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$15 Grab Bag Commissions!

Hey Guys-

I have some pins I wanted to buy but don’t really have the extra cash to drop $100 on them right now, so I’ve decided to offer some Grab-bag commissions at $15 a piece to raise the cash to do so :)

If you’ve never done a Grab-bag before, you throw me a character and I decide the medium, pose, and type, and the finished product is a complete surprise! 

I’ve included some samples of what to expect, with the exception of the digital works. Everything will be done traditionally, as a sketch, inks, or some color splash. You’ll get anything from a portrait, to a chibi, to a halfbody or messy full-body, or maybe even a small character sheet if I’m in the mood. I have some new mediums I also want to play around with so I may take the opportunity to experiment with them.

If you’d like one just HMU here or email me at I’ll be taking six more at least but if the demand is greater, I may leave them up a little bit longer.


1.) taken
2.) taken
3.) taken
4.) taken
5.) open!
6.) open!
7.) open!
8.) open!
9.) open!
10.) open!


Everyone loves to hate on lethality, but I really think that the stat is in a decent spot right now. Today’s discussion revolves around why it’s perceived to be overpowered, and why it actually isn’t that bad.

Portfolio Update Time? Portfolio Update Time.

So! I wanted to get everything done last night but that didn’t happen, although I got a lot done there was still a couple things left, today I was able to redraw/resize some long life drawing poses for my animation portfolio and…thats about it so far as today goes… I kinda got carried away on Discord with the crew and little did I realize 3 hours pasted by. But hey! Having fun and taking some time to laugh is still very important!!! Thanks btw @periberrytea and @jara257 and @greyrider(even though he was just there via text it was still nice talking with him :D)

Okay now to deal with my last 2 things for this. Well, dinner isn’t for another half an hour, perhaps I can get the first room drawing done and start the sketch for the second drawing before I mow down on some good ol KD DELUXE mmmmmmmm trashy food for a trashy boi 

Current tally 

Animation (Sheridan): 91%
Illustration Portfolio: 100%
Game Arts(Sheridan): 100%
Animation(Centennial): 100%
Game Arts(Centennial): 100%

Btw let me know if any of y'all would want me to make more posts similar to my Game Design portfolio, where I make a post showcasing my art for each portfolio 

instead of fat hunk jokes how about a running gag that no matter what planet or galaxy they go to, some alien will always fall irreversibly in love with hunk for his kindness and open personality and the team has to come up with plans and procedures for what to do when hunk inevitably gets proposed to on a planet they’re trying to form an alliance with

I have to confess that I never intended to become friends with you, Summoner. But you’re always there when I need you, to the extent that when you’re not near, I feel…not quite myself. 

In game quotes from Alfonse. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I SHIP IT…