the greaat

  • <p> <b>Ruby :</b> *with a Yang plushie on her hand*I have a Yang<p/><b>Weiss :</b> *beside her with a Blake plushie* I have a Blake<p/><b>Ruby and Weiss :</b> Mpph *smash the plushies together and hold them* BUMBLEBEE<p/><b>Yang :</b> ...I so knew it was an amazing idea to let them on youtube<p/><b>Blake :</b> *hiding her blushing face behind a book* Yeah..a greaat idea<p/></p>

“I even got you this cool onesie! Don’t look at me like that…”

I’m gonna be an aunt in a few weeks and i’m excited


Comic #2


MOD note: IM SORRY. its been over a week since last update ;♡; this is harder than i thought. i was finishing planing the plot and other stuff. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING AND SHARING you guys are greaat ×♡×

PS: sorry for all the drawing style changes, im trying to adapt and find the one that is easier and takes less time, which is probably gonna be the comic style i used for the last frame. except for the chibi versions, those are gonna stay the same.

if yoou want me to do do little cute chibi budged cuts feel free to fill my ask box with dumb headcanons.

oh and im gonna try and upload the main story every 4 to 5 days so stay tuned ^U^

**MOD out**


Trailer for the 「小野賢章がゆく 旅友」(Ono Kensho ga Yuku Tabi Tomo) DVD with Ono Kensho & Shimazaki Nobunaga as the guest! To be released on April 24th.

ichirukilover replied to your post “@angelesewe Do…do you people know what comedic relief is? Its…”

Ichigo is actually kicking a stranger and the thing is not even supposed to be serious, Renji is trying to hurt with a sword the woman he grew up with and the situation was serious as hell, do they even understand how stupid it is to compare the two scenes?

Another greaat point about the difference.

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M!A Arthur's different personalities are spilt into seperate beings

(//there are two other variations of this M!A but i’m just going to use this ask for it)


Rage: “Greaat now I have to be stuck lookin’ at all yer fockin faces again…”

Joy: “It’s not that bad! It’s nice to interact with others!”

Sadness: “That’s what you think though…”

(more about each below:)

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hi friends im kinda scared I'm going to fail a class in school for the first time... could I get High School AU Stahl, Henry, Gaius and Lon'qu comforting female mu, who is worrying about failing a class?

Take a deep breath, and think over all of your options. And talk to the teacher. If the teacher is a meanie head, cry, and take a friend with you to the counselor. That usually works…Also, I didn’t really get to be involved with the hs au, so I kinda just went with intuition. Sorry if you didn’t want me to do it! Got really carried away with Lonk’s btw

Lon’qu: “I give up!” you groan loudly, and everyone in the library turns to glare at you with a look of death. With these people, god forbid you even breathe a bit louder than usual. You see one of the volunteers stalk over to you with a dark expression. Greaat. Just what you need. Another lecture. You bury your face in the blasted pages, and hear someone clear his throat from behind you.

“Th-there is to be no disruption in the library.” Slowly, you pick up your head up from the book, as though you were a zombie, and turn to look at him. He turns a bit pink, and his glare gets more intense. “Listen. I’m going to fail, and then I’m going to die. I’m going to fail and die, and all anyone here cares about is how quiet they can get, I mean honestly, it’s like elementary school and the—“ he clears his throat again, and looks at you a bit pityingly. “I-I get the point. Do you require assistance?”

“You’re willing to help me? Now?” Well, that’s the first offer you’ve gotten. And you don’t even know this stuttering guy.

“Y-yes… But I need personal space. Personal space. Understood.”

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