the gout

À la glacerie

la glacerie - ice cream shop / ice cream parlor

la glase / la crème glacée - ice cream

les vermicelles (m.) - sprinkles

la cuillère à glace - ice cream scooper

la boule - scoop (unit of measurement)

le saveur / le gout - flavor

le cornet - cone

les pépites de chocolat (f.) - chocolate chips

la sauce - sauce

la garniture - topping

les noix - nuts / walnuts

le caramel mou - fudge

la cerise - cherry

le sundae / la coupe glacée - ice cream sundae

la crème chantilly / la crème fouettée - whipped cream

le sorbet - sorbet/ sherbet

les produits laitiers (m.) - dairy products

qui n’est pas à base de lait - non-dairy

commander - to order

Man is born to suffer; pain is the means of his preservation. His childhood is happy, knowing only pain of body. These bodily sufferings are much less cruel, much less painful, than other forms of suffering, and they rarely lead to self-destruction. It is not the twinges of gout which make a man kill himself, it is mental suffering that leads to despair. We pity the sufferings of childhood; we should pity ourselves; our worst sorrows are of our own making.

–Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile, or Education


The Washington, D.C., jail has big metal doors that slam shut. It looks and feels like a jail. But down a hall in the medical wing, past an inmate muttering about suicide, there’s a room that looks like a normal doctor’s office.

“OK, deep breaths in and out for me,” says Dr. Reggie Egins to his patient, Sean Horn, an inmate in his 40s. They talk about how his weight has changed in his six weeks in jail, how his medications are working out and if he’s noticed anything different about his vision. Egins schedules an ophthalmology appointment for Horn.

Horn says before he arrived here, things were not looking good.

“I looked real bad. I was homeless, for one, and not taking my medicine,” says Horn, who has depression, high blood pressure and gout, among other things.

When he was out on the streets, Horn says, it was hard for him to get his medications or to see a doctor. So he just didn’t. He got sicker and sicker.

“I had two heart attacks and my gout flared up a whole lot of times when I was out there,” he says.

Horn is no outlier. People with a history of incarceration are typically much sicker than the general population, especially returning inmates like Horn. Studies done primarily in Ohio and Texas have found that more than 8 in 10 returning prisoners have a chronic medical condition, from addiction to asthma. Egins says a lot of it has gone untreated, for a range of reasons — because the health care system is tough to navigate, because they’re homeless and don’t have insurance, or because they don’t trust doctors.

Helping Ex-Inmates Stay Out Of The ER Brings Multiple Benefits

Illustrations: Rae Ellen Bichell/NPR

i’m halfway through leopoldo gout’s genius (a super easy read, i started it like three hours ago) and i can safely say it’s probably the first novel i read where not only every single character is nonwhite but it’s plot is centered around just how smart they are and the things they can push themselves to achieve not despite their circumstances but thriving in them

please check it out if u have the chance

Elvis - Bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps

This guy was surrendered to me this afternoon. I may not like beardies but I’m not going to deny an animal in need proper care either, especially when it comes to cases that are going to need the specialized care of an experienced keeper. 

This is Elvis. He’s been living in a 29 gallon tank with no uvb for 2 years. He’s never eaten anything but crickets, no greens, nothing. Not only does he have a bad case of metabolic bone disease, but he likely has gout as well. He can’t even lift his body up off the ground either due to the mbd, or extreme joint pain from gout. 

His owner was a young child and its obvious that the adult responsible for making sure he was properly cared for didn’t research what bearded dragons need to thrive. Nor did the seller care enough to make sure the new owners would be able to care for this animal. 

This is also a good example of RESCUING ISN’T CHEAP. I’ve already spent $50 on extra supplies for him and I haven’t even owned him for 12 hours. And that’s with me already having a spare enclosure, light fixtures, substrate, food, etc. Plus he’s going to need vet trips that could rack up god knows how much in costs. 

Education is absolutely mandatory when buying or selling an animal. There’s no reason for Elvis to be in this condition. 


Allopurinol is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor

Indications for rx in patients with gout:
- Recurrent attacks >3 times per year
- Chronic tophaceous gout
- Uric acid nephropathy
- Persistently high uric acid levels
- Prophylaxis to treatment that can exacerbate acute gout

Medical uses:
- Gout and hyperuricaemia
- Tumour lysis syndrome
- Renal diseases
- Hypertension

- Stevens Johnson Syndrome
- Toxic epidermal necrolysis
- Diarrhoea
- Thrombocytopenia
- Leukopenia
- Allopurinol hypersensitivity syndrome : erythematous rash, fever, hepatitis, hypereosinophilia, renal failure

Unusual Herbs: Betony
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-Otherwise known as Wood Betony, Purple Betony, Bishop’s Wort, Lousewort, it’s scientific name is Stachys Officinalis

-A member of the Mint family, it is native to Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa

-Was highly used during the middle ages, as well as by the Greeks, Egyptians and even Druids, particularly for it’s use for banishing evil spirits. Today it is used medicinally in part as it always has been; mostly used as treatment for ailments such as gout, indgestion and headaches, though as with any herbal remedies it should be used carefully

-Betony has always been regarded as an extremely important herb, used for amulets of protection, it was considered by the Romans to be a cure all for many diseases (they listed 47 in total), and there are even sayings such as “He has as many values as Betony”, to describe just how highly desired this herb was.

-Magical uses include; love, protection, purification, removal of nightmares

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