the grand moff

ironmei  asked:

Hello you amazing person, I hope you're having a great day ♥ I'm about to ask for some really pure garbage here... How about Tarkin and Krennic covering their heads with Krennic's cape because it's raining?

-somewhere on Scarif-

shoretrooper:  Hey isn’t that Director Kr-

Tarkin:  Tell anyone and I will end you.

Krennic:  …you would kill for me?

Tarkin:  oh god just get away from me

Krennic:  ….

Krennic:  no <3 

that was a cute prompt, thanks for sending, @ironmei !!  sorry this was super quick, hope it was the garbage you were looking for.

and everyone else just FYI–i still have a bunch more prompts to get through, i got more than i thought i would, but i’m going to do them all  <3 

anonymous asked:

Toddler Luke and Leia having a game of attaching themselves to Vader's cape, and seeing how long it takes him to discover them/how long he'll shout around the castle trying to figure out where they've gone. (Due to armour, mechanical parts, and small children, he doesn't feel their weight.)

“Lord Vader,” the Grand Moff whispered nervously as the Dark Lord of the Sith entered the chamber, suppressed coughs of a chuckle escaping the helmets of nearby Stormtroopers. Vader towers over the Grand Moff and brings his fists to his waist, looking down upon the Imperial. “Forgive me, my lord, but it, uh, seems we have some unexpected guests.” He motions his finger for Vader to turn around.

“What?” Vader hisses through his respirator as he twists his neck back and sees a familiar little boy clinging to the edge of his cape for dear life. “Luke,” chastises the Dark Lord before silencing himself after hearing another giggle close by. Right above the boy, his daughter Leia is practically climbing onto his shoulders. “Leia.”

Awkward silence filled everyone in the conference room. Vader shrugged and made his way to his seat, Luke being drug around the floor with the end of his cape and Leia wrapping her tiny arms around his shoulders. “You may begin the meeting, Moff,” Vader huffed as he tried his best to ignore his two children that sneaked their way on board.

there isn’t any wind in space, so Darth Vader was using the Force to make his cape flow for #aesthetic


Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that this sweet old man played the part of one of (if not the) most ruthless characters in Star Wars?