the grand reading room

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you & mari's boaring school au is the absolute greatest ohmygod do you think you could write an annabeth & jason being bros fic please

thank you! and YES

to anyone who has no idea what this is, i have a whole tag full of stuff here. mari and i desperately need to sort out the timeline because i’m not sure where this falls in, but piper and jason are dating, percy and annabeth are not.


‘Come on, Annabeth,’ Jason pleads, ‘the recital is in eight hours and we still sound fucking terrible.’

Annabeth makes a non-committal noise as she lies across the couch of his family’s reading room, arms thrown over her face. The grand piano sits untouched in the centre of the room, pages unturned, lid unopened. It is a Saturday morning and they are visiting home for the weekend – though mostly for the use of the grand piano at Jason’s, far better than the one at the school and more private too. Of course there is one, two even, at Annabeth’s house, but she had insisted they practice at his house. Though calling it practice is a stretch at this point.

‘Annabeth,’ Jason groans, ‘come on.’

‘I can’t focus.’ Her voice comes out muffled against her arm.

‘You haven’t even tried.’

But when she still doesn’t move, Jason sighs and lifts his violin to his shoulder, places the bow to the strings, and begins to play. And the whole world drops away

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‘Patience And Fortitude’ And The Fight To Save NYC’s Storied Public Library

Fresh Air book critic Maureen Corrigan writes:

“Since it opened in 1911, the building has become a New York City landmark, praised not only for its beauty but also for its functional brilliance. In the words of one contemporary architect, the main branch of The New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street is “a perfect machine for reading.” The grand Reading Room sits atop seven levels of iron and steel books stacks whose contents could, at one time, be delivered to anybody who requested a book within a matter of minutes via a small elevator. Those stacks also support the floor of the Reading Room above.

Financial support for The New York Public Library, however, was never as firm as its structural underpinnings. In a gripping new book called, Patience and Fortitude (the title, of course, derives from the names of the two iconic lions that guard the Library’s entrance), reporter Scott Sherman details how deficits and bottom-line business logic very nearly gutted one of the world’s greatest public research libraries.”


“O Captain! my Captain!" 

Wilson Library staff members take a moment to honor Robin Williams’s life and to remember his time in the Grand Reading Room, during the filming of Patch Adams.  

Image Two: The Filming of the Motion Picture Patch Adams, 2 June 1998, in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library Photographic Services Photographs #P0087, North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives.