the grandpas

Nobody cares but imma post anyway

I clean for the old man I used to live next door to, my family has since his wife died in like 2011, he’s like a grandpa to me (just to give context)

Years ago we used to go out to get tacos for lunch after I finished cleaning, he liked to take me for tacos then out for ice cream.

My mom and I went to the same taco place today and, whenever we ask if he wants anything he always tells us no, we didn’t ask him we just got him something. But after all this time I still remember what he always used to get and when we brought him his tacos and beans he was so excited ;A;

He’s just so cute

So, this is what the Boomerang schedule looks like for Monday 23 October to Sunday 28 October.

Nothing special. No variety. No classic Hanna-Barbera shows that is not Scooby-Doo. No 90′s Cartoon Network reruns. Just a bunch of bullshit excessive scheduling of filler shows.

You know why? Because if you want to watch Boomerang with all the shows you wanna see, you have to download their app and pay $5/month just to watch tons of more shows!

No other Boomerang channel around the world has a schedule this crappy as this one!

Also, this is the only Boomerang channel in the world that STILL DOES NOT HAVE A HIGH-DEFINITION FEED!!

But hey, at least you got new Sonic Boom on Saturdays! And that’s the only thing new on their weekly schedule!

I mean, who doesn’t want this much Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry shoved to your face every day?

And to make matters worse: They’re airing The Powerpuff Girls reboot instead of the original. “It’s all coming back to you” my ass!

This is just another example of “channel rot,” everybody! Fuck you, Boomerang. You used to be good. I don’t want Cartoon Network to have a schedule like this within the next 5 years. 0/10 stars.