the great boulevards


(not all pictured)

Alright guys! So I owe my parents $250 for Dear Evan Hansen tickets so I’m selling some playbills! I have researched what other people are selling them for and I hope you’ll find the prices reasonable. Of course some of the prices are negotiable. Buy two or more and receive some window brochures for other shows! If you want to see the playbill before you purchase or want to know who was in the show or who signed it, message me! If you are interested in purchasing please message me!

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In the civilizations I have created there are thresholds subtle and almost invisible. They are engineered in the slight gradations of roads and the shifting hues of brick. These are architected to align with transitions, which occur within the self so a sense of unity is drawn. Often openings to great boulevards and beginnings emerge from miniscule movements in form and flow.


“ A lot of Jedi Preps stared at me. I put my middle finger up at them. “

01. Untitled–Simple plan 02. Bring me to LifeEvanescence 03. Say SomethingA Great Big World 04. Boulevard of Broken DreamsGreen Day 05. Down with the SicknessDisturbed 06. My ImmortalEvanescence 07. I Hate everything about youThree Days Grace 08. NumbLinkin Park 09. Let the Bodies Hit the FloorDrowning Pool 10. I’m Not OkayMy Chemical Romance 11. In the EndLinkin Park 12. Miserable At BestMayday Parade 13. Welcome to the Black paradeMy Chemical Romance