the grand dutchess

I’m watching Anastasia and I have 2 VERY important questions.

Firstly, you mean to tell me that no one in ALL OF FREAKING RUSSIA knew what Anastasia, you know their PRINCESS, looked like? They were just actively trying to kill her, but when a girl in a fancy dress who was clutching the Grand Dutchess’ hand falls down on the train tracks no one makes the conclusion that “omg this is the princess?!”

Secondly, WHY THE HELL HAS NO ONE SWANFIRED THIS YET?! I’m looking at you @phoenixwrites!!

Cyrus/Silas Married Life Headcanon

I’m a bad person who lies about deadlines ugh, I think I might need to rework my schedule if I’m going to keep being late -_- Anyways, I added kids to this one because everyone loves a papa Cyrus <3 Also,I FUCKED UP ON CYRUS’ BACKGROUND. I thought he was a peasant turned knight but nope he’s from a noble family. FML my face at 4000 words in when i read the Charlotte support was literal death take me now. So think of this as a slight AU married life? oh god the cyrus fans are going to kill me Err, so enjoy non friend zone buddy, Cyrus!

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❤️ Cyrus was not a noble in any shape or form. He was born in the back of the barn during a stormy night, his mother was a plain serving wench while his father was supposedly a hand in one of the nearby farms. Growing up, his parents were too busy trying to stave off starvation to teach him anything like proper decorum or propriety. There was no need of such things in the peasantry and thus, it was quite apparent when he married Kamui that he was not like the other noblemen.

Though he trained as a knight all his life, he only expected to serve nobles with his sword, not with his words. He certainly wasn’t as eloquent or charismatic as the other Nohrian nobles who spent their entire lives dedicating themselves to talking politics and charming the court. His speech riddled with mispronounced words, crude wit and tasteless slang that gave away his commoner birth. Upon his input on any discussion, the noblemen would turn up their noses and the noblewomen giggled in mockery behind their fans. Yet Kamui adored his accent, his supposedly simple words were soothing and rich to her ear, the sound of it always bringing a sense of delight and happiness into her heart. “When I hear your voice,” she whispered to him as they huddled together on the palace balcony, “I can feel safe again.”

He knew nothing about noble dances, his feet that stood strong and sturdy on the battlefield suddenly become inept and clumsy as he stepped on Kamui’s foot again. His lack of rhythm and tone deafness become infamous in the noble court as each time he brought Kamui to the ballroom dance floor, couples would quickly move out of the way to avoid being bruised by his stumbling movements. After each royal ball, he would spend hours massaging Kamui’s aching feet, apologizing to her with rapid words and countless kisses, cursing at how hopeless he was with his two left feet. Yet she would just laugh it off, cupping his face in her hands while pelting him with countless kisses. “When I dance with you,” she laughed as he once again, spun her into another stone pillar, “I can feel alive again!”

He knew nothing about noble etiquette, his own actions stemming from what seemed like common sense for a peasant. At royal dinners, the countless spoons, knives and forks placed around his plate daunted him, even after he asked Joker to train him in table manners (”Don’t use your soup spoon to eat your cake! Use the dessert fork !” “Huh? But it’s so much harder to scoop up the-” “Ingrate! Husband or not, if you embarrass Lady Kamui anymore with your idiocy I will have to take matters into my own hands and make her a widow!” “H-hey Joker! Put down that dinner knife-” “IT’S A BREAD KNIFE, YOU FOOL!”). After causing multiple scandals, (apparently, seeing elbows on the table is enough to cause the Grand Dutchess to faint) Cyrus decided to take his meals in the more familiar informal setting of the kitchens. To his surprise as well as the court’s horror, Kamui decided to follow along, sitting beside him among all the other maids and servants in the castle. “When I eat with you,”  she giggled as she overheard some lewd, scandalous joke being tossed around, “I feel happiness again.”

Deep in the night in their room, as he held her in his arms, his mind struggled with the guilt of being such of an embarrassment to his wife. Thanks to his shortcomings, the whispers of the nobles became even crueler towards Kamui, many of the upper class outright shamelessly snubbing the princess for her poor choices in men. He could stand their jeers and jokes at him, but towards his wife, his helplessness dug deep into his heart. ‘Perhaps,’ he thought as his fingers fiddled with his simple wedding band, ‘Perhaps… it would have been better… to remain merely a knight.’

“Hey, Kamui,” he murmured to the cuddling princess, his hands stroking her hair in thought,”Do you ever wish that… maybe you should have married a noble?”

Kamui drowsily glanced at him, her eyes showing a hint at amusement at his question, “No.”

Cyrus was startled at such a simple answer. He furrowed his eyebrows, “No…? No? But… I’ve been nothing b-but an embarrassment to you! I can’t dance properly. I can’t talk properly! Hell, I can’t even eat properly!”

Kamui nuzzled deeper into her husband’s chest, chuckling at his foolish words, “A nobleman maybe able to dance the waltz without missing a beat or step, a nobleman maybe able to quote every line from all the poems of the Nohrian great writers, a nobleman maybe able to eat wyvern’s tail soup without spilling a single drop-”She reached upward with her small hand to grab his chin, turning his head forcefully to have him look into her adoring eyes, “But can you say that a nobleman could love me as much as you do?”


Grasping her face with his own hand, he clashed his lips onto hers in pure adoration, the guilt that he pent up in his heart finally flooding out of him only to be replaced with rest of the love in his heart. Claiming her mouth, he sucked, licked and branded his taste onto her, hoping that somehow it would show how precious, how important, how wonderful those words meant to him.

No, he may not dance with beauty compared to the swirling loveliness of other noble couples. No, he may not speak with grace compared to the boastful and charismatic elite. No, he may not eat with elegance.compared to the well mannered and eloquent noble court.

But he knew something that no man, noble or otherwise could do for Kamui. He could love her with all his heart, soul and being and that was enough for her.

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