the gothmothers

happy world goth day from the gothmoth who forgot it was actually world goth day til halfway thru their close at work then had to spend the other half of the shift explaining to their incredibly sheltered coworker the difference between goth, emo, and whatever Marilyn Manson is

audacityinblack  asked:

Will you be my fairy gothmother?

Of course, darling!

And for anyone who may be unclear on the matter: if any of you peeps out there want to adopt me as your fairy gothmother, go right ahead and do so. There still isn’t a reliable spell to summon me, and teleportation is also proving more difficult than expected. (Splinching = bad.) But I will be with you all in spirit! 

What I ask in return is that you always try to be kind to people. Because kindness is punk rock, and kindness is Goth As Fuck. Trust me on this. 

anonymous asked:

Would you do a "how Goths decorate for Halloween " video? I must know how the batty gothmother does it!!

Nice idea, would be fun :D Although generally I don’t change anything for Halloween, because my home looks scary all the time? :p 

On the birth of Vampira:

“I eventually became Vampira because Vampira is a kind of entity, what we call a woman, even though she’s androgynous, who survives in this carnal world. I, Maila Nurmi, am not. Early in my growing years, being poor, skinny, scrawny, wearing secondhand clothes, having very low self-esteem, I needed to have something to cling to so I created an imaginary image. One who was imperious, invulnerable, extremely beautiful - I was extremely ugly, you know. And she was curvaceous, where I was anorexic. She was everything wonderful.

She started to form in my fantasies when I was a shy, friendless little child. And then I saw outward images of her as I grew older. The Dragon Lady in Terry & the Pirates…the Evil Queen in Snow WhiteTheda Bara from the silents. [Vampira] was that - it’s an anima that’s existed since the beginning of time. She’s just another form of it.

But nothing had really formulated for me until I saw Sunset Boulevard and that Norma Desmond character rammed itself deep into my subconscious. I believe artists borrow from all sources and they should. But I think I borrowed way too much from Norma Desmond because a year & a half after I saw her on the screen, Vampira erupted. ‘They had faces in my day’ - and Vampira was a face.”

-via Chiller Theatre interview, 1994

anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your blog,admire your book and website! You have inspired me and given good advice to many,it always helps. I have always wondered, though, and sorry if this may be a bit too private to ask,ever thought of having your own baby bats?

Awww, thank you for the kind compliments!

No, I never wanted baby bats (by which I assume you mean children) of my own. I adore kids, and am incredibly blessed with friends who’ve let me be an active part of their children’s lives. But I’ve never wanted to have one of my own, and the thought of being a parent and 24/7 responsible for a small human TERRIFIES me. There are times when I’m pretty sure I’m not responsible enough to handle the nominally “grown-up” life I have with the RealHusband and the Kitties of Chaos! 

I am perfectly happy being everyone’s wacky auntie and fairy gothmother, and occasionally borrowing the kidlings in my extended family. For one thing, borrowing them means I can give them back when I’m tired.