the grace

“groups from the big3 have their famous give to them” yeah right, because everyone knows/loves TRAX, The Grace, 15&, Miss A, WINNER, Lee Hi, EPIK HIGH. Because Yesung and Ryeowook solos were complete successes. They may be easier to be known, but if they aren’t well promoted, they won’t be noticed.

I told a guy I like that I like Kpop.
  • While most guys judge me hardcore or act as if I never mention it.
  • He on the other hand lets me talk about Kpop.
  • Even let's me send him songs I like.
  • Plus!!
  • When I'm having a bad day he sends me picture of shirtless Kpop idols or my bias.
  • I think he might be a keeper...

Soooo let me count what SM fucked up:
- The Grace (where are they? Are they ok? Are they still alive?)
- Shinhwa (left together. Did everything right, I’m proud of my Ahjussis)
- Super Junior (Hangeng is super popular in China now but where the fuck is kibum????)
- DBSK (the most tragic loss… JYJ left … Hahaha don’t touch me)
- Exo (Kris left and lives a happy life in China now)
- F(x) (where the fuck is Sulli????)
- SNSD (forced Jessica out because she’s apparently dating or sth, idk???)
- SHINee (popularity went down since the Japan debut and only focus on Taemin and I can tell that none of them still want to be there tbh)
- Red Velvet (will come soon)

Watching the SM family grow over the years is just so rewarding and beautiful

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If J-Min, TRAX and The Grace got HALF the promotions that EXO got, then they would be popular too. So shut the hell up with the whole “EXO’s popularity doesn’t come from their company! What about J-Min, TRAX and The Grace?” EXO got the living hell promoted out of them by the biggest company; To say that their success/popularity doesn’t come from their background is Bullshit at it’s finest. Do you know how many male rookies have debuted in the past 3 years, that flopped and failed? Is it just a coincidence that the one male rookie from the biggest entertainment company did so well? “But EXO’s really talented and good Looking! That’s why they’re popular! Not SM” Talent and Good Looks ≠ popularity, you could fit Koreas standards to a T and have all the talent in the world, but you still might not be popular. So stop acting so acting like EXO worked their asses off for the popularity that they have, they did relatively to get to where they are.