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This is probably the prettiest thing I have ever made in my life

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At the Museum: Designing the exhibition title wall for MoMA’s “Rauschenberg: Among Friends”

The opening of our new exhibition, #RauschenbergAmongFriends, is three weeks away and the MoMA graphic design team has an important design challenge to tackle: the exhibition title wall. Sit in on a design meeting with MoMA curator Leah Dickerman and see what factors are at play in crafting visitors’ first experience with an exhibition. Watch “At the Museum” on YouTube: 

One of the very sweetest requests I’ve ever gotten. Thanks Briana Davies! Here’s what she told me about this very special quote:

When I was a little girl I got my dad a lighthouse figurine and I meant to write, “I love you with my heart and soul,” on the box it was in, but I instead wrote “I love you with my heart and soil.” Ever since then that’s how I sign all the gifts I give to him. It’s our ‘thing.’

Okay so I received possibly good news this morning regarding the THING I was going to launch tonight, and was advised to hold off on doing so just yet. Right now I’m awaiting further instruction.

Basically, if I had launched this tonight as originally planned, there’s the possibility that I’d have to cancel it later, which would’ve been a huge disservice to my audience and a headache for me.

Just to be clear, this comic is moving forward and still in production, but might be headed down a different (and better) path to reach the readers. I’ll hopefully know more in the coming days.