the graduate part 2

Ungrateful Epilouge

Requested: No? But highly anticipated.

Summary: After Peter and Y/N they don’t see each other until about 6 years after graduation. 

Word Count: 703

Part 1

Part 2

A/N: This is going to be much shorter than the other two parts, but I hope you enjoyed! Peter is kind of a self-centered bitch in this fic but whatever. 

Peter had now been fighting crime for about seven years. Though it was hard for him at the start, as time went on it got easier. He met more people to help him, and it got easier as he got more experience. 

It took a while for him to fully accept Wade as his soulmate. The first challenge, being the age difference. But Wade still hung out with him, annoying him constantly. In fact, Peter didn’t even start liking Wade until four years after knowing him and fighting with him. 

The only regret he only seemed to have, was treating Y/N so badly. He often wondered if they were happy, and if they ever found anyone else. He had ruined their life, and never had the chance to apologize. 

He figured Y/N ended up alone and sad, and had moved out of city. It wasn’t until he had saved Flash Thompson one day. 

It surprised him really, finding out Flash Thompson had gotten an office job, and was well liked there as well. He seemed less douchey. What surprised him more was who went to see him after he had been saved. 

It was Y/N. With a wedding ring on their finger. They made eye contact for a second (or at least where they thought his eyes were) before he quickly swung away, mentally reminding himself to see them later. 

Y/N had almost forgotten about Peter. Of course, they had still seen news reports about Spiderman, but they had been so focused on their own life that they hadn’t really thought about it. 

Y/N had gotten married to Flash a few years after graduation, and now they were trying for a baby. Or had been. They hadn’t announced it yet, but there was only a little over six months until they would see their kid and they were ecstatic. 

Flash had gone out with some work friends, so Y/N was alone at the house they had purchased a year or so back. So when they suddenly saw Spiderman in their house they nearly shrieked. It was silent for a moment. 

“So,” he said before removing his mask, “can we talk?”

It had been nearly 15 minutes later and it was still silent. They were both sitting on the back porch chairs and Peter had decided he had enough. 

“I- I worried about you, you know. I mean- you just stopped talking to me, I thought you had gotten hurt or something.”

Y/N let out a dark laugh, “I stopped talking to you? You have this all wrong. You stopped talking to me. After Ben died, I wanted to be there for you, May and I both did. But you blocked of us both out. And I wanted to give you time, only to find out you were cheating on me with Gwen! Someone who was in fact not your soulmate! I was. And you left me, you knocked me down and I was alone.”

Silence. Awkward silence. The tension was so thick you could cut it. Until Peter broke the silence.   

“So, what? You went and found solace in my childhood bully? Because you were salty that I was with someone else?”

“First of all, I was not salty. I was broken. You broke me Peter. And no I didn’t find solace in your bully I found comfort and happiness in my soulmate. Not everything is about you Peter.”

Peter was about to respond when he decided against it. He was not completely in the right, and he knew that. 

“You’re married? And pregnant?”

Y/N was about to ask him how he knew that, but they then remembered that he could probably hear the heartbeat. Something they had experienced only about a week before. 

“Yes. We were planning on adopting, but this happened first, so we’re going to adopt later once this little one is older.”

Peter chuckled quitely, “You’re always so organized Y/N, you always have been. Right now I’m lucky if I get something other than chimichangas for dinner and my landlord forgets we’re three months late on the rent.”

They laughed together lightly, before going into light easy conversation. Something they hadn’t done for years. 

It felt like old times. 

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None Of Your Business-Part 2

Part 1

You are a newly graduated MBA student trying to get a highly sought-after job at Wesson Technology.  You have spent your life proving to people that your more than your Omega status.  Will billionaire tech genius Alpha Sam Wesson take a chance on you?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Wesson, Alpha! Dean Smith, Omega! Reader, Beta! Ruby, Beta Charlie Bradbury.  Other people from the SPN universe may pop up.

This is an A/B/O story, and in this AU, Sam and Dean are NOT hunters. A/B/O warnings apply.

It had been two weeks since my interview with Sam Wesson.  Every time my phone rang I prayed it was someone from Wesson calling to offer me the position.  It never was.  By the second week I was convinced I didn’t get the job.

And yet I couldn’t stop thinking about the man.  More than once I’d had a very sexual dream involving Sam Wesson on top of me: hazel eyes flashing, long brown hair tickling my face as he pounded into me roughly.

When Dean called and asked if I wanted to have drinks with him Friday night, I jumped at the chance.  I needed a night out very, very badly.  He had to work a bit late, so I met him at a bar called Marco’s down the street from Wesson Technology.  On this busy Friday night there were many Wesson employees mixed with the crowd.

I was already two drinks in by the time Dean arrived.  He looked beat.

“Hey Dean! Rough day?” I  asked, kissing his cheek as he sat down wearily. He gave me a hug and his warm Alpha scent instantly enveloped me.

“You have no idea!  Now order me some alcohol woman!” Dean said, grinning at me.

After sharing some nachos and several drinks, neither Dean nor I were feeling any pain.

“So I don’t think I got the job.” I said sadly.

“I didn’t want to tell you this, but I heard  they offered the job to some guy from California.  He starts next week.”

I rolled my eyes at him.  “Great.  Just great.  It’s a good thing I’m pretty buzzed, because I really don’t care about anything right now.”

As Dean and I continued to chat I happened to look up and my eyes locked with the hazel ones I’d been dreaming about for the past two weeks.  Sam Wesson.  What was he doing here? 

Before I could collect myself he was standing in front of our table.  In just dress slacks and a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his tie loosened, he looked delectable.

“Hello Y/N.” He said, smiling that sexy smile at me. Then he noticed Dean.  “Smith.” He said curtly.  Dean nodded at him. I could have sworn I heard Dean growl low under his breath.

Sam looked back at me.  “I was going to call you Monday. We filled the position you applied for, but I wanted to talk to you about a different position.  Would you like to have dinner tomorrow so we can discuss it?”

“Sure.  That would be great.” I said, trying to hide my surprise.

He pulled out his phone. “Can I have your number?”

I recited my number and he entered it into his phone.  “Well I’ll let you two get back to your drinks. I’ll text you tomorrow.”  Then he walked away.  Lord that man had an amazing ass!

When I looked over at Dean, he was scowling.

“What?” I said questioningly. I could feel the anger coming off him in waves.

“You do realize your going on a date with him, don’t you?” He looked furious.

“It’s work stuff, Dean. I’m trying to get into Wesson, you know that.”

“And I think Wesson wants to get into your pants. I don’t like the way that guy looks at you.” he said.  “Not one damn bit.”

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Awake Part 2

Title: Awake

Summary: You had just graduated with a degree in English and thanks to some writing competitions you had gotten noticed and offered the job of a life time right out of school. This job was your dream job, you were going to be a writer for the tv show Supernatural, your favorite tv show. The whole cast and crew are very welcoming and kind and you find yourself making some of the best friendships, specifically with the green eyed actor that plays Dean.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: language, eventual smut in future parts

A/N:  I’m so excited people enjoyed part one of this, I’ve already got parts 3&4 written, I had a lot of ideas tonight and just went with them and I am very excited to share them with yall! This part isn’t too eventful but its setting up for the next part ;)

Two months Later…

You barely pulled yourself out of bed this morning, You, Jensen, Misha and Jared had stayed up till two drinking and playing cards against humanity and your body was feeling it today. You jumped in the shower to wash off the night before and took your time getting ready. It had gotten cold fast here and you were exhausted and didn’t really want to take time on your appearance today. You slid on a sweatshirt that Jensen had left at your apartment last night some leggings and your favorite white high tops.  You had fit right in with everybody, if someone came across you with any of the cast and crew they’d think you’d been with them the entire run of the show. They had become your family and you couldn’t feel luckier. You’d grown especially close with Jensen. The two of you often eating together and doing movie nights. You wrote in his trailer everyday which only helped bring the two of you closer. You would consider him your best friend at this point, but you’d also developed a huge crush on him over the course of your time here.

You made your way across the lot towards Jensen’s trailer. Outside the door you could hear Jared and Gen inside talking with him. Jared and Gen were adorable, they had just started dating when you joined the show and you loved them together. You walked into the trailer to see Jared and Gen on the couch already in costume and make up and turned to see Jensen getting his make up done. You always joked with him that he had a better make up mirror and set up in his trailer than you had at home.

“Y/N!” They all yelled in excitement

You smiled but winced, “Oh my god guys inside voices” you groaned sitting down and slumping in the seat.

“Someone drank too much last night” Jensen smirked

“And who’s fault is that?” you shot back with a smile on your face.

“Its not my fault you’re a light weight and got drunk playing card games, I just didn’t dis-courage you from taking so many shots” he explained from his chair.

“If I recall last night correctly you were the one putting the shots out for her and clapping every time she did one” Jared said to Jensen pulling a laugh from everyone.

“I wish you could’ve been there Gen, once I recover we’ll have to do it again” You said reaching your hand out and squeezing Gen’s hand.

She nodded and then looked at her watch, “We  gotta go Jared we have a demon hunter sex scene to film” she joked as Jared blushed and followed her out of the trailer.

You and Jensen laughed and the make up girl Emily packed up her stuff and waved bye to the two of you. Jensen came over to the couch to sit by you and you put you head on his shoulder and groaned, “Why did I let you talk me into staying up late and drinking last night, I feel like a zombie” He wrapped an arm around you and laughed.

“Why don’t you crawl into the bed and take a little nap, I won’t tell” he winked at you.

“I cant do that I’m at work” however you were wondering how bad it would be if you just slept a little bit.

“Sweetheart its fine you deserve some sleep and you got a ton of writing done yesterday” and before you could say anything else he had put an arm behind your back and the other under the bend of your knees and carried you to the bed. You heart fluttered at this gesture, he was just so sweet to you.

“Thank you Jensen, wake me up when you come back so we can get something to eat together and then I’ll start writing” you said your eyes already closed.

Jensen pushed your hair out of your face and placed a kiss on your forehead, “Sure thing baby girl, now get some sleep” and you were asleep before he’d even left the trailer.


“Sweetheart wake up, I got us some food, its raining a lot so I thought we could stay in here and eat” you felt a hand rubbing your arm and you rolled over to see Jensen and you smiled at him.

“Mmm food sounds good” you sat up stretching and then got out of the bed and walked towards the little table where coffee and pizza were set out. “Yumm perfect” you smiled at Jensen and the two of you sat down to eat and talk about the scenes he’d filmed today.

“Is that my sweatshirt?” he looked at you questioningly

You smiled shyly, “Umm yeah it is, you left it on my couch and I just kinda put it on because its comfy” you explained hoping he wouldn’t mind.

He smiled at you, “It looks cute on you” you felt yourself blushing. Things with you and Jensen were kind of in a gray area. You were very close and spent most of your time together and the two of you flirted all the time, but it never progressed past flirting, small touches, and the occasional cuddle. Gen, Jared, and Misha kept telling you that Jensen felt the same way about you, but he never did more than flirt a little bit so you tried to be content with just his friendship.

At that moment your phone dinged and you looked down to see a text from your college best friend: Miss you bitch!! In fact I miss you so much, I JUST BOUGHT A PLANE TICKET TO COME VISIT YOU NEXT WEEKEND!!!! You just about choked on your pizza as you squealed in excitement, you’d missed her like crazy and the facetimes just weren’t doing it anymore

Jensen gave you a wide eyed look and chuckled, “Good news?”

“Ahhh the best news!! My best friend from school is coming to visit next weekend!!!” you were bouncing up and down in excitement and texted back AHHH YES BITCH!!! I cannot wait for you to get here!!!

“Eeekk!! I am so excited her to meet all of you, she’s great it’ll be so fun to hang out with all of my favorite people” you excitedly talked as you shoved pizza in your mouth, Jensen just laughed and nodded as you rambled on.


You had just finished writing the next episode with the rest of the writers, it was 9:03 pm. You figured everyone else had headed home already so you made your way towards your car and checked your phone.

“Y/N!” you spun around to see Jensen jogging towards you and you smiled at him, “I was thinking we could do a movie night tonight, unless you’re too tired?”

“Eric is giving us tomorrow morning off since we’ve finished the next two episodes so I’m totally up for a movie night, my place?” Jensen smiled and nodded, “Alright meet you at my place in 20”. You got into your car and drove home, happy that Jensen was choosing to spend yet another night with you. You tried not to get too excited but you couldn’t help it. Lately Jensen was opting for quiet nights in with you rather than going to the bars or going on dates and you couldn’t help but feel butterflies at that thought. Once you got home you put some shorts on and took your bra off but kept Jensen’s oversized sweatshirt on, not ready to take it off yet. You went to the kitchen to look for something to eat wondering what was taking Jensen so long when you heard a  knock on the door. You opened the door to Jensen holding several bags, “I made a food stop, you never have anything but coffee and popcorn so I thought I’d grab you some groceries and snacks for movie night.” You smiled at him as he placed the bags on the counter.

“Thanks mom” you giggled as you gave him a quick hug then turning to unload the bags. Jensen had picked up all the essentials, ice cream, mac and cheese, potato chips, gold fish, your favorite wine and more coffee.  

“You eat like a 5 year old but drink like an old woman” Jensen chuckled as he grabbed a beer from your fridge.

You gave him an annoyed look and poured yourself a glass of wine and then turned to make some mac and cheese, “What movie do you want to watch tonight?”

“I was thinking we could watch that new disney movie” he said non-chalantly

You turned to face him with a questioning look, “You hate animated movies you always call me a child when I watch those movies”

“yeah well they always make you so happy and I like watching the faces you make when you watch them” He said smiling at you and you smiled back and nodded. Once the mac and cheese was done you set up the movie and the two of you sat on the couch eating and watching. About forty minutes into the movie your phone started to ring Who is calling me at this time and you leaned over and looked at the caller ID: Brandon. You immediately pressed decline and set it back down avoiding Jensen’s gaze. Another 5 minutes passed when your phone rang again :Brandon you declined again and let out a sigh, this time looking to Jensen and offering him a weak smile but then turning your gaze to the tv. About three minutes later your phone rings again and this time you mad. You pick up the phone and answer it this time, “What do you want?” you asked putting your head in your hands.

“Baby I just want you to come homeeee, I missss you”  

“You’re drunk Brandon, stop calling me or I’m going to block  your number”

“ I’m sorry about what happened before you left just pleeeasssee come back to me”

you closed your eyes and let out a sigh, “Goodbye Brandon, stop calling me like this ok? Goodnight” and you hung up your phone putting it on the table and pulling your knees to your chest and your face down into your knees.
You felt strong arms wrap around you and pull you close, “You ok sweetheart? You want to talk about it? I’ve never heard you talk about a Brandon before”.

You turned your head to look at him and sat up, “ He’s my ex, we dated for a few years, but… well he cheated on me and when all of that was going down was when I got offered this job so I broke up with him and came up here, we never really got any closure or anything but I just cant bring myself to talk him about it, he just wants to get back together and I don’t want that” you looked into Jensen’s eyes and he gave you a small smile pulling you in closer rubbing your back gently.

“He’s an idiot, any guy that can let you go when they have you is an absolute idiot. You are wonderful Y/N and you deserve so much better than that” you smiled and wrapped your arm around him in a hug.

“Thank you. I just had been with him so long, he was my first serious boyfriend, my first love, and he was comfortable. I think we were unhappy for a while before he cheated on me, but we were both afraid of change and confrontation, and frankly I adored his family and was afraid of losing them too and it just was a big mess. I would’ve taken this job regardless of what was going on in my life, but it was nice to get to run away from it…”

“You don’t owe him anything, he lost the right to deserve anything from you, and just because things might’ve not been great, its no excuse to cheat on such a kind and loving person like you”you smiled at him again and the two of you sat there in silence a few minutes before Jensen leaned over and unpaused the movie. You started to feel tired and felt your eyes drooping until sleep eventually took over.


The next morning you woke up laying down sideways on the couch, you tried to move but were held down by two arms wrapped tightly around you. You opened your eyes to see Jensen sound asleep holding you tightly against him. You smiled at his sleeping form, he looked so sweet and peaceful. You craned your neck to look at the clock: 8:31, perfect you didn’t have to be in till after noon so you decided to try and get another hour or so of sleep. You could’ve sworn you felt his arms tighten around you as you snuggled up closer to him…

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Spent most of the day re-reading bits of Tomb Raiders to get my head back into the story, so only 560 words of new content today (working on Tomb Raiders, Graduation Day, Part 2 (or Chapter 28 as per AO3)).

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1D Plus Sized Series // He Denys Dating You Pt. 3 - Harry (submission) 

part 1 / part 2 

(A couple of months after graduation, say 6 months … Y/N is home for the holiday.)

It’s been months since you’ve seen Harry, you weren’t particularly complaining but you still had moments when you missed him dearly. How he’d look deep into your eyes, how he’d hold your waist when you made him tea in the morning on the weekends. Or when he’d order your favorite dessert at the restaurant you guys always go to right outside of town… And then you remember why you’d go there “No one will recognize us in the country love… It’s just safer that way.” He’d explain solemnly.

You’d just nod at his words in silence. That was the night you began to look at yourself in a different light. You began to really doubt the beauty you were so use to see. You knew you were curvier than the average girl but you loved your body and you loved how Harry would love on your body but that day was the day he made you rethink any type of self love. But it was over now.

Since prom, Harry cut off all ties from you. He deleted your number, blocked you on all social media, and even left a cardboard box of your things on your porch in the rain. Leaving the box soggy with the picture and clothing inside. Even all the poems you wrote each other covering the bottom of the box, which was the first thing ruined. The ink from the paper bleeding into the album of picture you collected over the years, and gave to him on your three year anniversary (which, as cheesy as it was, on valentine’s day). When you picked up the box, carefully, you couldn’t help to choke out a silent sob. He just left it there in the rain, knowing you were home. Your fucking car was parked in the driveway for crying out loud. You looked inside and felt all the love, time, and full-on adoration for a man who just dropped off what your relationship stood for in the rain.

As for Liam, prom night was wonderful. He made you forget about Harry for the time being which you appreciated because after the little fiasco, people kept coming up asking if it was real and then showing the picture and text of you guys. Some felt bad, others thought the photos were just greatly photoshopped, the idiots. You left the prom feeling better than ever even with Liam, he said he’d love to go out with you sometime, which you happily agreed to. But you were still having Harry pain, you hoped he understood, (which he did).

But that was 6 months ago, and now you’re home from college for Thanksgiving and you couldn’t be more happier. You had all of your family around you, you could just feel the love all around. It’s exactly what you needed considering seeing Harry every damn day on campus, flirting and talking to girls. Wrapped around a different one every week. He even joined the most prestigious frat that was known for wired parties and womanizing. I guess you can say he was making up for lost time from the three year relationship with you cause it sure looked like it. You didn’t care honestly. At first of course it was like pouring salt on an open wound. You were mad as fuck but you soon got over it. There were tons of guys at this university for the picking. Not that you were looking in actuality. If it made him happy to be promiscuous, then by all means, enjoy the flock of ladies that want to bone you.

As you helped your mom cook, there was a knock on the door. “Y/N can you please answer that for me?” Your mother asked. You obliged and wiped your hands on you apron and walked to the door. It was Anne with Gemma. You were partly shocked but you cover it with an expression of happiness. “Hi, love how are you?!” Anne greeted, pulling you into a hug. “It’s so nice to see you two!” You admitted moving aside so they can come in further into the house. Suddenly it clicked in your head on how much time your mom and Anne have been spending time together. With Harry and you both being the youngest child, the shared the same anguish of the baby leaving the nest and having an empty house for once in their lives. “Oh Harry’s just getting something from the car, due hold the door for him? Lord knows how clumsy that boy can be.” Gemma giggled while following Anne into the kitchen. You quickly took off your apron and smoothed out the burgundy dress that fit perfectly on your breast and hips and flared out at the bottom. Your dad said the dress was more for cocktail hour rather than pigging out at thanksgiving. And there he was, clad in black jeans and Nike sneakers with a black sweater covering his arms and there was a girl, directly behind him texting away on her phone.

Did this sick bastard bring a date to your house for thanksgiving?!?! What in the actual FUCK?!?!?! You wanted to slam the door right on his face, as he juggled the items in his arms. Your fisted were balled up, and you felt the anger build up. He didn’t even look twice in your direction as he walked past the threshold with his date riding his coattails. You slammed the door and ran up to your room. You grabbed your phone and called your best friend Lydia. She answered it on the first ring. “He’s here Ly, in my house. Down stairs with a fucking DATE! Oh my God, I’m going to kill him.” You ranted pacing the floor in your room. “I thought you didn’t care what he did Y/N…” She answered without missing a beat. You blow out a deep sigh. “Well… I mean. I don’t but, who brings another girl to their ex-girlfriend’s house after a messy breakup?!?! Like we had sex in that very kitchen he’s standing in with that girl! Like right there on the floor!” I basically screamed. I just kept pacing the floor. Growing more and more antsy. “Y/N, you haven’t let his actions get to you for months? Why care now?” Lydia asked matter-of-factly. You knew she was right. You didn’t care then, so why care now. He was just in a closer proximity to you rather than across the quad or lecture hall. You stopped pacing and sat on the bed defeated. “It’s just… I’ve been thinking and reminiscing lately… When I saw him all those emotions, the good and the bad, just flooded into my system and when I saw that girl, I just… I don’t know. You’re right, I should not care at all.” I finished. Laying back on my bed, looking up at the ceiling. “I know I am, now go back down there and enjoy your family, okay? And save me some pie.” She chuckled out. You laughed and hung up.

You walked down stairs and joined everyone in the kitchen. The girl who we’ll call Jane Doe at the moment was sprawled out on Harry’s lap. You smiled to yourself when you seen the seat they were sitting in. You had sex there too you smirked in your head. You walked in next to your mom and got an apron back on and started cutting the veggies. “Y/N, I had no idea he was coming, let alone bringing a date… He was supposed to be at that girl's’ house but there was a change of plans… I’m so sorry…” Your mom whispered in your ear as you cut the carrots while everyone talked among themselves. “It’s fine Mom, honestly.” You smiled and kissed her cheek. “Oh, my litte lady. So mature.” She smiled, kissing your cheek. “So, how are your studies Y/N?” Anne asked making everyone looking at you. “Oh, it’s well thank you. A little nerve wracking because of midterms but still fun nonetheless.” You smiled. “Have you seen Harry around much?” She asked. You looked at Harry was staring you down. “Well, I’ve seen him walking to class and such. And that’s pretty much it.” You shrugged. “So you’ve been looking for me?” Harry smirked causing you to roll your eyes. “Don’t flatter yourself Styles.” You replied dryly. “Well I’ve seen you more than just walking to class love. I’ve seen you in some study halls, some pubs, some very grungy parties…” He trailed off smirking in satisfaction. Like he was releasing some type of confession of your doings in college. “Well if that’s not stalking I don’t know what is…” You spoke, tilting your head looking at him. Now it was his turn to roll his eyes. “Oh, please Y/N your life is not that interesting. Especially without me in it.” He laughed. He was poking jabs. “My life, for one is none of your business, and two, it wasn’t really that great when it did have you in it.” You stated. If he wanted to throw jabs, you were more than happy to throw sass right back. His eyebrow furrowed in anger. It was about to go down. Causing people to slowly leave the kitchen. This needed to happen.

“Oh! So it’s more interesting with who? Fucking Liam Payne!?!” He yelled angrily, pushing the girl off his lap, standing up in front of you. The countertop separating the two of you. “Well it felt nice for someone to dance with me and kiss me in public Harry! That’s interesting! Not having a little boy who’s afraid of some public ridicule due to the person they’ve been dating for three years! I was suppose to be the love of your life but you were scared to even tell your friends that we were together!” You yelled back, becoming more and more heartbroken, more and more angry.

“Oh will you let that go!?! I told you, they wouldn’t understand…” He trailed off. “Oh shove that excuse up your ass Harry! No one cared! And if they did, so what!?! It was us together not them! You say you wanted me all to yourself and how they didn’t understand but what if it was the other way around? What if I pretended to not know you at school? Having some other guy, that was “better looking” than you holding my hand and kissing me? Missing dates because my friends were having a party and I just couldn’t miss it? Chickening out on dates to places in town because i don’t want people to see me with you. Waiting hours and hours for me to show up, even though you know I’m not coming… You don’t know the emotional hurt I went through. The humiliation of waiting at a fancy restaurant on our second anniversary. Seeing you draped over a different girl every week isn’t showing me anything. It’s not making me jealous, it’s furthering my point. You will get girls that are more smaller than I am cause that’s what you think you look good with but not me. You refused me of PDA, the knowing I had someone there to hold hand and kiss me, and tell me they love me in public…” You sobbed looking at Harry who looked gutted. You ran upstairs to your room and cried into you pillow. So much for a relaxing holiday.

-Anonymous Submitter 

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After Graduation

Requested. Part 2 to Footie Love.

The romance between you and Niall was basically non-existent. All it consisted of was even more “practices”, even if the season was over. You needed to keep your skills sharp for when you went to school.

Thankfully it wasn’t too far away, so you and Niall could work it out. If it ever got there…

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asoiaf female characters + defining quotes | part 2 of 3
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