their traditional and simple flower-based clothes are adorable but picture this:

Fairies that ‘evolve’ after years of witnessing human style, crafting complex outfits from natural resources.

Punk fairies with rose thorns lining the shoulders of their jackets, dark makeup made from natural inks and dewdrops fashioned into chains hang from their trousers.

Fairies in ballgowns made from petals and leaves, great flowing cascades of colour!

Fairies who stole dolls clothes and human materials and patched it all together, completely dispelling the need for leaves and such and instead starting a new underground trend of fairies dressing as humans do.

Fairies watching humans pass by and sketching the outfits they see, trying to figure out how to recreate them from their own resources!


A hidden gem in America’s Pacific Northwest is the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon. Called an amazing treasure, Cascade-Siskiyou covers more than 62,000 acres and is best known for the unique landscapes created by the convergence of species from the high deserts of the Northern Great Basin to the temperate rain forests of the Pacific Coast. 

As BLM photographer Bob Wick said: “This area is a botanist’s dream where the Cascade, Great Basin and Coast Range-Klamath ecosystems come together. You can turn a corner and go from walking through a dense mossy red fir forest to sagebrush and mountain mahogany in a few feet.”

Pictured here are some of the stunning views from the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, including the sun, full moon, Mount Shasta and Pilot Rock, all captured May 3, 2015. Photos by Bob Wick, mypubliclands.


Nate & Bear Chalk Bags

Nate and I have always had big mountain dreams. While Nate is beyond rad at mountaineering and rock climbing, I still flail around a little at the rock climbing … but he always insists I’ll get there. And because we all know pretty colors and designs are always the thing to push me forward (it’s true, I climb better in bright colors :P), he made me a special chalk bag with my favorite fabric we gathered in Ecuador. We started making a few more and quickly fell in love with them! So we decided to start selling them to support our climbing dreams! Thanks to all your support so far, we’re headed back home to Washington for some great Cascades climbing this summer and I’m headed to NOLS! We can’t thank you enough - so we’ve brought more great bags to you!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

You can find one here.

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Out & About on our Gay Tour of DC, Fall 2014.

We visited spots on Howard;s campus, traveled up the historical and thriving U Street, made our way to Dupont Circle and finally to the Adams Morgan area. We had a great time. We visited the HRC gift shop and got ice cream! It was really nice to see everyone taking in the city and having a great time. We at CASCADE are like a big family and welcome everyone!

April Cascade – Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, April 2004

Your life has meaning

When you do the things that make your heart sing.

How long has it been?

Has it been so long that you laugh at the idea of a singing heart?

Start with what once did.

How far back do you have to go to find yourself lost

In what you were doing?

Begin there.

Do what once was filled with meaning and see where it leads.

The old Alchemical formula was

“One book opens another.”

One engaging activity leads to another.

Your heart is dying to sing.

Take it to the music.

Boil over—it’s what the nerves do,  
Watch them seethe when stimulated,

Murmurs the man at the stove  
To the one at the fridge—

Watch that electric impulse that finally makes them  
Fume and fizz at either

Frayed end. If you could grasp a bundle
Of nerves in your fist like a jumper cable, and sense that

Python’s writhe, or a garden hose when the pressure’s  
High and it wilfully weaves about

Trying its best to get away from you—
You’d see how nothing is passive,

We’re all—I mean from our elephant sun, ejaculant  
Great-grandfather, cascading down

To weightless  
Unstoppable neutrinos

Leaving their silvery trace  
In vacuum chambers, in

Effervescent lines, twisted  
Madly in our madhouse jackets,

Rules, laws, which we are seething to break  
Though to rupture them might be of course to die,

Or, possibly,  
To change:

Boil, it’s what water
And everything else teaches.

—  Alicia Ostriker, “Boil” from The Little Space: Poems Selected and New, 1968-1998.