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Tags and Links Master List! Sanageyama x Ryuko Edition! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hi everyone! First off I’d like to say thanks for following and supporting this blog! And thanks, even if you aren’t following, but are taking the time to read this! It means a lot!

I thought it’d be nice to have a master list to refer to for any newcomers wanting to look for some Sanageyama x Ryuko but are slightly overwhelmed or don’t know where to start!

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**You might hear the words “konnyaku” and “Uzu grabbing [Ryuko’s] breasts” a lot in the fandom. You’ll understand those jokes if you look into the Drama CD’s links above!***I take no credit for the graphics above.

“Kirkwall’s nobles weren’t prepared for the arrival of the mysterious Garrett Hawke. Attractive, charming, and ferocious, the rugged entrepreneur made his fortune with dangerous expeditions into deep, sealed parts of the Deep Roads - and half of the young ladies of Hightown were just dying to find out more. But Serah Hawke is more than he seems.

The young Fereldan expat has a secret as dark as the Thaig he explored - and ties to half the unsavory characters of Lowtown. And when Hawke meets the mysterious and tenacious apostate known as The Darktown Healer, sparks might just… fly.

Is their love real, or a matter of convenience? What hidden past could the young Serah Hawke be concealing behind his charming smile? Just what else happened in the Deep Roads that nobody knows about? All these secrets - and more - lie await for you in this, the first chapter of the new Tethras serial, /The Apostate’s Treasure/….”

text by fauxfires


She looked at him with nothing but compassion in her eyes. The injury had been hurting him - the injury she had caused - and she could not help but feel guilt and a need to make it up to him. At least now that she worked here, she’d get that chance. 

Based on the Thread with magicisacrutch
City girl Belle takes up a housekeeping position for Mr Gold, a reclusive man living in a sleepy New England town called Storybrooke. Mr Gold would have preferred to live alone. But his age has been making it hard to move his crippled leg. And while he is at first wary of Belle, he soon warms up to her. What he doesn’t know is that Belle was the little girl he saved and inadvertently caused his crippled leg. When she heard about his situation, she came all the way to Storybrooke to find a way to repay her debt.