the greaat

“I even got you this cool onesie! Don’t look at me like that…”

I’m gonna be an aunt in a few weeks and i’m excited


Trailer for the 「小野賢章がゆく 旅友」(Ono Kensho ga Yuku Tabi Tomo) DVD with Ono Kensho & Shimazaki Nobunaga as the guest! To be released on April 24th.


- I think I’m going to cut my hair..It’ll grow back if I decide I don’t like it. Will see if I pluck up the courage. I accidentally came across these filters and had a play, then saved over my original photo :( waaahhhhh.

- This op shopping thing is great, I found this top, 2 others, and a long dress for $25, greaat! That dress in the photo was like stuck to my assss, but I liked it’s pattern.

- Nicola and I ran 13k today, and then walked for Relay for Life for another 20 minutes. It’s 3 weeks until our half marathon, I need to find some sugar free alternative snacks for my longer runs tho.

-Iv decided I’m going to officially spend a bit more time thinking about what I’m eating, before at work I’m just eating bread without even noticing how much I’m eating.

-It’s only about 10 weeks until we leave so I have 10 weeks to get fit and healthy. Would like to lose 3kg but I struggle to lose weight.

Results just got sent out today but I get to play Jade Harley in the Homestuck Dating Game panel at Katsucon!!! It’ll be Saturday 8:45 PM in Live 5!!! If you’ve got the time please please pleeeaaase come by!! It’s gonna be greaaaat!!