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FULL SET: Catfish and the Bottlemen performing live at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas | 15.09.17 

1) Homesick  2) Kathleen 3) Soundcheck 4) Pacifier 5) Anything 6) Business 7) Oxygen 8) Twice 9) Fallout 10) Outside 11) 7 12) Cocoon 13) Tyrants 

  • <p> <b>Ruby :</b> *with a Yang plushie on her hand*I have a Yang<p/><b>Weiss :</b> *beside her with a Blake plushie* I have a Blake<p/><b>Ruby and Weiss :</b> Mpph *smash the plushies together and hold them* BUMBLEBEE<p/><b>Yang :</b> ...I so knew it was an amazing idea to let them on youtube<p/><b>Blake :</b> *hiding her blushing face behind a book* Yeah..a greaat idea<p/></p>
NWSL fact

Katelyn Rowland and McCall Zerboni are the most decorated players in NWSL history

Katelyn Rowland:

  • 2x NWSL Champion (FCKC 2015, WNY 2016)
  • Shield winner (NCC 2017)

McCall Zerboni 

  • NWSL Champion (WNY 2016)
  • 2x Shield winner (WNY 2013, NCC 2017)

Could tie them with a Portland Thorns win on Sat:

Tobin Heath, Allie Long, Christine Sinclair

  • NWSL Champions (POR 2013)
  • Shield winners (POR 2016)

Adrianna Franch, Katherine Reynolds

  • 2x Shield winners (WNY 2013, POR 2016)

“I even got you this cool onesie! Don’t look at me like that…”

I’m gonna be an aunt in a few weeks and i’m excited


Comic #2


MOD note: IM SORRY. its been over a week since last update ;♡; this is harder than i thought. i was finishing planing the plot and other stuff. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING AND SHARING you guys are greaat ×♡×

PS: sorry for all the drawing style changes, im trying to adapt and find the one that is easier and takes less time, which is probably gonna be the comic style i used for the last frame. except for the chibi versions, those are gonna stay the same.

if yoou want me to do do little cute chibi budged cuts feel free to fill my ask box with dumb headcanons.

oh and im gonna try and upload the main story every 4 to 5 days so stay tuned ^U^

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