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Decisions, Decisions (Part 1)

Prompt: Imagine Tom Hiddleston has a crush on you and he is feeling jealous of James McAvoy on “The Graham Norton Show” because James talks about how great the chemistry was between you, his co-star, and him in your latest film.

Warnings: language

Word Count: ~3300

Note: Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes - This fic would NOT be possible without you, and @amarvelouswritings - who let me badger the hell out of her. Thank you both a million! Used @theartofimagining13 imagine

Also, some of the timelines are going to be off in this, to make stuff fit.


You were fidgeting with your red skin tight dress as you stood backstage at the Graham Norton show with your current co-star James McAvoy and ex-costar Tom Hiddleston. You checked your phone for the eighteenth time, seeing a text from your best friend in the whole world, Ida.

“Good luck! : )” she sent, upbeat and encouraging as always. She’d been your good friend for five years now and she was busy with her music journalist job, interviewing Metallica tonight.

“Thanks!” you replied back.

“You ready for this, Y/N?” James asked, his Scottish accent so thick and so nice, you loved the way your name sounded on his lips. He was buttoning his suit jacket as he glanced your way. You tried not to stare, but goddamn was that hard. He was funny, handsome, clever, charming, talented….there wasn’t anything you didn’t like about him.

“Uh, yeah,” you tried, taking a deep breath.

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‘To come up with something as quirky as Captain Jack Sparrow and then to have him be so loved, and you know, we’ve seen those pictures of you, you know when you visit hospitals or you visit schools and that must just be an amazing gift to be able to give those people…?’ [x]

Imagine: Talking about your fight scene with Liam.

I had a request to make this longer, hope you like it.

You couldn’t believe you were sitting on Graham Norton’s coach. You’d watched the show for years. As you settled in next to your co-star, Liam, you tried to let go of all the nerves you had.

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Johnny Depp Does A Great Donald Trump Impersonation: The Graham Norton Show

Great news

So the other day, this blog was contacted by someone from The Graham Norton Show. One of our admins, @alaspooryorick, had reblogged a gif of Paul Rudd in “Twelfth Night” and they ended up using a picture of it on the show. 

Unfortunately, they didn’t give us or the person who created the gif credit, but if you guys saw the episode with Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and Martin Freeman, they show a picture of Paul Rudd in purple speedos, so content from our blog was featured! :D 

Anyways, just wanted to share! Thank you guys for making this blog a success! 


Johnny Depp Does A Great Donald Trump Impersonation - The Graham Norton Show