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It’s back! The One Tree Hill Ladies’ Appreciation Week 2017 will run from Monday 1st May - Sunday 7th May 2017; as usual I will be tracking the tag, which this year is #othladiesaw17, so please make sure to tag your wonderful creations with this (in the first 5 tags!) so I can see them all and reblog them. If there’s a problem and your post doesn’t show up in the tags, feel free to message me and I’ll make sure to find it and reblog it. Also, if you can’t take part for whatever reason, feel free to participate whenever you like, the more the merrier! I hope that everyone takes part in any way they can to celebrate our favourite ladies and their friendships, and to show how much One Tree Hill still means to everybody. The themes of the week are as follows:

day 1 (1st may): favourite female character
day 2 (2nd may): high-school ladies or adult ladies?
day 3 (3rd may): favourite relationship
day 4 (4th may): favourite badass moment(s)
day 5 (5th may): best example(s) of character growth
day 6 (6th may): favourite female dynamic (e.g. group friendship, mother/daughter relationship, sibling relationship etc.)
day 7 (7th may): free choice