the gpoy of all catch faces

I went to Khols specifically to find more work attire and I end up with this crop top, sweats, and new leggings because why not?! Looks like I’ll be recycling my work clothes for a while. I mean, my priorities are pretty legit right?! Right.

If you haven’t been to LowBrau in Sacramento yet you should because it has the tastiest bratwurst sausages that are placed in a pretzel roll and it taste like heaven! I’m shoving that sausage in Veronica’s face when she gets here this summer.

The boy is catching feelings and who wouldn’t when they’re with me?! In all honesty he is a nerd. Probably the biggest nerd you could possibly imagine. But he is sincerely so sweet and treats me so well and makes me laugh and I’m comfortable around him. Bleh. Okay, I’m done talking about this. It’s good. It’s really good.