the grand mayan

My greatest fear is that Magnus Chase does well so then Rick introduces us to Leo’s long lost cousin who happens to be the center of some grand Mayan prophecy and is the son of Quetzacoatl and then I’m gonna have to punch him

EDIT: Quetzalcoatl is not a Mayan god. I fucked up. That’s my bad. He is an Aztec/Mesoamerican deity. 


The first three Persona games not only included the most romantic tales of friendship, love and devotion that I’ve ever seen in a video game:

The first Persona is really underrated. It was special since it focused completely on the psyche of the female main character Maki who was the center of attention in the game. It also had an atmosphere similar to Eko Eko Azarak Wizard of Darkness and also kinda tried (similar to P2) to represent the 90s.

One of the main attractions i have with Persona, was that it goes beyond just mythology/religious references.
P2 not only included countless mythological references to connect the characters to their Personas.
It delved into astrology, really deep into Jungian psychology, philosophy (for example the teaching about Monads from Leibniz), world history, conspiracies (NWO, Mu continent, rumors about the Heilige Lanze, Grand Cross theories, Mayan theories), celebrity influences, 90s influences and a focus on sociology.

They are decently written games especially the P2 duology which is why I never understood why P2 is sometimes accused of being randomly written.
The funny fact is that every dumb conspiracy in P2 does or did exist in reality which is why the whole 2012 Maya apocalypse was lulzy in my opinion since I could kinda imagine Nyarlathotep lurking somewhere and laughing.