the grass took longer than the sky

I Lit a House on Fire (Just to See a Painted Sky) CH1.

Hi. Okay, I know it’s been a while since I posted the preview of this and the whole ‘coming soon’ thing wasn’t very ‘soon’. But the idea got lost in my head and I wasn’t all that sure where I was going to go with it (then I remembered I plan nothing and went with my usual, fuck it, we’ll see what happens approach. So yeah, let me know what you think, if you want me to keep going with it etc. Without further ado, here we go again.  

Lydia Martin was eighteen years old and a little bit alone in the world. So she looked to the stars and remembered their names, climbed hilltops and left hand scrawled memories on tree trunks. She wished for bigger cities, prettier skies and an ocean that could take her away.

Stiles Stilinski was nineteen years old and had discovered when he was young that he liked his roof better than his bed. He tore through town in an old, beaten car that might have been someone else’s and he read about myths and legends when the sun went down.

And this is what they did when the world wasn’t looking.

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Candid (Pinkberry Drabble)

@twinkjeremyheere said:

8. Breathtaking Kiss ~pinkberry maybe?

umm,, hell yes? thank you so much for requesting my girls??

also, daffodils and sunsets are the official pinkbery aesthetic now :/ sorry :/

Pairing: Brooke Lohst/Chloe Valentine

Words: 993

Category: fluff/first kiss/chloe is a big gay

Freshman year of college was coming to an end. Chloe and Brooke chose the same school, just like they always planned. And they were roommates, (oh my god they were roommates) just like they always planned. Before they started school, everyone warned them against living together. “You’ll hate each other,” they said. “You’ll want to kill each other,” “You’ll never look at her the same.” And maybe they were right, but it wasn’t quite the way Chloe was expecting.

She sat on the grass in the courtyard waiting for Brooke one May afternoon, the last week of classes. The sun sat low in the sky, teasing at the beautiful sunset that was bound to occur this time of year. Chloe heard footsteps from behind her, causing her to turn her head in search of the source. “Hey! Sorry to keep you waiting,” Brooke said as she half-ran towards Chloe, fiddling with her camera.

“How fucking dare you,” Chloe said, standing up. Brooke looked up at her in fear for a second, opening her mouth to apologize. “Brooke,” Chloe stopped her before she could start. “I’m kidding.”

“Oh, right. Sorry.” she shook her head, pressing a few buttons on her camera and making faces at the screen. “I’m still trying to figure out how the hell this thing works,” she was doing pretty well with photography in school. Her parents were so impressed they got her a new camera. It was probably the happiest Chloe had ever seen her. She’d been playing with it non-stop since, always begging her friends to let her take pictures of them. Even though they were best friends, this was the first time Brooke had asked to do pictures of Chloe. “Okay, I think I got it.” she looked through the viewfinder. “That…looks right?” she asked.

“I don’t know, does it?” Chloe asked with a chuckle.

“I think so. Here, I’ll do a test shot.” without further warning, Brooke snapped a picture, pulling away from the camera to look at the result. “Yay! I got it right!” she grinned. “Okay, now pose.”

“What?” Chloe asked, running a hand through her hair and laughing nervously.

“Pose! Do something, be cute!” Brooke gestured wildly with her hands as she spoke. Chloe awkwardly put her hand on her hip, plastering on a cheesy smile. Brooke took the camera from her face and shot Chloe an angry expression. “If you’re not gonna take this serious-”

“Oh my god, Brooke. I am serious.” Chloe groaned, putting her hands on her head.

“You look so good in your selfies!” Brooke argued back.

“Yes, because I’m in control of them. I don’t know how to let another person take a picture of me!” Brooke rolled her eyes.

“Okay, fine. Wait here.” she stomped away, disappearing behind a nearby building. A couple minutes passed by. Then some more. Then some more. The sky started to turn pink and orange, casting gold beams onto the trees and buildings around campus. Chloe made the universal ‘what the fuck’ hand signal and looked around.

“Brooke,” she called. “Ugh,” she checked her phone, refreshing everything for some kind of message. Nothing. “Brooke?”

“I’m here!” she yelled, running across the courtyard towards Chloe.

“What the hell, Brooke?” Chloe asked, slightly charmed at Brooke’s messy hair and tank top straps falling off her shoulders.

“Here, I got you this.” she thrust a handful of daffodils into Chloe’s hands, immediately backing up and lifting the camera to her face.

“What? Why?” Chloe giggled, looking at the flowers.

“I picked them!” she sounded proud of herself, but very well aware she was being silly. She snapped photo after photo of Chloe looking at the flowers, laughing.

“Why did you-”

“I thought you might look better in candids, but I had to get you to smile first.” Chloe’s expression changed, one snapshot at a time. First she was laughing, then smiling, looking down, then the smile fell a bit. Her eyes turned upwards, directly at Brooke. Her eyes were big and round, her cheeks were pink as the sky behind her. Then she was getting closer, walking towards Brooke. Then she was there. She moved the camera from Brooke’s face, cupping the short girl’s cheeks in her free hand.

Then they were kissing. Brooke froze completely. Her brain shattered like glass. Chloe’s lips were warm and soft and she could smell the flowers in her hand. Brooke reciprocated the kiss cautiously, letting her eyes flutter closed and shoulders relax. She let go of her camera, letting it dangle from the strap around her neck. She draped her arms over Chloe’s shoulders, twirling pieces of her soft, brown hair between her fingers. Chloe felt her face get redder and redder the longer she kissed Brooke. She could feel how much more she’d have to explain herself with every second. Somehow, she just couldn’t stop. It felt right. It was the way things were meant to be.

Once she had mustered up the courage to do so, she broke away from Brooke’s lips, not traveling too far. Brooke pressed her forehead against Chloe’s, eyes still closed, fingers still in her hair, waiting until she remembered how to breathe. Their hearts pounded in time. Slowly, the shallow breaths grew longer until they were almost normal again. Brooke opened her eyes carefully, investigating Chloe’s face so close to hers. Her eyes were shut, brow furrowed, biting down on her lower lip. “I think we have enough pictures for now,” Brooke said softly. Chloe slowly pulled away from Brooke’s face and nodded. “That sunset is beautiful though,” Brooke said, clearly looking more at Chloe than the sky. The tall girl grinned, pushing hair behind her ear and looking at the ground.

“Shut up,” she mumbled. Brooke took a seat on the grass, looking up at the sky. Chloe followed her lead, sitting very close to her. In silence, they sat together, watching the sunset, watching each other watch the sunset.

Knock to the Head

It took longer than I expected but here it is! My version of the @omeliafics prompt in which Owen gets jealous of Amelia and Mark. Please leave reviews, comments, etc… Hope you like it! 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

“We slept together in Montana but now I don’t really know what to say to him. Why do things between us have to always be so complicated? I just want to be in love again…” April rambled on while twiddling a few strands of grass between her fingers, staring up at the blue morning sky rather than her friend. Mimicking her friends position Amelia’s head was resting on April’s stomach while she absentmindedly made a daisy-chain, “I don’t know, Kepner” she commented “I hate complicated, but I don’t think I was made for simple. I don’t think any of us are”. “Hunt still mad at you?” April smirked, “Yeah” Amelia sighed “So I slept with Mark Sloan, who cares?! Besides it was a million years ago and Owen was married at the time anyway!”. The two women began to chuckle after Kepner exasperatedly exclaimed “Men!”, to which her friend respond with an excited head nod. It was a warm day considering summer was slowly coming to a close, there were very few clouds in the sky and there was no need for extra layers; all in all, it was by all accounts, a perfect day. Suddenly a loud thud coming from next to Amelia’s foot made the two women jump. Sitting straight up due to the shock they were suddenly reminded that they were actually at their baseball practise that Webber had dragged them all along to. “Sorry, my bad!” Owen’s voice could be heard, Amelia noticed him standing at the batting plate: helmet on and bat in hand. “Yeah sure it was” she groaned at her friend as the pair of them stood up and dusted themselves down. It was going to be a long day.

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Promise | Taehyung

genre: angst, badboy!au
words: 7.9k
summary: Getaway driver Kim Taehyung promised her it was just one more job before he’s off the hook. Only then did they learn the hard way that it was never just ‘one more job’ in this kind of crime life.
a/n: so i watched the movie baby driver and ofc i had to write a bad boy au based on it ha ha ha

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The Wrestle, Ch. VI

I’m gonna kiss you
like the sun browns you,
devour me.
I want every other freckle.

If the summer days were blinks that paradoxically lasted for eons and disappeared without warning too quickly, than the winter nights were long sighs that moved along slowly, settled in among the trees and between the houses, on the paths and in the naked branches, and took its time in passing, lasting longer and longer as the season went on. It came in one morning, and frosted the tips of grass and bits of metal along the wall, in the smoke that poured from chimneys and the sun that was just as bright as the day before, but not as fiercely as the summer afternoon. In the few months following the union of the ground and the sky, the world started to chill, started to grow crisp and colourful as the leaves burst aflame and then fall in a cascade of embers and light upon the world.

The summer days of long, unending sun faded and were replaced by nights that were conducive for only a few things, all of which made Lexa extremely satisfied. Things changed in the small bed in Lexa’s quarters. It was usually filled with a blonde, which was a fact the Commander quite enjoyed. She would return from her day and get stories read to her in that voice, and with those absent fingers knitting themselves under her shirt, in her hair. She would get questions answered and ideas explored. She got kisses and she got fire and she got to warm up from the winter outside. She got Clarke’s moans scalding her neck, tangling in her sheets. She saw stars in her own bed, she shook and she thought her body was not her own, and when she regained control, she got Clarke’s smile and eyes and voice. Lexa was torn with how much she loved winter.

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Shots - Part Four: Waiting to Break

Summary: Not What He Seems AU, where Stan doesn’t escape government custody unscathed, and his reunion with Ford goes a bit differently as a result.

Based on this post by @saisai-chan, who came up with the idea of Stan being heavily injured at the onset of A Tale of Two Stans.

Kudos to @notthistimespock, ​ whose tags last chapter accurately predicted where this was going (here, have some feverish Stan and the fallout of that :) This chapter took longer than unexpected, I was slacking and the words just wouldn’t cooperate, ugh. But here we are! 

Within a few minutes of exiting the basement, Ford felt infinitely better than he had, yet still decided that a dose fresh air from outside would do him a world of good. The air was warm and muggy, the sky a crisp and clear blue, and taking in the scent of summer grass and forest pines surrounding him, the Author of the journals realized that he was indeed back home in Oregon.

On the doorstep sat a freshly delivered newspaper, which he gratefully picked up. Reading it would give him a chance to catch up on current events, at least.

Only seconds after shutting the front door behind him, newspaper in hand, Mabel appeared and urged him to join them in the kitchen.

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It happened one summer

fic loosely inspired by this prompt, changed bootcamp into a camp. so it a camp!AU, with a 21 year old Tony and Steve.. you will see, but the age difference is not big, and I wanted to keep this fic sweet and the relationship is mutual. very long. okay, not very, but longer than my usual fics. get some tea or coffee and make yourself comfortable ;D 


It happened one summer

It was a nice, peaceful day. The sky was clear and the clouds were chasing each other lazily across the sky. Steve took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet air, enjoying such moments. He really needed a moment to rest. He gently carded his hand through the grass of the meadow he was sitting in, and lazily closed his eyes. Yep, life was..

“Sergeant Rogers!”

Oh, for Pete’s sake..

Steve opened his eyes with a displeased grunt. Seemed that he got happy too soon..

“What is it?” he asked, looking to the back at the messenger.

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New years eve with Sherlock

A bit late but it’s something i guess. 


“It will be fun! "Y/N” I promise, just a small party. No one should spend new years eve alone.“

"I  won’t be alone” You said, “I’ll have my book! and don't underestimate the companionship that a whole season of Doctor who can bring." 

"You have to go outside, you can’t stay inside forever, Get some fresh air in those lungs!” Your roommate hit your stomach.

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potterhead117  asked:

I'd like to see hiccup slip on his peg leg while running after his and astrid child.. and when he's at the ground the baby finally stops and starts to laugh at his father.. I think it's very cutee.. i'm awwwwing What do you think?

So I twisted it juuuust a little bit, but I haven’t done Daddy!Hiccup in a while and I have a weird obsession with his prosthesis. 

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