the greasy dozen

Cherry Bomb - Tommy Conlon Fan Fic: Chapter One



Warnings: all safe here in this first introduction, brief mature content

Chapter One – On The “T”

(Pittsburgh - Eight Months After Sparta)

A few passengers on the early morning T paused briefly for a look at the man tucked far into the back corner seat; his black wool cap pulled low on his forehead.  If they recognized the local hero, all but swallowed up inside the over-sized hoodie, they never approached.  The hard edge in his eyes and the intermittent scowl a sufficient deterrent.  Most didn’t catch the slight wince that crossed his features each a time a bump of the tracks pushed his left shoulder against the side of the train.   The pain shooting down to his elbow and leaving a tingling sensation in his fingers.   Fingers that restlessly rubbed against one another as the trolley droned onward.  Hooded eyes kept their focus on the passing landscape through the blur of a dozen different greasy fingerprints upon the window panes.  

One particular young woman received a flicker of reaction, the grey eyes suddenly lightening as their focus rested briefly on her pleasing face and form.   A shy smile his reward for risking the merest amount of human contact.   Her own gaze lingered on the mesmerizing eyes, but it was the plump lips curled about a toothpick that truly caught her attention.    The fullest, most tempting mouth she’d ever seen on a man and her tongue darted out to moisten her own parted lips as she quietly took her seat.   Imagining the taste and feel of them moving hungrily upon her own.    Her entire body.  A heated flush rose in her cheeks even though the encounter was brief, and the man quickly turned back to his solitary gaze out the window.   She watched as the toothpick rolled back and forth across his mouth while he kept huddled to himself.

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We must consider “personal choices” to be things that affect only ourselves. If you want to go grocery shopping in a pink spandex suit covered in sequins, well, that is a personal choice. Who am I to judge? It’s not hurting anyone. If you want to eat a baker’s dozen of greasy (vegan) doughnuts for breakfast, you go right ahead. Those are personal choices. You’re either hurting no one, or you’re just hurting yourself – but that is your decision to make. However, when you pick up your fork and devour a dish full of animal products, you’re making a choice not only for yourself, but for the animals that suffered and were killed for that meal. They were not given the choice to be enslaved, abused, or slaughtered – you made that choice for them. There is nothing “personal” about being responsible for the death of another being, whether human or non-human, and it’s obnoxious to be completely oblivious of the lives you are taking.
—  unknown