the greasy dozen

We must consider “personal choices” to be things that affect only ourselves. If you want to go grocery shopping in a pink spandex suit covered in sequins, well, that is a personal choice. Who am I to judge? It’s not hurting anyone. If you want to eat a baker’s dozen of greasy (vegan) doughnuts for breakfast, you go right ahead. Those are personal choices. You’re either hurting no one, or you’re just hurting yourself – but that is your decision to make. However, when you pick up your fork and devour a dish full of animal products, you’re making a choice not only for yourself, but for the animals that suffered and were killed for that meal. They were not given the choice to be enslaved, abused, or slaughtered – you made that choice for them. There is nothing “personal” about being responsible for the death of another being, whether human or non-human, and it’s obnoxious to be completely oblivious of the lives you are taking.
—  unknown