the grammys

Rihanna really put out a revolutionary album and got 0 recognition from the Academy. ANTi was dropped over a year ago, was a number one album, had a number one hit song, and had other top 10 songs as well. It went on to break records on records, and still OVER A YEAR LATER REMAINS IN THE TOP 20 OF THE BILLBOARD TOP 200. It showed growth in Rihanna’s behalf, and on the behalf of pop music in general. With a song like Work, that INFLUENCED the dance hall pop era of 2016, and then Needed Me, which is the longest charting song in the top 10, to Love On The Brain impacting pop radio as a soulful slow song. Like really, it deserved some FUCKING RECOGNITION. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was ROBBED multiple times. F U C K the Grammys

As much as I would love Beyoncé to be the most awarded female at the Grammys I hope that with her next music project she snubs the Grammys completely. They are not worthy of her time, as incredible as she looks I can tell she’s tired and she has put in 2 months of solid hard work while pregnant with TWINS for an award show that doesn’t appreciate her and lets keep it real just use her for ratings