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Undeveloped vs developed moon signs

Aries moon
Undeveloped: aggressive, too competitive, mood swings, childish and immature
Developed: goal-orientated, hardworking, but not too hard, funny and open

Taurus moon
Undeveloped: lazy, rude, holds grudges, judging, has to be right all the time
Developed: stable, good with money, great with kids and family, able to make compromises

Gemini moon
Undeveloped: shallow, two-faced, playing mind games, liars, selfish
Developed: great communicators, weird in a cute way, very intelligent and talkactive, social

Cancer moon
Undeveloped: manipulative, huffy, overprotective, possessive, jealous
Developed: caring, helpful, lovable, friendly, shy, but kind, a good friend, supportive

Leo moon
Undeveloped: egoistic, bossy, can be bitchy and rude, loud, tells everyone everything, can’t take critics
Developed: loving, radiates positivity, optimistic, adventurous, great actor and performer, knows how to handle people

Virgo moon
Undeveloped: pessimistic, too hard on themselves, but blames others for their own mistakes, critical, skeptic, boring
Developed: sweethearts, perfect organisators, handles mental health well, friendly

Libra moon
Undeveloped: superficial, indecesive, unsure about who they really are, nervous, manipulative, uses people for own good
Developed: a great friend and advisor, happy and optimistic, open, loves to talk, knows what they have and are happy with it

Scorpio moon
Undeveloped: grudge-holding, possessive and dark, often plays the victim, huffish, loners, sometimes even depressed
Developed: shy, but helpful and truly loves the ones that love them, knows how to be at peace, loves themselves and all their edges, friendly

Sagittarius moon
Undeveloped: fast-paced/hectical, too many thoughts they can’t put into words, can be clingy, do what they want, too loud
Developed: funniest people ever, adventurous, free, peaceful, optimistic, know their worth, can be super serious and deep

Capricorn moon
Undeveloped: flinty, cold-hearted, seems like they don’t have emotions, too hard on themselves, bossy
Developed: have goals that they aspire to reach, supportive, persuasive power, can inspire others

Aquarius moon
Undeveloped: rebellious, can’t find their place in the world, acts cold, uninterested, bored, hard to reach, delusive
Developed: almost a genius, show hidden talents, fun to be around, super practical and great worker

Pisces moon
Undeveloped: doesn’t care about anything, unrealistic life perceptions/ideas, lost their heads, moody, manipulating
Developed: kind hearts, want to help change the world, great with kids, emotional support, creative

Undeveloped vs Developed Moon Signs

Aries moon

Undeveloped: aggressive, too competitive, mood swings, childish and immature
Developed: goal-orientated, hardworking, but not too hard, funny and open

Taurus moon
Undeveloped: lazy, rude, holds grudges, judging, has to be right all the time
Developed: stable, good with money, great with kids and family, able to make compromises

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To which character would they look like ?

With whom do boys share some common points ? It is time to discover who they could be in other universes.

Do you agree with me, or did you think of someone else ?

MCL boys

  • Castiel as Flynn Rider (Tangled) — Seducer, sarcastic, adventurer, rebel with a lot of problems, but also a kind heart and a minimum of interest for others. Yes, no doubt, there is a lot of common points between Castiel and Flynn Rider.

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anonymous asked:

Is the manga chapter 24 Kakashi said Sakura is "the brightest in the village". Is she actually smarter than Shikamaru?

Kakashi did indeed say that Sakura had the sharpest mind:

However, he was only basing that comment off their written exam results in the Academy, where Sakura was obviously at the top of the class, because she actually tried to do well, whereas Shikamaru really didn’t give a damn.

During Shikamaru and Temari’s Chuunin exam fight, Kurenai was also ignorant to Shikamaru’s extreme intellect, just like Kakashi was, because when Asuma said that he’d make a great Military Advisor, Kurenai asked how that could be, since his exam grades were no better than Naruto’s:

But Asuma explained that the act of putting pen to paper was “too troublesome” for Shikamaru, and he was barely even awake for most of the exams. Hence, his poor grades and why Sakura was at the top of the class:

However, when Asuma wanted to make sure, he disguised an IQ test as just another puzzle game, and the results were absolutely astounding. He discovered that Shikamaru was “a freakin’ genius” with an IQ of over 200:

Sakura is obviously very smart, but in terms of sheer intellect, strategy and brain power, Shikamaru is in a league of his own ^_^

My Student Scholar’s Day presentation was so much more successful than I thought it would be. Wow. I mean WOW. I know that the amount of work and care I put into things like presentations (or, really, communication in general) suggests that, yes, my work should be “good” and not “bad”. Better than those who don’t give a single shit, at the least. But the feedback I got was seriously incredible. And not just on my outfit.

Immediately after my presentation when I sat down, the physics department chair (who is also my physics major advisor and QM professor) said to me, “I’ve never seen you present before. But you really have a knack for this. Seriously. Where did you learn to do that?” I did not have an answer for him. But he again congratulated me and shook my hand. Dr. C was impressed and shook my hand. He is the professor I want to impress most! I look up to him in almost every way! He’s a theoretical quantum physicist! He’s the best professor I’ve ever had! My #1 favorite! He is amazing at communicating course material! The best presenter I know! Ahh! Even now I’m still flustered thinking about that compliment.

My research advisor followed suit and also shook my hand. But I was so surprised and fangirl-y that Dr. C was congratulating me so highly that I honestly don’t remember what my research advisor said to me in that moment. Lol.

Then I was whisked away by some nice girl with a camera who interviewed me. She asked me who I was, my major, what my research is, how I like my advisor, how I like my college, etc. That was completely unexpected so I hope I sounded competent.

Apparently my dad was chatting with the biology department head earlier and after I was taken aside, she asked him to congratulate me for her, because she was impressed. I’m surprised she remembered me because I dropped her Cell & Molecular Biology class when I decided not to do biochem anymore.

The feedback from other students was mostly generic but positive. Interpret that as you will.

I later attended the poster session so I could see my friends’ work (and get some free food). While I was there I received a lot more congratulations from various chemistry, physics, and even biology faculty.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! I saw your analysis on choromatsu and your personality types really interested me!! I just wanted to ask some questions, if that's okay. What kinds of personality types are there? Is the ruler and servant personality type connected in some way? What are jyushi's and Totty's personality types? What makes osomatsu a prophet and ichimatsu a ruler? Sorry for all of these questions!! Thank you ;D

Sure thing!! I love talking about the Expressions so I am glad to provide any answers!! And I will do this using Osomatsu-san characters since you asked. ;)

There are 7 Expressions(personality types) and they can be catagorized by ‘most logically lead thinking’ to ‘most emotionally lead thinking’. I can provide a quick over view of each of them!

Most Logical Base Thinking

- Prophet (Osomatsu)
- Ruler (Ichimatsu)
- Servant (Karamatsu)
- Giver (They… don’t have one…. Probably their downfall tbh)
- Exhorter (Todomatsu)
- Teacher(Choromatsu)
- Mercy(Jyushimatsu and myself!)

Most Emotional Base Thinking

Prophet - Osomatsu

Prophets are the overly blunt, leadership types. They have to practice tact in order to have it, and they tend to overlook their own faults until its pointed out and made aware to them. Once they notice it, they’ll usually beat themselves up over it making them very prone to depression. They’re super great problem solvers; give them any sort of problem, they’ll probably have it solved within a few hours! They also tend to seem very well collected on the outside, and on the inside most of the time they think they are until, again, they’re made aware of it. They can be some of the most stubborn people, but once they understand that they need to mature and they’re not perfect, they are also quick to change.

In the case of Osomatsu, he’s a prophet who has a lack of motivation. It seems like his drive in life was kicked out of him, and a prophet who lacks motivation is… well… Osomatsu! Prophets live off of having a drive to do something long term, without that they tend to lose sight of where they’re going. He’s a super great leader; his brothres tend to rally behind him without even thinking about it when he’s present. It’s not just due to the fact that he’s the oldest, but also because he has a natural ‘follow me, I know what I’m doing’ aura about him. He  also gives his brothers good advise when the situation calls for it, something Prophets are super great at! 

Ruler - Ichimatsu

Rulers are the people that are super great problem solvers and give off a very “calm” aura. They always seem to be even-tempered. They prefer to solve problems and issues on their own, and only when they absolutely have to do they go to other people for assistance. This can be both a good and bad thing. They are also another natural leadership type - they like to lead from behind and most of the time you wont even notice they’re in charge. However, when a Prophet or Mercy is present they will usually let one of them lead. Time management is one of their greatest assets, but ask them and they’ll tell you they suck at it, when, in fact, compared to the general population, they’re very, very good at it.

Ichimatsu is a Ruler. He likes to handle problems on his own, and he’s very good at solving problems. However, this can get a bit too much for him as he doesn’t know when he should open up to others and let them help him. He doesn’t like showing emotion, thus always keeping that ‘even-tempered’ vibe to him. When he does show emotion, its usually in small bursts and it can be a lot or a little at a time depending on the situation. He is also seen very often leading from behind - usually done through the things he says by reading the atmosphere. “Let’s go home,” “Hey… shouldn’t we go?”, etc. More often than not, his brothers always listen to him(unless something else happens and the situation changes).

Servant - Karamatsu

Servants are people who tend to put others before themselves 98% of the time. They love to help others and give to others, but accepting help from others is super hard for them. They have a hard time saying no because of their generous nature. They’re usually always trusting of someone unless proven otherwise, and when you prove that they shouldn’t trust you, you have made an enemy for life. Do. Not. Mess. With. A. Servant. They will fuck you up if you betray one of their loved ones!  They don’t like to lead, and it usually scares them, however when no one is able to do the job, they will step up and take authority over a situation, and they are some of the best leaders when they do. Once that authority is no longer needed, they step down from the position.

Karamatsu being a servant is one of the reasons I have such a hard time with parts of the fandom that call him ‘fake’. He is so not faking, he is one of the most genuine people of their whole group. Which is one of the reasons they pick on him so much! His brothers are put off by the fact he is honestly being so legitimate when he says he loves them, and that he wishes love on the whole world. Karamatsu puts others way before himself, and he would sacrifice himself for any of his brothers without a second thought. You usually never see him taking over as a leader, but the one time we did, HOO BOY, it was a time! When Osomatsu punched Jyushimatsu, the protective ‘do not fuck with my loved ones even if you are a loved one’ side of his Servant personality kicked in. He wrecked Osomatsu’s shit! Do. Not. Mess. With. A. Servant. 

Giver - The lack of a member that they really, really should have

Givers are kind of a mix of every Expression. They are like chameleons and change the way they act based on the people they are around. Givers have a specific ‘feeling’ to them thats really hard to describe, but some of the best ways to find them is by asking: “Do they collect things?”, “Do they have a super great sense of humor?”, “Do they change the way they act with different groups?”. If there was a 7th brother, you could probably assume that he would be a Giver since these types don’t ever repeat in siblings(unless theres more than seven). They really do need one, as Givers tend to be both a logical and emotional sounding board, and because of their chameleon tendencies they can bring an entire group together super quickly. 

Exhorter - Todomatsu

Exhorters are super interesting people! They are super friendly and have no problems making friends with anyone they meet. Both my dad and my brother are Exhorters, and they can make friends just by starting a conversation with someone on the sidewalk! They have a plethora of acquaintances and usually have a booming social life. Even though they know so many people, they usually only have a few very, very close friends that they actually share everything with. Exhorters are also very conscious about the way they present themselves! Sometimes they’ll act, but most of the time it usually they just pay close attention to fashion and style. Some Exhorters, however, won’t care at all just to prove that they can still be ~the best~ without looking the roll - this is less common.

Totty is a wonderful, wonderful soul. He’s an Exhorter, made obvious by the amount of friends he has compared to his brothers and his love for fashion. He cares highly about the way he looks, even going to the point of saying he is the best looking out of all six of them! (Honey, you all look exactly the same…) Exhorters can be very selfish people, but they also care greatly about their close friends, and when mature, if they do something very selfish they usually will back up and try to make up for it. Todomatsu does this very well when we get into the 2nd cour, as seen with “The Star of Hope, Todomatsu” where he forgets about them, then tries to see who he can bring, and then self-sabotages himself because he couldn’t bring any of his brothers. 

Teacher - Choromatsu

I made a more detailed post on him here if you would like to read that!

Teachers are very complicated, and can be some of the hardest people to get along with. They can give off a “know-it-all” vibe and are very stubborn. This can come to both their advantage and disadvantage! They are great advisors, and they love to research and talk about that research. They are also very emotional, but they try to act as logical as possible because more often than not, they dislike their emotional side. There is more detailed information in the link about Teachers and Choromatsu as one!

Mercy - Jyushimatsu

Mercys make great leaders, and usually think “how does this benefit everyone?” in their choices. Most of their choices are based off of emotional feeling and their ability to just “know” things. Somehow, they can pick up on if something will work out or not, where something is, etc. If a Mercy tells you “Things are going to work out! I don’t know how but they will!” chances are they’re saying this because something tells them it will. Most often, you find that they ended up being correct. They can be both selfish and selfless, and when they are being selfish they are very aware of it but with sometimes still go through with it. Mercys can be manipulative, and in some ways it is good and in some ways bad - they usually use their natural manipulative tendencies while being selfish, however when they stop using it for their own gain it becomes a great asset in helping others through bad situations. Mercys also either show no emotion, or ALL emotion. They also don’t speak much unless they’re called upon to, or they are excited about something or feel their input is needed.

Jyushimatsu is a Mercy, like myself! He tends to only show one emotion - happiness - instead of no emotion, which I think is just his own personal quirk! When he releases all of his emotions, theres a lot of them. He usually stays calm in situations and doesn’t speak much, especially in group conversations. He keeps quite until his opinion is needed or things just get off the walls crazy. Often times, he seems to be this backbone for the group that without they just wouldn’t feel as safe with. This is due to his ability to just ‘know’ things will be okay, and that knowledge and calm nature about the situation spills over to the others. He doesn’t step up to the leadership plate much, but when it’s just him and Ichimatsu, he does. Jyushimatsu, despite being the fandoms “happy-do-no-wrong-baseball boy” can be very selfish sometimes. He also knows how to manipulate a situation to get what he wants. 

And that is some more insight into the sextuplets with the Key Expressions! As for the Ruler and Servant type having a connection, the best connection they have is that they are both logically based thinkers! @calblog

Lysander (Day 7)

► Lysander ● Hufflepuff ● Pure blood  D.A. ◄

Lysander is a pure blood boy, send to Hufflepuff, apparently with an uneventful life. Only apparently. In reality, he is one of the most imply persons you ever met. He joins the Dumbeldore’s Army really quickly and is a quite powerful wizard. Always defender of the justice, he is an incredible ally. You met him after a few months, will take the habit to past some time with him in the park, just to talk about life. If you are a muggle born, you owe him so many explanations and talks about the magic world. He’s a great advisor, always ready to listen to you.

He is appreciated a lot in his house, but you will mostly see him with a Slytherin boy, Castiel. No one tries to criticize their friendship, they both are too impressive and respected for it. His favourite class is ancient runes, he likes trying to decode it, he could past hours on that. He is a studious boy, loves to read books and learn new things.

introductory post to the collection | global summary

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What if: Tsuna grew up under Alaude’s care?

[Part 1]

Tsuna spends the rest of the week that Iemitsu and Timoteo are around upstairs in his bedroom as much as possible. That isn’t actually very different from how he usually spends his days, either in his bedroom or out and about in the rest of town. His mother takes his word at face value when he tells her he’ll be careful and only go as far as the nearby park, which isn’t a lie. He even tells her he’s going with a friend, which isn’t a lie either.

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Not My Father’s Son: Chapter 10

Previous Parts

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Prompt: AU- Non-Supernatural Verse: Sam visits Stanford and graduates. 

Warnings: AU, fluff, brotherly feels

Words: 1779

Note: awh sammy. also, like I said, this is going to be a long series, I really love writing it, and it’s fun to explore ideas. I also wanted this to seem at least somewhat realistic with the steps in their relationship. 

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Signs as GoT “Good Guys”

Aries: Arya Stark because of your warrior like energy you never quit on anything that you are doing. It is a common misconception that Aries people are aggressive, but I have found this to be baseless and invented by people who intimidated by your great determination and tough energy.

Taurus: Brienne of Tarth is loyal to a fault, just like Brienne, because no matter if you are on the losing side or not, you will remain loyal until your last breath. Not to mention you have a thick skin and you know your purpose better than most and when it is something you believe in, you tend to have a single minded drive towards what you desire.

Gemini: Margaery Tyrell is a clever and subtle player of the Game of Thrones. She is not overly vicious, or needlessly cruel, but she does have an agenda for power, no matter how subtle she is about it. She uses her grace, charm, and words to cleverly manipulate her way as the queen of the realm, all the while being great at playing innocent. Though for all of her manipulation in a world full of cut throats, her intentions seem innocent enough and she has never struck me as evil.

Cancer: Jon Snow wants more than anything to prove himself, for he has been burdened with the treatment bastards receive. He seeks to prove his honor and struggles between duty and the love he bears for his family. Often these conflicts create a broody and moody demeanor with our noble brother of the wall. Jon Snow has a habit for sticking to what he knows to be right, which is the trait that got Ned Stark killed.  As a Cancer you always try to do what is right or best for everyone, even if you have to sacrifice what is important to you.

Leo: Ned Stark was full of stubborn pride in his own honor, which got him murdered. But he also had such a deep love for his children, which Leo rules over the house of children, which gives Leo a certain “forever young” vibe, and a deep connection with their inner child, and most likely children as well. Especially if they are your own children, it doesn’t matter if you dislike kids. But as the fixed sign of Leo you are also very susceptible to the pitfalls of  stubborn pride.

Virgo: Barristan Selmy was another character of impeccable honor, probably one of the last ones of this type left. He put duty and honor above all else, though in the books it seems like that is all Barristan is: duty and honor. There is nothing else in his life except this driving force of purpose to serve and protect those he is loyal to. And he is a great analytical advisor. And I have to say Virgos usually give great advice that I actually follow. Virgo people, no matter how energized or lazy they might be, always follow through with promises and will perform whatever duties are required of them, in fact I think Virgo people need purpose more than others in order to feel valued, and Barristan seemed much the same considering how valiantly he has served his whole life no matter how “old” he gets.

Libra: Daneryes Targaryen is probably almost everyone’s favorite, I mean she contains all the beauty and charisma of a Libra. As well as finding herself needing to make big decisions, even though they are overwhelming and no choice is ever easy. Libras aren’t the best at making decisions, but only because you take so long to actually make on due to your nature to weigh every little factor and your ability to rationally look at both sides of a coin and trying to reason with your choices. Venus also bestows much grace and aesthetic beauty on this sign.

Scorpio: Oberyn Martell was a no bullshit warrior with much charisma and sexual prowess. For him it seemed like there was nothing that shocked him and that there was much more he understood than anyone would expect. It was unfortunate we didn’t get to have him stick around for longer. But his small role in the books and show will not be easily forgotten. And like Scorpio people he was easily likeable and was quite a force to be reckoned with. Before you ever see him fight, you just know he isn’t a warrior to cross. His reputation preceded him and he was quite good at seeing through bullshit.

Sagittarius: Tommen is such a sweet and easy going kid, that you almost feel bad for him that he stuck between all of these conniving and manipulative game players. But like the typical go lucky reputation of Sagittarius, Tommen survives off the wisdom of the fool, which is to say he is so clueless and innocent like a puppy, that none of the drama is even affecting him. He is just blissfully unaware. Though he still has a lot of growing up to do, so it will be interesting to see where his character is headed.

Capricorn: Robb Stark was determined and Ambitious, he also really wasn’t into taking other people’s advice and instead doing what he wanted. And I would have to say from experience of being a professional astrologer for many personal clients, that Capricorns let advice go in one ear and out the other, because no matter what you say, they know better. And no matter what his duties were or what anyone said about marrying a Frey for the war, he just simply decided to follow his heart and not take anyone else’s advice. Robb Stark also is full of ambition to up his status as King of the North. And I don’t think I have ever known a Capricorn that enjoys being in service to another person.

Aquarius: Tyrion Lannister is probably another favorite among the masses, and this isn’t without reason. He marches to the beat of his own drum and possess the sharpest of tongues. And these are all traits he shares in common with the embodiment of the Aquarius energy. Aquarius is supposed to be against the status quo and be a profound sign of communication on a much bigger level than either Gemini or Libra. And I believe Tyrion is a great character for not being like the rest of the Lannisters and for all of his smart ass lines throughout the books and shows.

Pisces: Bran Stark is on a journey to fully develop these new strange and mysterious powers he has inherited or unlocked after losing the use of his legs. And though his story is an elusive one, so much fascinating mystery and mystical power surrounds his story. He is imaginative and full of an inspiring power that pairs with no other sign than Pisces, who rules the house of self undoing and other worldly mysteries. Also known as the house of mystics. And Bran is a mystical character for certain.

List of villains is coming soon on The Dream Archive blog

Ittetsu Takeda;

Current concern: He’s been told by his students that “Your glasses are totally uncool, sensei.”

Happy Birthday to the ever so adorable Take-chan! -10/01/2015

MochiWatch : Mochi Personalities [Part 2]

| [Part 1] | [You are Here!] | [Part 3] | [Part 4] |

Mochi Bastion : 

  • its like having a BB-8 but deadly 
  • this lovely mochi shall cheer you up with its voice. Doot doot beep boop 
  • Bastion is perfectly the chilled mochi you have ever seen. 
  • He kills the pest in the kitchen with such ease. Even use his ult 
  • As his master, this mochi will be loyal to you and will always listen to you. 
  • Has good terms with Mochi Zenyatta, Mochi Mei and Mochi Tracer. 
  • Mochi Zarya and him, let just say, its like an oil and water relationship. 
  • You don’t understand why Mochi Zarya treat your Mochi Bastion with such mean words and ignore it.
  • Bonus! Bastion likes to be carried around. He will feel free and happy. You can hear from his tone. 

Mochi Hanzo : 

  • bitter mochi 
  • super bitter and mean when you first meet. 
  • Always decline your offer and help 
  • Feeling pissed, you scold this Mochi for not accepting good acts. Not in a bad guy way. No mean words were there. Just your feelings, honest feelings towards this bitter smol handsoap
  • He felt regret and the next day, he actually accept the kindness and loved you gave him. He likes to snuggle against you 
  • If your friend has a Mochi Genji, these two would be happy and shocked to see each other. 
  • No blood bath will come forth. Just normal, typical, sibling banter between the Shimada Mochis 
  • Don’t know why got paired up with Mochi McCree 
  • A great advisor if you take up on Archery. Has a lot of great tips and tricks.

Mochi Junkrat : 

  • this one will make you laugh. For no reasons 
  • Smol fireball might burn your house/ apartment down 
  • but good for roasting marshmallow and being your smol torch if you have blackout or going on a camping trip 
  • Always have a way to cheer you up. Your sad? Here comes smol fireball, gigging and laughing. You have a bad day? Fear not, smol fireball is here! 
  • Has good terms with Mochi Roadhog. They are likes best friends. Super explosives best friends. Roadhog’s fine, it’s just your smol fireball that worries you 
  • Likes to throw smol bombs (that doesnt hurt you) everywhere. 
  • The smol bombs will not burn your place. It will make a mess. So many black dust everywhere. 
  • Loves to kill pest with a bang. 
  • Literally.

Mochi Mei : 

  • mini elsa 
  • when you hold this smol ice princess, your hands will feel coldness. 
  • Its ice but soft 
  • her smol robot friend is also your friend. It will be your mini torchlight when you have blackout. 
  • Mei will create cool ice-cream in the summertime. Seriously, her ice-cream are the best. 
  • Also, she is your mini air con. You feel hot and sweaty? Here comes Mei with her a-mei-zing ice cold breeze. 
  • Has good terms with Mochi Tracer and Mochi Angela 
  • She will teach you some Chinese words. Its helpful, if you travel to China.

Mochi Torbjorn : 

  • i dont get this mochi 
  • Like seriously. This mochi puzzled you. 
  • Likes to build turrets around your place. eVERYWHERE IS TURRETS. 
  • Great terms with Mochi Reinhardt, Mochi Angela, Mochi 76 and Mochi Ana. 
  • Smol Torbj, why there are a dozen turrets in the kitchen? 
  • To clear the pest. 
  • His claw hand is the light you need when blackout happens. It lights and its warm. 
  • Also, his turrets lights up in the dark. 

Mochi Widowmaker : 

  • good at sniping pest from a high place 
  • she likes to be at a high place. Like the top of the roof or hidden away in your ceiling. 
  • sometimes she likes, well, rarely, come down for food. 
  • And probably some love from you. 
  • Bad terms with Mochi Tracer and Mochi Ana. 
  • Keep her and Mochi Tracer away from each other. Or else… another fight. 
  • Her ult is great for sniping pest when you are asleep. It makes you feel relieved that you will not shock with the sight of cockroach on your kitchen counter. 
  • If she is in a good mood, she will teach you some French words. Great mood, French swear words.

”Anyway, in this last year, I do have a little more appreciation for those who’ve been with me on this amazing ride. Like one of our nation’s finest public servants, Joe Biden. God love him. Tonight, I just want to thank him for being a great friend and advisor, for keeping me honest – and for not shooting anybody in the face.” —President Obama at his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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You still have a lot of "blank spaces" in your timeline (the titles that are marked out) - will you revisit them later and fill them in, or are you completely done with Echotale's storyline?

Yes, the chapters are marked out and won’t be added. But I am leaving them there if anyone is interested to guess, how the story might have progressed, if interested. I left a few clues and possible hints of just what might have happened before the finale in Lullabyes. These hints are tied to the chapter names, but don’t try to rely too much on them. The story was written through gut-feeling and intuition and was still in process in my head. I might have ended up changing some things or re-arranging them to come to this very conclusion at the end. Even the originally planned outcome was a bit different, but after talks to friends and through advice of @junkpilestuff I decided to conclude the story in the way it is in Lullabyes - as best possible conclusion. She was a great help and advisor when I felt really lost in any decision regarding G and the plot’s climax! The end as it is now is the one that evoked most peaceful feelings in me and I found it most suitable/satisfying for all characters involved. Given also their journey and connection, their sacrifices and goals, future and past.

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May I ask you how you decided to major in physics? I am asking because I know that young women are discouraged from going into STEM fields, with physics, computer science and engineering having the largest gender gaps (at my school, physics undergrad is 15% female, mechanical engineering is 8% female, and comp sci is 12% female). I'm especially curious because you made a post about being a first gen STEM student - many women I personally know who are in STEM have immediate family in STEM

(Continued) so I am curious as to how you figured out that you were passionate about physics. Did you have a mentor, or was it something you were always kind of interested in ever since you were a little kid?


My grandfather on my dad’s side was a mechanical engineer. I didn’t get to visit him much as a kid because he lived far away, and I honestly never talked to him much about science (though I did like science), but he encouraged me to go into engineering. So in middle school, I just kinda said I wanted to be an engineer. Even though I didn’t really know what that meant. I went to an engineering camp for girls, and liked it, but for whatever reason I never thought too much about it. He ended up passing away right before I started high school.

So I never had the opportunity to get any guidance from him. He would say the word engineer and I only vaguely knew what it meant. He never really talk to me about it. Which is why I think it’s fair to call myself first generation. But he planted the seed.

During high school, I discovered neuroscience and psychology. Got really into it. Everyone encouraged it. I think that happened because it was easier to approach than engineering (articles online were easier to read, and probably more girl-friendly). But I don’t remember ever thinking specifically that engineering wasn’t for me or that it was too hard. I just lacked encouragement for it after my grandfather passed away and gained encouragement for other areas of science. So I started college as a biochemistry major pre-MD/PhD.

I really loved AP Biology and General Biology, but after that, I started to hate bio. Not completely sure why, but I think it had something to do with the mass amount of memorization necessary for the subject. And I also didn’t find myself passionate about it. So I clung onto my chemistry classes and changed to a chemistry major. Things were alright. I liked chemistry.

The big game changer, though, was when it took general physics. My professor, who is now my physics major advisor, taught the class. He is the BEST professor I’ve ever had, hands down. He made the subject interesting. His lectures were clear and artful in his execution. He talked about the subject in a really inspiring way. I always left his class thinking, and I loved it. So I decided to add on a physics minor. Before I finished the minor I discovered that I liked physics more than I did chemistry, and boom. I added on a physics major. I’ve loved it ever since.

What has kept me a physics major?

First of all, my physics major advisor. I really can’t pretend that he doesn’t continue to be a huge factor in this because of his support for me. In my case, having a great advisor has really made the difference for me. I’ve had some other advisors really discourage me from some of my dreams (my chem advisor suggested I switch to Biology, of all things, because my first run with calculus was rocky), but he has always been there to encourage me to keep going. It’s really important. It has helped shape who I am as an academic, and I think that will stay with me once I graduate.

I also love the challenge of physics (and the math that goes along with it). I never found my other classes terribly difficult. They were always conceptually easy and so my grades depended a lot on memorization (which, frankly, I’m pretty lax about). It was just something I had to do, not figure out. I love the figuring out part. And I get a lot of that with physics. It’s not just me sitting there monotonously studying over material. It’s me sitting there, using my brain, figuring these things out. I genuinely enjoy that.

Another thing that’s helped is the APS Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP). None of the physics faculty at my school are women, nor are any of my classmates (at least in my junior class). As much as I love them all, representation is really important. And it’s been very helpful to go to workshops that discuss issues women specifically face in science. So if you’re a female physics major, I highly recommend you apply for next year.

I don’t know exactly where I will go with physics, but I think majoring in physics is definitely among my best decisions ever.