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言行一致 (언행일치)
Mixtape Pack Concept.

Graphic for the posters can be found here.

anonymous asked:

Truth or Truth. Hijikata, why are you so against foreigners? They could benefit Japan with resources that are unavailable or difficult to obtain.

Note: Answering out of order due to a.) intensity of feeling and b.) relevance to recent asks.

“Fuck you,” says Hijikata, his voice shaking in anger. “We’ve been trading peacefully with the Dutch for hundreds of years, because they didn’t try to shove anything down our throats, so we’ve had all the outside resources we’ve needed for centuries. These other countries didn’t come here to give us their shit; they’re going to take ours, chew us up, and spit us out, just like they did with China and India and every other country they’ve invaded.” He spits, as if at the feet of the West, or perhaps to demonstrate his point. “After we told them to get the hell out, they forced open our gates instead, and now they’re practically holding the shogunate hostage—tied their hands and undermined their authority over Japan. To top it off, half the country took the West fucking us over as a sign that the Tokugawa aren’t strong enough to rule, and now they’re trying to overthrow the shogunate instead of focusing on the real threat here. And in the meantime,” he adds, more contemptuously still, “the bastards are completely ignoring the rules we’ve laid out for them. They never stay in the settlements they’re supposed to, and every time someone lashes out at them for disrespecting us, they do ten times worse.” Hijikata exhales sharply in a single, humorless chuckle. “You still think the West is here to benefit us? Get back to me whenever some asshole breaks your door down and forces himself on you, and then tell me how beneficial that feels.”


Did writer Paul Dini and artist Alex Ross predict that Wonder Woman would appointed as the United Nations Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls and, after just two months, be dropped from the role following a petition claiming she was a character too over-sexualized?

Oh well… does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Huh…?!