the great american frustration

So liberals… look to be in great shape. Even though many Americans are angry and frustrated about the ways things are going, the candidate who promises more of the same will probably get a huge percentage of the vote. Clinton has in fact been a prohibitive favorite the entire time as far as the bookies have been concerned. […] Liberalism is maintaining capitalism, even as capitalism tends to overwhelm itself. That’s what liberalism is for, and it’s doing a very good job. I have little doubt the people who took the streets in Ferguson, Missouri would have overthrown their local government if the national guard hadn’t been sent with tanks and guns to prop it up. Those are the same tanks and guns that sit between us and any meaningful change to the American class system, and we’re going to vote for them again because there’s no one else to vote for.
4th beer.

Steve and Sam are on the great american road trip and both chafing and frustrated and Steve just snaps when Sam asks about Steve’s motivations for the seven thousandth time. 

“What would you do if that was Riley out there?!” 

Sam just looks him in the eye, “I don’t fucking know Steve, I’ll never know because that’s not an option.”

“Well how do you know! Shit, we’re living in a world where actual Nazis are crawling out of the floorboards from Albequerque to Poughkepsie!”

Sam smacks his hand down on the table, “It’s not an option because I retrieved his body myself.You watched your friend fall, yea, but I put mine in the ground…What was left of him”

Sam storms out the door before Steve can drag his foot out of his mouth.

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