the grand avenues


this might be the worst thing I’ve ever heard

Looking down the tracks of the Astoria Line from the 30th Avenue-Grand Avenue Station.



A Brief History of Berlin/LA: Space for Music 

1956 – In Berlin, architect Hans Scharoun wins competition to design a new concert hall for the Berlin Philharmonic. 

1961 – On August 13, East German authorities closed the border between East and West Berlin, eventually building a wall. 

1963 – After 7 years, the Berlin Philharmonic opens on October 15. John F. Kennedy visits Berlin in June giving his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech.

1964 – In Los Angeles, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion opens on Grand Avenue giving the Los Angeles Philharmonic a temporary home. 

1967 – On June 27 mayors of West Berlin and Los Angeles meet in Berlin to sign a charter cementing a sister city relationship between the two cities. Filmmaking was the driving force behind this partnership. In Los Angeles, spectators were given cans of “Berlin Air” to commemorate the event. 

1987-In Los Angeles, Lillian B. Disney gives 50 million dollars to build a concert hall. After a competition, architect Frank Gehry is named winner. 

1989 – In Berlin on November 9, East Germany announces that residents may travel freely to West Germany. The following year the Berlin wall is dismantled and East and West German are reunited. 

2003 – In Los Angeles, the Disney Hall opens on October 23. Frank Gehry cites Scharoun as a major inspiration.

On view at the Getty Research Institute through July 30 is Berlin/Los Angeles: Space for Music an exhibition that examine two key architects in these sister cities.