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i saw the long reddit thread of regretful parent stories and my dumb ass thought "maybe this IS important to read since everyone is losing their minds over how good it is" but i felt sick. so many were parents of autistic kids and kids w disabilities and were like "my life is ruined because i have to take care of my low functioning child" or whatever and it's... fucking depressing, especially as someone who was raised by an abusive mother. i could understand regretting certain aspects of (1/2)

parenthood (like, idk, not having as much time to spend traveling or whatever else they complain about) but seeing parents straight up admit they believe their lives would be better if their kid had never been born just. makes me so sick. and i feel horrible for their kids. also, feel free to not post this if you don’t want to bc it sounds like you’re done with this whole argument but… i’m just glad you brought it up because it made feel so repulsed and i didn’t think anyone felt that way.

first of all i’m really sorry about your mother… i saw the post with the last comment already pointing out what’s horrible about it, but honestly i was scrolling down and i was really worried there won’t be anything like that at the end, just people feeling sorry for the awful parents instead of thinking about the children and it’s so depressing and worrying to see so many people who actually feel that way or don’t think it’s disgusting how those people talk about their children? and i completely agree like it’s fine to complain about certain aspects of parenthood like having less time for yourself (tho this is also something you should be aware of when you decide to have kids, they’re not toys you can just toss aside when you get bored lmao) or to feel tired sometimes, i think that’s just human, but you can’t make your child feel unwanted and like a burden, those are two entirely different things?? and it’s just mind blowing to me how those people talk about feeling nothing for their kids or seeing them as objects and then other people on this site are all “those are important stories that need to be shared” while sympathising with the abusive parents…. it’s okay if you don’t want to have kids or you dislike kids, but if you see those kind of stories and you feel “validated” by them and see nothing wrong with it and you sympathise with the parents you’re uhhh a pretty awful person imo

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Sorry to join in the piss party but you HAVE to tell us the urinal story!!

oh man, i’m gonna have to write a post about nikki pissing in a urinal, aren’t I?


There was a long ass line to the ladies restroom. It was a one toilet type bathroom and someone was taking their damn time, right?

Nikki was getting impatient, as you do, and she had to piss so she essentially broke into the boys bathroom, which probs wasn’t hard, and pissed in a urinal for the adventure. She bragged about it for months.

Nobody was particularly impressed.

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I'm watching your stream right now and I saw what you said about Bills and the Nadia poster, I don't have much money right now because I'm out of work but I dont have bills to worry about, so I figured I'd let you know I donated $45 dollars to you on paypal so you don't have to worry about bills and can get that poster <3


I know the message Chyler put out is about the Sanvers break up and whatever happens between Alex/Sara. Notice how Chyler said Hopeheals in her message. I will still have hope about Sanvers, and don’t think this is the ultimate end. This is my personal opinion, so I totally get if people don’t see that. But full on warning of my future opinions and attitude.

Grateful Diaries #7

  1. I impressed some major higher ups at my job today.
  2. My hubby gave me a pretty quartz rock that he found in a parking lot today. “It was so shiny, I thought of you.” Aww!
  3. Day off tomorrow!
  4. Had a really good chat with the hubby tonight. It was nice to share good news with each other and catch up on our week so far.

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