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Blind Cat Who Loves Hiking Turned This Man Into A Cat Person

Just because a cat can’t see, doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate the great outdoors.

Patrick Corr, a 28-year-old filmmaker from Cork City, Ireland, proved that in a beautiful video filmed earlier this month, in which he goes on a hike with his blind calico cat, Stevie, at his side.

Watch this adorable cat’s full journey up the mountain here. 

Drabble Prompt List

since i don’t feel like writing entire fics today, we’re gonna do drabbles. Send me a prompt number and a character and I’ll hopefully get to writing it today.

1. “Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m beautiful.”

2. “I’m feeling very emotionally vulnerable right now so just hold my damn hand.”

3. “We should get a dog.” “Absolutely not.”

4. “I need you to stop doing that because it’s really adorable and I’m trying to concentrate.”

5. “Damn okay fine, I won’t send you anymore selfies.”

6. “I won’t let anything hurt you.”

7. “I’m personally offended that you accepted that solo mission when you knew that you’d be away from me for four months.”

8. “Am I annoying?”

9. “When you’re sad, I’m sad, and then we’re all sad.”

10. “No, no. Not the puppy dog eyes, don’t you fucking dare. Dammit.”

11. “Prove it.”

12. “If you use another pick-up line like that on me again I might punch you in the gut.”

13. “You’re telling me you’ve never been to Ikea?!”

14. “Tell me you need me.”

15. “I’m sorry, it’s just, you make me k-kinda nervous, and, wow, is it hot in here?”

16. “I ship us.”

17. “You make my dopamine levels surge.”

18. “I will never leave you by yourself.”

19. “It’s starting to kind of hurt my heart that you don’t say I love you back.”

20. “You’re jealous of who?!”

21. “Stop looking at me like I’m your everything.”

22. “You’ll catch me, right?”

23. “Did you seriously just ask me that?”

24. “Well that was immensely attractive.”

25.  “If you touch her I will end you.”

26. “You’re a fucking child.” “I simply suggested that we should go splash in the puddles outside, damn.”

27. “You look so great, I might cry.”

28. “I can cook Pizza Rolls and Cup O’ Noodles and that’s about it.”

29. “Shut up, I’m hilarious.”

30. “Mine.”

31. “Having something you can’t bear to lose is fucking scary.”

32. “I don’t want to go, your dad doesn’t like me.”

33. “Salad? Do I look like a fucking rabbit.”

34. “I don’t tell you I love you enough.”

35. “I’m not clingy, I just like being near you all the time.”

36. “Baby, I will never stop trying to help you see your beauty.”

37. “Well if that’s how you feel, then leave.”

38. “That can’t be legal.”

39. “I would just like to remind you that I love you before I destroy you in laser tag.”

40. “Wow okay, this is not going the way I planned it out in the shower.”

41. “I don’t deserve you.”

42. “I’ve never been happier in my life.”

43. “My side of the wedding party is much cooler than your’s.”

44. “You’re dangerously gorgeous.”

45. “I should be the only one making you happy.”

46. “All I want is to be everything you need.”

47. “Please come home, I miss you.”

48. “You’re a very different drunk than I thought you’d be.”

49. “I fucking adore you.”

50. “Of course we’re not going to duet a Disney son-” “mY wHOLe liFE Has beEn A sERieS of dOors IN mY FAcE.”

51. Author’s Preference

Some of you expected Papyrus to have a brain fart xD But that won’t happen to this Papyrus! He’s way less innocent than his UT counterpart!

Flowey knows they’re doomed.

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Pre-Season 5 OB Asks

Ask me anything!!!
1. Favorite clone?
2. Least favorite clone?
3. Most under-appreciated clone?
4. Most overrated clone?
5. Favorite OB moment?
6. Favorite season?
7. Lease favorite season?
8. Favorite character pairing?
9. Favorite non-clone character?
10. Least favorite non-clone character?
11. Saddest death?
12. Clone I wish had more screen time?
13. Biggest wish for season 5?
14. Death predictions for season 5?
15. Favorite episode?
16. Least favorite episode?
17. Best villain?
18. Worst villain?
19. Spin-off ideas?
20. Character meant for the Iron Throne?
21. Character I am most like?
22. Character I wish I was like?
23. Character(s) I would invite to dinner?
24. Character who is the best roommate material?
25. Character who deserves EVERYTHING GOOD?
26. Character who should join the Guardians of the Galaxy?
27. Character who should go on The Great British Baking Show?
28. Character who would be the best Pokemon trainer?
29. Character I will miss the most?
30. Plans for after the series finale?

I told a woman about Deep Blue today, and while we stood there talking, she looked up a video of her on her phone and watched it with an absolutely reverent expression.

The group of kids she was chaperoning were more interested in screaming at the sharks and asking me which ones would attack them.

I don’t care. I reached her. And I reached her good.


White Tower by Mark McIntosh
Via Flickr:
The White Tower is a keep (also known as a donjon), which was often the strongest structure in a medieval castle, and contained lodgings suitable for the lord

I can’t get over how nonchalant Jonathan looks on that page though. I was so excited to see him in more than one comic this week that I didn’t even notice how he’s gassing the police with one hand while answering the phone with the other. That’s so fucking extra but so in-character too??

Bless you DC for finally writing Jonathan correctly and making him so sassy. My Lord of Fear does not give two shits and I love that.