the graphic arts of great britain


Battle of the Bands AU: 

Lily Evans and The Marauders are the finalists of Hogwarts’ (the most successful music and arts school in all of Great Britain) annual Battle of the Bands. Every year Lily and The Marauders have participated in it, always trying to defeat the other (well, Lily wanted this, James - The Marauders’ frontman -  was more on a flirtation mode, much to Lily’s annoyance).

Lily is the best country/bluegrass artist in the school, having been, up until recently, part of a duet with her former best-friend Severus Snape, but, because of differences in opinions, the duet (and friendship) ended abruptly. She’s often compared to the successful Dutch project The Common Linnets.

James and The Marauders are your typical british rock band. They’re made for success on a commercial scale. James is head over heels with Lily, but while he may be smooth with every other girl he’s met, with Lily he’s a complete idiot. For he seems to live under the impression that if he finally wins the Battle he’ll also win her heart. Fool.

It isn’t until Lily wins that James gets a wakeup call. Sure, they fight a lot about the results, but eventually, the attraction becomes unbearable and one particular fight turns into… a snog fest. Finally, after a couple of weeks of awkwardness, they get together, much to everybody’s relief.

Who knows? Maybe the two singers will even make a duet one day!