the grass is much greener with us on it

What’s Not To Love?

(Ascendant/Rising Sign!)

Aries Rising: Your confidence radiates onto everyone around you and you brighten every room with your fun-loving outlook on life. We can tell you know exactly what you want and can do anything you set your mind to, and it motivates us all to follow in your footsteps. Admirably, you seem know where you’re going and what you want your life to be in 10 years while we’re still trying to figure out what we’re doing next week. You’re everyone’s motivation to try harder and make stuff happen! Independent, smart, popular and optimistic - what’s not to love about an Aries Rising?

Taurus Rising: How do you stay so level headed at all times? We wish we had the ability to stop, think and come up with a great solution to anything like you can. You’re so easy-going and calm, it’s comforting to us and our hot heads. The way you have such set in stone opinions and aren’t afraid to share them is amazing to us; we can never just decide on something so confidently and stick with it. Your grass always seems so much greener, how do you do it? You’re always so generous, content and beautiful in everything you do. Patient, stunning, strong-willed and loyal - what’s not to love about a Taurus Rising?

Gemini Rising: You always know exactly what to say, I swear! It’s amazing how you can keep the conversation going so well regardless of the topic. We’re so drawn to the way you seem to know something about everything and could listen to you talk forever. The way you want to educate yourself on so many things at once is amazing to watch. You’re some of the funniest people ever; you can make anyone laugh with just a look! You blitz through tasks so quickly - how do you make everything look so easy? We’re never be bored when we’re with you. Hilarious, talkative, intelligent and free - what’s not to love about a Gemini Rising?

Cancer Rising: Your gentle soul is so inviting to those around you. You make us feel as though we’re old friends! Quietly, you watch us all and learn from our mistakes rather than your own, which is a quality we’d love to have. You’re enchanting and reserved yet somehow you’re so reassuring and soothing to be around; a silent supporter. Without fail, you know exactly what will make us feel better when we’re down. The person we all come to for advice or help and so smart as well! Some of the kindest people to ever walk this planet. Lovely, subtle, authentic and persistent - what’s not to love about a Cancer Rising? 

Leo Rising: Your magnetic appeal is something we all wish we could say we have. You know what you’re about and you’re not afraid to show it! It’s a blessing to even be acquainted with you, especially with the way you shine so brightly. Not only are you the most alluring, but you’re some of the strongest people in the world! You bulldoze anyone in your way with such agility and poise; it’s as if you barely noticed anything happened. In moments when most would break down and give up, you take charge and know exactly what to do! Passionate and always reliable, you are so uplifting to be around! Charismatic, eloquent, proud and respectful - what’s not to love about a Leo Rising?

Virgo Rising: Some of the most caring people in the world, they’ll do anything to help another person. You’re so precise and capable in everything you do and it is admired by everyone around you. We know if we need help figuring something out, you’re the person to go to. The way you help us break things down and sort through information is amazing and it is always so comforting to know we have you by our side. You catch all the little things that we miss in our haste to get things done! Always doing something, you’re some of the most productive people we know. Practical, skillful, humble and caring - what’s not to love about a Virgo Rising?

Libra Rising: You’re some of the most beautiful people we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The way you are able to be so graceful and perfect in the way you blitz through life is unreal. You’re a people pleaser which draws everyone towards you but you also know how to use your charm to get what you want; the best of both worlds. No matter where we go with you, you manage to make it feel as though we’ve stepped into a harmonious world of happiness and sunshine. Soft and romantic, people want to know you and are immediately attracted to your elegant outer shell. Fair, opinionated, persuasive and accommodating - what’s not to like about a Libra Rising?

Scorpio Rising: We literally feel your presence from the other side of the room, you’re so captivating. You rarely go unnoticed, especially with such intense eyes. Your ability to assist us through rough times and help us come back even better than before is something so amazing to experience or even just watch. Sensitive yet so powerful, you’re mesmerizing in everything you do. Your power to recover so quickly from problems that would completely destroy us is incredible. Deep feelers, you experience everything so intensely and hold yourself so tastefully that we never even question your actions. You see through any superficiality and know exactly who you want to associate yourself with. Powerful, emotional, brooding and creative - what’s not to love about a Scorpio Rising?

Sagittarius Rising: Everything you encounter means something to you, regardless of what it is. You can find meaning and importance in everything you come across which makes you very uplifting to be around. Every day has a new goal in store for you and you never waste the chance to chase it. The light-hearted, enthusiastic energy you never stop radiating makes us want to join you on every quest you go on! It’s as if you don’t care where you’re going, you just want to be on your way and we all want to join you! The life of the party, it’s never boring when you’re around and you naturally adapt so well to every circumstance you’re put into. To you, everything is so grand and exciting; it’s an outlook we’d love to share. Spiritual, humorous, active and willing - what’s not to love about a Sagittarius Rising?

Capricorn Rising: Your maturity and wisdom is so captivating to everyone around you, it’s as if you know everything without trying. Unconventionally mysterious, you draw others in by looking as though you’re unfazed by whatever is happening around you. We want to see what’s behind your eyes and how you’re just so darn cool. Watching you really let loose is something that we aspire to witness because it doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s something you don’t want to miss. You’re able to help us put things in perspective which is why we always come to you for help, especially when we’re confused. Your the one voted most competent and you always come through too. Successful, respectful, rational and fun - what’s not to love about a Capricorn Rising?

Aquarius Rising: You work so well with large groups of people and easily accept everyone around you as individuals and equals. You’re the outsider, but the way you waltz through life makes us want to join you on the outside. You can make literally anything work to your advantage in a way that we can’t help but respect and aspire towards. An advocate for the underdog, we know when the going gets tough, you get going! We all need someone to help us think differently to the rest and you’re the perfect person for the job. You’re curious and interested in others which makes you seem like the social butterfly we all want to tell our life story to. Idealistic, endearing, tolerant and logical - what’s not to love about an Aquarius Rising?

Pisces Rising: Your dreamy, far off gaze makes us wonder what you’re thinking and seeing around you. You so easily adapt to different people, it seems as if you can change your whole personality for each person you come across; a social chameleon. This, of course, means people can’t help but love you and they flock towards your open heart. Some of the most compassionate people we know, you’re always helping other people or animals. We know you’re living in your own little world and we wish you’d show us around; I’m sure it’s beautiful. Your ability to just let things go and move on is admirable to those of us who struggle with forgiveness. Empathetic, open, intuitive and generous - what’s not to love about a Pisces Rising?

A few months ago, I was sent what was some of the most generous sterek give away prizes from @cobrilee and after screaming for a solid five hours (I’m only kind of exaggerating) upon receiving them, I came to the conclusion had no idea how to convey how grateful I was to her. Since Bri is a fellow Sterek writer, however, I thought the least I could do was make a post promoting some of her (many) works. You can find all of her fics either here or here.  

And now, without further adieu!

Don’t Know What You’ve Got (‘Til It’s Gone) by Cobrilee

For once, Derek would like for his pack to appreciate him, to treat him like he’s their alpha. When life gives him exactly what he wants, Derek finds himself in an alternate universe where he’s a badass alpha, and he realizes maybe he doesn’t want it as much as he thought he did. The whole, “the grass is always greener” adage, as Stiles would say.

Speaking of Stiles… Apparently in this new world they’re mates. He’s starting to think he likes it here after all.

Smooth Like Your Face by Cobrilee for eeyore9990

Derek is so used to Stiles hitting on him with horribly cheesy pick-up lines, he doesn’t realize that maybe Stiles means them. Luckily, Boyd does.

In Your Eyes by Cobrilee

Stiles has been drawing his soulmate since he was six years old. He could never imagine how his life would turn upside before he could meet the guy, or how meeting him would make it all make sense again. Just not at first.

The Road Less Traveled by Cobrilee

The thought is, the soul mark is ambiguous so people feel like they have a choice in who they fall in love with. Stiles thinks it’s to torture him. Derek thinks it means nothing.

Then they meet each other, and realize they’re both wrong.

You’re Home by Cobrilee

Derek comes back home, but he’s not quite himself. Five minutes with Stiles and it’s like he never left. (Okay, with one small change.)

I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You by Cobrilee

One love letter from Stiles starts off a chain of events that changes Derek’s life. Funny enough, the letter wasn’t even for him. He just stole it and fell in love.

Starting At the End by Cobrilee for clotpolesonly

After graduating college and quitting his amateur porn gig to move back to Beacon Hills and join the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Office, Stiles discovers that the man he never quite left behind is now a… fan. Leave it to the two of them to start at the end.

Undercover K9 by Cobrilee

As it usually goes, Derek acts before he thinks. This time he has a good reason, though-it’s all Stiles’ fault. Mostly.

Or, that time when Derek volunteered to spend all his spare time as a wolf with the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit, just to protect Stiles’ dumb ass.

Message Received by Cobrilee for eeyore9990

Four years past an alternate ending of season two, Derek and Stiles are still… Well, Derek and Stiles. Only now they flirt. Okay, Stiles flirts. And Derek is completely okay with that.

Bee Mine by Cobrilee

Stiles and Derek are mortal enemies; at least, Derek is Stiles’ mortal enemy. It starts with pink hair, there’s a lot of honey in the middle, and it ends with a bee-youtiful card.  (This is a special favourite of mine.)

Thank you again, Bri. Not just for all the sterek decorating my room now, but for all the fics you bless our fandom with. 

Sperm Donor

Prompt: Idk if requests are open now, pretty sure they are??? Can I make a request between the batfamily with a batsis who’s like a year younger than Tim and she discovered she was Bruce’s daughter out of wedlock and it becomes this huge scandal or something in Gotham and her mom has her live with Bruce cus the dad who brought her up starts becoming more abusive? Also she has half siblings from her mom lol. Thanks!

Requested by: ANON

AN: I really enjoyed writing this, hopefully you enjoy it too!

“You know, I used to wonder what it would be like to be famous.”

           “And now?”

           You glance at your best friend, “I don’t like it so much. Everywhere I go there’s some jerk trying to take my picture, and I can’t even go to the grocery store without there being some kind of whispering.”

           Artemis sighs, “I guess all that stuff about the grass being greener on the other side is true.”

           You let out a small grunt,  “My step-dad tried to sneak pictures of me to sell the other day.”

           “He’s scum. You’ve known that since your mom brought him home.”

           You nod, “You’re sure it’s okay that I stay at your place?”

           Artemis’ smile is kind, “Totally. I’ve got the guest bed all made up, and my mom is totally down for it. Lord knows you spend more time at our place than yours anyway.” You smile. That was completely true. From the time you had met Artemis back in elementary school, the two of you had been best friends.

           You had bonded over less than stellar parental figures, and the friendship had grown into a sisterhood from there. “Speaking of dads, have you heard anything from yours?”

           “Nope. Haven’t heard anything since I took him down during the New Year.”

           You nod, as the final bell rings. One glance out the window reveals the waiting paparazzi. Artemis’ solution and quick and simple, “Sneak out the back?”

           You nod, “Right behind you.” It’s a bit difficult in the standard issue Gotham Academy skirt, but the two of you make it over the wall with few problems. The alley way you’re forced to walk down is more than a little sketchy, but you’re both prepared.

           You’ve almost cleared it when the first guy appears. The others come seconds later. You’re outnumbered ten to two, but you know they don’t stand a chance. You take Artemis’s bag, and you watch her go to work.

           You watch with mild fascination, you’d seen her do it countless times before, most of them against you or Sportsmaster. You know the name of every move she performs, and how to execute it. You choose not to.

           When you had called her your sister you had meant it. Sportsmaster had seen something in you from the first time he had caught you hanging out with Artemis outside of the school. What had followed was years of training, and excuses to your mother. More than once, you had thought about leaving; finding the first bus out and never looking back.

           But you had stayed for your sister. The two of you had fallen together, bled together, and fought together. Artemis had chosen to keep using her abilities even after her mother had scared the man off. You had chosen to let them fade… except you couldn’t.

           Somehow, you still found yourself going through the same exercises on a daily basis. More often than not, you found a reason to spar with Artemis, or put yourself in some sort of danger that would require your skills. The adrenaline high was addictive, and you were at its mercy.

           Which is why, when that first thug breaks through and charges you, you drop the bags and charge him back. Several quick jabs have him on the ground. Your legs propel you forward, and on instinct, Artemis crouches, you use her back as a stepping point, so that when you jump you have enough momentum to bring down three of the guys. You tuck and roll into a standing position, before taking out another one. Artemis uses your shoulders as a spring-off point as she flips backwards, nailing a guy in the teeth.

           By the time you’re done, the both of you are scraped up and bruised, but you don’t feel the pain. All you can feel is the rush. The two of you walk to her apartment, where her mother meets you at the door. You can see the worry on her face, and all you can do is offer a smile before you go and shower.

           You spend the weekend there, more at home with Artemis and her mom than with your own parents. Even better, the paparazzi have no clue as to where you are. You suspect even your parents don’t know. You prefer it that way.

           Which is why, when there’s a knock on the door, you and Artemis are both a bit surprised. No one knocks in this neighborhood, and no one just stops by. Mrs. Crock however, doesn’t look surprised.

           The two of you make your way to the door, and when you open it you’re met with the face of your sperm donor.

anonymous asked:

I know I sound like a terrible person for saying this, but is there any way that I can make myself aromantic? I used to identify as a panromantic asexual, but due to recent events I don't even want to feel any attraction other than platonic attraction. Love hurts too much for me to bear and I just want it to go away. All I want is friends and nothing more. So how can I make sure that I don't feel anything besides platonic feelings?

honey, listen here for a second:

you can’t make yourself aro. if you feel romantic attraction, you feel romantic attraction and you cannot change that.

suck it up, sweetheart. the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

BEING AROMANTIC DOES NOT MAKE LIFE ANY FUCKING EASIER. i’ve spent countless nights staring at my ceiling knows my aro-ness would keep a lot of people from getting close to me. i’ve lost countless hours of sleep wondering why i didn’t feel romantic attraction like everyone else– i thought i was broken and i thought no one would love me for it. so do not say you want to be aro just so life will be easier bc you cant handle love. i know countless aros who hate themselves because they’re aro. 

newsflash: if love hurts, then it isn’t love.

you can’t change your orientation, but you can damn sure change your mindset on things.  if you only want to have friends, then start saying no to people who want romantic relationships with you. feeling romantic attraction does not mean you have to have romantic relationships. it’s not like you can’t live without them, just look at all the aces here.

i know i normally don’t swear too much in answering these, but this ask lowkey pissed me off. please educate yourself.


antigravitykitty  asked:

What do you think Ravus' vices are? I somehow feel that he must have some, but I can't imagine what they would be

As perfect of a man as we make Ravus out to be, I’m sure this guy has a HELLUVA lot of vices with him, both personality-wise and physically. c: Here’s a few of what I think they are.
AKA It’s time for me to rip on Ravus!

Vice Commander Ravus Nox Fleuret – Ravus and His Vices Headcanons

  • Probably REALLY conceited, especially during Kingsglaive times.
  • Like, legit, he played high and mighty to the point where he called King Regis a fake king. And said that he was better than Regis.
  • Then he got flambeed. RIP his arm.
  • Imagine him to be REALLY envious of people too.
  • Like, the grass is greener on the other side.
  • Everyone is better than him and his despises it.
  • Despite us knowing he was important to some plot things, he WAY puts himself up on the list of important people.
  • Ego much?
  • Not really, but he elevates just how important he actually is.
  • When everyone thinks of him as useless.
  • He’d be that grumbling bitch in the back of the class whose pissed that little Iggy took his favorite seat in the front.
  • Petty as hell, probably too.
  • He choked out Noctis, after all, just because he got his feelings hurt.
  • What the fuck, Rae-Rae?
  • Probably has a mega-sweet tooth.
  • Or eats away some of his stress.
  • Probably scratches himself when angered or upset.
  • Not because he’s itchy, but he literally claws at himself to the point of self harm.
  • Imagine the collar around his neck that covers the sides, right?
  • Now imagine him digging that prosthetic into his neck as he just wants it all to end.
  • Probably a rambler too when he gets on a roll with talking.
  • You saw how he monologued during Verse 2 after all.
  • An avid eavesdropper probably.
  • Because he’s secretly a gossipy bitch.
  • He’s probably the asshole who eats the last piece of cake.
  • While staring you in the face.
  • Was your name on it? Rae-Rae don’t care. Rae-Rae don’t give a fuck.
  • Don’t talk to him unless he’s had his morning tea.
  • You will be destroyed.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Ravus ‘I’m really a giant mess’ Nox Fleuret

(BHAD Teen Wolf Podcast)

In Which StickyKeys (aka @ficcindylan), Jess ( @littlefrog1025 ), Madds (@Swiftobrien on Twitter aka Standinginanicedress), Juliana (@julianacg17 ) and Mel (@loserchildhotpants aka MellytheHun on ao3) discuss:

  • Sterek fandom
  • Being a Sterek writer
  • The things that make us leave
  • The things that have us coming back
  • The problem with Allison Argent
  • Stereks taking out ball and going home
  • The future of the fandom
  • What we’re working on

And so much more!


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I have always been the kind of person to look forward to the future - going to college, graduating college, getting a job, getting an apartment, getting married, having babies, retiring, et cetera - I am always looking forward to the next step. My mom used to get frustrated with me and give me the cliche the grass isn’t always greener speech because I would be so discontented with the present, so frustrated with the limitations that moment held, that I wouldn’t enjoy my current situation. Until recently I was never truly present which lead to impatience and depression and anxiety and I always wondered why I never felt genuinely happy or joyful. So I started working on thinking of the positives of my life’s current situation and I realized how much gratitude plays into contentment. When I was job hunting I would often think I am never going to get a job, I must not be good enough to be a nurse, I can’t wait to start making money… and I would get really discouraged, so I flipped the script and reminded myself this isn’t going to last forever, I need to appreciate the last bits of freedom before working full-time, I am grateful for the time I have off to bring Kyle lunch at work and to get pedicures with grandma on a Tuesday morning, and it improved my thought processes significantly. Nowadays, although rewiring my brain to think that way is still difficult, I have found myself to be much more joyful in everyday life. Do I still hope for the future and look forward to more of life’s adventures? Heck yes! But do I dwell on them, in turn making myself unhappy with my current situation? No. I am genuinely grateful for the season of life I am in. I get to live with my grandma while I pay off my student loans and I value my moments with her because who knows how much longer I will have her for. I love being a new nurse because it will give me perspective when I am older and helping the new ones on the floor. I appreciate the time I get to spend with my boyfriend because we enjoy each other’s company all the more since we don’t live together or get to see each other every day. Gratitude is the key to contentment and @thewayfam podcast really helped solidify this concept into my brain. I am becoming happy and mindful with the in-between moments and life is more beautiful than ever! 

Why NaruSaku fans like -Road to Ninja-

Sometimes people outside of the fandom wondered why NaruSaku fans liked Road to Ninja so much. They insist that there isn’t very much shipping material such as kissing, handholding, and other typical romantic interactions. I think people outside of the fandom never understood that NaruSaku fans appreciated NaruSaku for much more than their romantic interactions.

#1: The Character Growth

A lot of us were originally bothered by how far Naruto and Sakura devolved at the beginning of the movie, but we perfectly understood why. Kishi and his team were trying to show clear growth in their characters. They both started off acting very selfishly in a “the grass is greener on the other side” fashion. They were given their wish in the most realistic way possible.

Naruto got his family and his parents never died for him, but that’s because his ‘other parents’ were presented as cowards and Sakura’s parents died in their place. He could have his parents back, but they aren’t HIS parents, the ones that sacrificed their lives for Naruto and the village.

Sakura found her parents annoying and dreamed of a world where she didn’t have to deal with them. While Naruto rebuked her opinion, she was positive that Sasuke would agree with her. She got her wish. Her parents were gone and she could do what she wanted, but come to find out, the loneliness was unbearable. Finally, Sasuke paid attention to her, but he didn’t pay attention to just her, he wanted ALL the girls and their affection. Even when Sasuke cared, she was no different than the rest of the girls with the same feelings.

Naruto and Sakura learned to appreciate what they had.

#2: Understanding Each Other More

What made NaruSaku fans even more excited about this movie other than their character development is how Naruto and Sakura got to be in each others shoes for a few days and learn to understand each other.

Naruto got to experience what having parents was like. At first, they annoyed him, he didn’t trust them, they made him uncomfortable… all things that Sakura has experienced throughout her life.

Sakura experienced loneliness. Her parents died heroes, she was appreciated throughout the whole village, but her house was empty and quiet. No one was there to tell her what to do or to make any sound at all, something Naruto experienced every day of his life.

It was a compressed version of what happened in the manga. There’s no way Sakura could have experienced Naruto’s loneliness in this manner (though there are ways that Naruto could have experienced having parents), but she came to understand him in the manga anyway. Just like in the movie, she went from insensitive to very empathetic of Naruto’s struggles.

In the movie, she couldn’t even bring herself to ask for Naruto’s help in breaking the genjutsu because she truly understood how much it meant to him. It’s not that dissimilar to her understanding how much Sasuke meant to Naruto (though canon has written off most of Sakura’s understanding of Naruto and replaced it with obsessive infatuation for someone else)

Most NaruSaku fans have ALWAYS argued that Naruto and Sakura have developed a strong understanding of each other. To see an entire movie dedicated to developing their characters around this idea, romantic or not, was fantastic

#3: Shippy Moments

Along with the two points above, the movie did have a few shipping moments that we thoroughly enjoyed. To name a few:

- When Sakura ran away from her parents, her excuse was that she and Naruto were going on a date

- When pressed on what exactly Naruto and Sakura were doing by yandere Hinata, they quickly run away in panic and generally stay in each others company (for obvious reasons, strange new world)

- Their close proximity throughout most of the movie (leaning on Naruto when Naruto finally meets his parents)

- Sakura being unable to break up Naruto’s happiness and assist her with breaking the dream

- Naruto, despite his parents begging him to stay back and let someone else help Sakura, went to save her anyway with no hesitation

- The montage of Naruto saving Sakura being very reminiscent to Minato saving Kushina intentionally revisited at the beginning of the movie.

- Sakura defending Naruto and calling out his name as the enemy tried to hurt him.

- Naruto catching Sakura in a princess hold when she is thrown into the air by the enemy

- Naruto asks Sakura on a real date with her parents present, and her only answer is that they just finished a really long date

#4: Conclusion

In my opinion, Road to Ninja was a perfect NaruSaku movie. It represented everything I loved about NaruSaku in one compressed little animation. It is the most plot relevant and driven movies in the franchise. It is not a mystery as to why characters like Menma and the Road to Ninja universe is one of the most canon fanons.

LeviHan (Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 53)

So, the LeviHan moments are just increasing more and more with each new chapter. It’s like Isayama literally took his brush and just went “whoops, my hand slipped a little more LeviHan in there”. Like, could he possibly love these two more? It’s like he just can’t help himself. Anyway, I love seeing their little interactions together. Every time I see them interacting, it’s just something brilliant and very telling each time. My mini LeviHan analysis for Chapter 53.

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Fooled Around and Fell in Love // AU Anakin x Reader

I must have been through about a million girls
I’d love ‘em and I’d leave them alone
I didn’t care how much they cried, no sir
Their tears left me cold as a stone

The bombshell blonde cried in her hands as the frat boy confessed his true feelings. “I’m sorry, Tiffany. I just am not ready for a relationship. I can't be tied down. I’m still young and I gotta live a little,” Anakin explains to the female whose mascara is running like crazy.

Tiffany nods her head. “Okay. I understand. I’m sorry if I rushed our feelings," she wipes her tears.

Anakin fakes a genuine smile. "Aw, it’s alright. Hug?” He opens his arms as she flings herself in them desperately. “It’s alright. Maybe some day.”

Tiffany hopefully nods her head. Standing up, she sniffles away. Anakin laughs and sits back, crossing his legs over.

This was a typical Saturday morning for him. The pervious night, he would sack a girl that he met at a party, drunk or not. He’d wake up with her, serve her breakfast, be all cute. Then, wham. He’d tell her that he didn’t want a relationship, killing the girl’s soul.

No matter how much they cried or pleaded for him, he’d always decline their pathetic offers. Anakin laughed at them once they left and start to plan who his next victim was.

It used to be when I’d see a girl that I liked
I’d get out my book and write down her name
But when the grass got a little greener on the other side
I’d just tear out that page

Like his routine stated, he pulled out a small book in his pocket. Anakin clicked a pen and crossed off the name. Tiffany White. Next to her name, he wrote a little note. Good in the sack, takes news very well.

Then, he feels an arm smack on his shoulder. “Anakin, you ready for Delta Kappa’s party tonight? I heard the Alpha Phi sorority got seven kegs of Natty Light!” Harry, his roommate’s best friend, asks.

Anakin laughs, “Yeah, man. I heard Jenna Moore is gonna be there.”

Harry punches his shoulder. “Catch of the day?” he asks, grabbing his book, flipping through the pages. “Damn it, dude. How many girls have you been with? Like a million?”

“One hundred seventy three and counting,” Anakin corrects. “I’ve been doing since freshman year and I plan on doing so until graduation.”

“You are a wild man. A horny, wild man,” Harry laughs as Anakin joins in. “I’ll see you tonight.”

Soon enough, the night falls and Anakin, Harry, and Kyle, Anakin’s roommate, walk into the party, the bass rippling through their bodies. Kyle starts to laugh, “Aw, nice.” Kyle slaps Anakin’s back. “Let’s go, man!”

Scanning the perimeter, Anakin searches for Jenna Moore, his prey. Finally, his eyes meet hers as she twirls her hair around her finger, sending a flirtatious wave. Anakin winks at her as she giggles and whispers to her friends.

“Sigma Chi fellas! Shots, let’s go!” a guy says as the boys make their way to the table with shots of tequila, empty cans of Twisted Tea, and lime wedges lay.

Four cans of beer and two shots of tequila later, Anakin is still pretty sober as the rest of the people in the party are drunk off their ass. Jenna Moore is basically asleep when Anakin tries to flirt with her. Groaning, he walks away when she tries to kiss him, her drooling in the process.

Before the thought of hum not getting laid tonight crosses his mind, he spots you from across the room and he stops. You are hanging out in the corner of the room as your friends converse to some Delta Kappa boys. Your hair frames your face as you slowly sip a weak mix of Coke and Jack. Your clothes are simply, but are extremely flattering on you.

Harry slaps Anakin’s back and says, “Dude, what happened to Jenna? You already tapped that?”

Anakin shakes his head. “No, she’s too drunk, it could be considered assault.” His eyes scan your body as you look over to him. “But, I have my eye on someone else.” Harry starts to chant as Anakin makes his way over to you.

You watch the attractive frat boy as he makes his way over to you. You know him, he was infamous on campus. Anakin Skywalker. He was known as 'the fuckboy.’

“Hey,” he smiles, slyly as he leans against the wall. “I haven’t seen you around campus before.”

Laughing, you respond. “You should have. I’m in your microbiology class this year and I was in your linear math class year.”

His eyebrows furrow in confusion. “Really?” you nod your head. “Well, it may be the booze or your extreme beauty that I am noticing you right now.” You can’t help but smile at the compliment.

Fooled around and fell in love
I fooled around and fell in love
I fooled around and fell in love
I fooled around and fell in love, yes I did

The next morning, Anakin is the first one to wake up as he smiles to himself. The images of the previous night flood his mind. You were tough to get into bed, he had to basically beg, something he never did. You were headstrong, he liked that.

Anakin climbed out of bed, ready to prepare his monologue, but you stirring in your sleep stops him. The sight of you made his heart skip a beat. You looked so peaceful. Your hair was draped across the pillow as your bare shoulder peaked out of his comforter. He smiled as his heart fluttered.

He decided he would put off his speech, he wanted to watch you a little while longer. Sitting back down in the bed, he strokes your hair out of your face, revealing your long eyelashes and pink lips.

You weren’t like the other girls he has met. You were smart, funny, and beautiful. It was weird he didn’t consider you hot like the majority of the girls he was with. You made his heart skip a bit, something that never happened. You made him feel emotions he has never felt before.

Wait, what was he saying? This couldn’t happen. Stick to the routine, Anakin, stick to the routine.

Slowly, you began to wake up, sitting up. Looking to your right, you see Anakin. The images of last night flood your brain as you smirk. “Hey,” you speak as Anakin leans down to place a soft kiss on your lips. You smile into it as you pull his neck to deepen the kiss.

Pulling away, Anakin speaks, “Last night was…incredible. Nothing like I’ve had before.” You smile at him, blushing. “So, you want breakfast? We can go out or just stay in the frat house. It’s all up to you.”

The boy was being incredibly sweet. Stick to the plan, (Y/N), stick to the plan.

“That sounds great, it really does. But, I have to say something before this progresses,” you say, preparing your speech. Anakin nods his head. “I’m not really looking for a relationship right now. I’m sorry, Anakin. I can’t be tied down.”

Anakin’s heart stops. What? You were doing the same thing that he used to do. Wait, used to? “What do you mean?” Anakin sits up.

You sit up, covering your chest. “I don’t know if you were thinking about taking this one night stand further, but I’m just not ready. I hope you understand.”

Anakin’s heart sinks as the words emit from your mouth. But, he liked you. A lot. He knew he may be rushing it, but he felt something with you. Something different. When he first kissed you last night, he felt sparks. Something he never felt when kissing a girl before. “I’m not sure I do.”

Sighing, you speak, “Anakin, I’m sorry.”

“No, (Y/N). I like you. I like you so much. I’ve fooled around before, but after last night, I felt something different. Can’t you give me a chance?” Anakin pleads. He takes your hand and rubs his thumbs over it.

Your hear feels for him, knowing you were in that position before. “I’m sorry, Anakin. Maybe one day.” You rise from the bed, changing back into your clothes from last night, then leaving.

Anakin remains in his room for the rest of the day, thinking about you. He fooled around and he may have just fell in love. You stand outside the doorstep and reach into your purse and grab your small notebook.

Crossing off the name, Anakin Skywalker. You write a small note next to the name, Great in the sack, doesn’t take the news very well, get attached quickly. Looking at the next page, you find the name of your next prey. Ben Kenobi.

Things I’ve learnt before turning 21 (part 3 | p1 & p2)

1. Go to bed when you feel tired.
2. Take a nap if you need to.
3. Swearing can help you deal with pain.
4. Your broken heart will mend.
5. Never give someone the power to destroy you.
6. Don’t be embarrassed when your partner says cute things to you.
7. Your grandparents can be great judges of character.
8. Get a book light, use that to read at night - never use your bedside lamp.
9. Accidents happen and you aren’t to blame.
10. You’re going to fuck up.
11. The grass isn’t greener on the other side.
12. Cuddles can save a relationship.
13. If you break up with someone, you’re still allowed to be sad.
14. It’s likely your partner will have ex’s. Accept that.
15. Don’t be jealous of ex’s. There’s a reason why they’re an ex.
16. Have a bubble bath.
17. You can never spend too much money on books.
18. You have a universe inside of you.
19. You will never be defined by mere words.
20. Keep a journal.
21. You’ll regret getting tumblr at times.
22. But then you’ll realise it’s worth it.
23. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed about.
24. The stars are shining for you.
25. There isn’t many people who drink alcohol because they like the taste.
26. Don’t assume.
27. A three hour break from studying can be a good thing.
28. Those children’s shows you used to watch are filled with good advice.
29. Speak about your problems.
30. Make your bedroom a mini paradise.
31. It honestly does not matter what your first car looks like.
32. When it’s windy don’t even bother to fix your hair.
33. Don’t let doctors blame everything on weight.
34. You will be overcome by sudden and strong feelings and it’s going to freak you out.
35. But you’ll get through it.
36. Write your story, don’t just be a character.
37. Don’t build your walls too high.
38. Keep your favourite perfume with you at all times.
39. Be open to new ideas.
40. Be prepared to keep learning.
If the shinigami were your neighbors

As requested by anon. :) And also anon and miyuusami. ;)

We already imagined what it would be like to live next door to each of the espada. Now it’s time to do the same thing for the Gotei-13 squads!

1. Soi Fon: The neighbor who is really aggressive about Neighborhood Watch.

She does patrols. She will actually tackle you if you’re doing something suspicious. She has a ninja outfit. And actual ninjas, according to rumor. She makes you feel safe - sort of.

2. Hanataro: The overly helpful neighbor

You often see him picking up trash from the sidewalk, helping kittens out of trees, or washing your car for you…even though you never asked him to.

3. Ukitake: The generous neighbor

All of the neighborhood kids know that on Halloween, Ukitake’s is the house that you have to visit. He gives out  KING-SIZED candy bars! Sometimes more than one!

4. Yamamoto: The neighbor who runs the Homeowners’ Association

This guy cares too much about the rules, in your opinion. So you don’t have “exactly three shrubs” in your front yard. Sending you a crabby memo seems like overkill, in your opinion.

5. Unohana: The neighbor with the meticulously perfect yard

You’re a bit jealous of her yard. It is always perfect. The lawn is always perfectly mowed, the shrubs perfectly trimmed, the driveway clear. You don’t know whether moles and crabgrass are just too afraid to enter her yard, or if she’s found really effective ways to keep them out.

6. Ikkaku & Yumichika: The two neighbors who are probably a gay couple

They live together. You just assume.

7. Kurotsuchi: The neighbor who is probably running a meth lab

Or some sort of criminal ring. He’s just really shady. And you’re pretty sure you’ve seen people go into his house who don’t come out.

8. Rose: The singing neighbor

You often hear him singing or playing his guitar. He’s pretty good….when it’s not 2 in the morning.

9. Tosen: Crazy Cat Guy

He has like 15 cats. All named Steve. For some reason.

10. Gin: The gossipy neighbor

Whenever you run into him, he always has some juicy and/or embarrassing tidbit about some other neighbor. Sometime you suspect that he just likes to stir shit up. Because you’re pretty sure that most of his gossip just isn’t true.

11. Aizen: The neighbor with the binoculars

You always see him at the window. Watching. 

12. Urahara: The neighbor who always asks for favors

First he asked you to help him carry some boxes into his house. Then he asked you to water his plants for a week. Then he asked if he could use you as a reference. Last time he came, he asked about your blood type and you don’t know why. You think you won’t answer the door for a while.

13. Hisagi: The neighbor with the motorcycle

Which would be fine, except that it’s a very loud motorcycle. And he keeps hitting your mailbox.

14. Byakuya: The neighbor with a much, much better yard than yours

You know the whole “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” saying and all, but you’re pretty sure it’s true in this case. It’s like he has a team of gardeners or something.

15. Yoruichi: The neighbor who may have moved

You just…haven’t seen her in a while?


One common mistake people make with animal photography is not getting on their level. Typically dogs and cats are lower to the ground and you’ll see a lot of photos of them looking up at the camera. Get down on the ground and shoot them eye to eye. Well, lens to eye. 

For pictures of Otis, I use my wide angle lens. I’d like to use a longer lens, but the little jerk always comes to sniff the camera and with a 50mm I just get a picture of his ear. 

Even though I would not recommend shooting this close up with a wide angle lens on a human, it seems to work pretty well for dogs. In humans, it can give the face a very distorted look and people might get angry that you made their nose super big. But animals don’t seem to care as much about that. 

Another trick for when you are taking pics outside, slap on a circular polarizer. You get bluer skies, greener grass, and even a contrast boost. Just make sure the sun isn’t directly in front or behind you or the polarizer won’t do anything.

Lastly, if you are doing shots indoors in low light, you’re going to need a flash. A proper one with a swivel head. Point it up at the wall or ceiling and bounce the light.

Animals do not stay still and using a flash is often the only way you can get the shutter speed to avoid motion blur. Straight on pop-up flashes will make images look sterile and give your pet demon eyes. A swivel flash pointed at the ceiling can give you nice even lighting with not a demon eye in sight. 

WTNV Theories and Ramblings - Episode 68: Faceless Old Women

Above the cut:

  • Pixels that are arranged into symbols that are arranged into words that are arranged into meaning that is arranged into your experience (as you currently hope to understand it).

Below the cut:

  • A glimmer that your experiences could be so much more than what they are now.

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