the gothmothers

Let me tell you, one of the best things about being a fairy gothmother is having a serious conversation with the eldest goddaughter about how the protective fuzzy companion bear I gave her is apparently jealous of her other plush companions, and figuring out a solution. (Which is for her to come hang out and bring her bear, who will hang out with MY bears and bunnies and fuzzy monster to learn that Tickybox having other fuzzy companions in her life doesn’t mean she loves Protective!Bear any less.)

On the birth of Vampira:

“I eventually became Vampira because Vampira is a kind of entity, what we call a woman, even though she’s androgynous, who survives in this carnal world. I, Maila Nurmi, am not. Early in my growing years, being poor, skinny, scrawny, wearing secondhand clothes, having very low self-esteem, I needed to have something to cling to so I created an imaginary image. One who was imperious, invulnerable, extremely beautiful - I was extremely ugly, you know. And she was curvaceous, where I was anorexic. She was everything wonderful.

She started to form in my fantasies when I was a shy, friendless little child. And then I saw outward images of her as I grew older. The Dragon Lady in Terry & the Pirates…the Evil Queen in Snow WhiteTheda Bara from the silents. [Vampira] was that - it’s an anima that’s existed since the beginning of time. She’s just another form of it.

But nothing had really formulated for me until I saw Sunset Boulevard and that Norma Desmond character rammed itself deep into my subconscious. I believe artists borrow from all sources and they should. But I think I borrowed way too much from Norma Desmond because a year & a half after I saw her on the screen, Vampira erupted. ‘They had faces in my day’ - and Vampira was a face.”

-via Chiller Theatre interview, 1994

So, this year was my first ‘official’ year of cosplaying. And I had tons of fun being the Evil Queen and Harley Quinn.

BUT next year I want to try something different (..not really but still)

For Supanova (June 2018) I want to try female!Captain Hook (this version)

And for Oz Comic Con… I have no clue, yet. Maybe Scary Gothmother (my OC, that is apparently adept at torturing Lily aka harleyrotten)

The portrait I had commissioned a few years ago seems like the correct thing to use for the big “describe me in bad fanfic” post! You people are delightful.

From Anon:

Fanfic description: she was hardcore, like really hardcore, with pink and black hair that flowed from her head like a spooky river. Her clear bright eyes were rimmed in black makeup like a really hardcore vampire queen. Her clothes were also hardcore

From ravenaxx 

The fairy gothmother had very pointy witchy hat upon her black locks with 2 very pink streaks on either side of her head She was soaked in black clothing, her petticoats reaching the 7th circle of hell and her winklepickers were pointy enough to kill.

From Anon:

The goffik kween of goffikness. Peeple all over marveled at her beauty as she spread the goffik word all through out the ungof land. (I was trying to go for a “My Immortal” feel, but I’m 99% sure I failed miserably. Sorry.)

From @hermitjesty

Bad fanfic description ahoy: “She shook her flowing locks, the color of ravens’ wings and cotton candy. Her eyes sparkled with a mischievous gleam behind her diamond-shaped spectacles (only the best in designer witchwear for Jillian Venters).”

From annabellioncourt

“There she was, the queen. And not one of those ugly queen type things either, like, she was evil, but she wasn’t mean about it. She was a witch two and a vampire but she didn’t need to drink blood because that was messy and she was magic. The fairy godmother queen had come to help the goth princes and princes” (it hurt me to write like 12 year old me, but it was fun.)

From Anon:

She was like goth but like even more so. You could totally hear Sisters of Mercy when she entered a room, even when it wasn’t playing. She was just like black on black on black with a vicious shock of pink that made the black so much blacker.

From thejackalsdance

(Really bad fanfic description) She had an amazing wardrobe that was put to shame by the extra amazingness of her personality. She had as black as the ink a Romantic poet from years past would write with (or perhaps spill on their letters by mistake after too much melodramatic pining.) Her hair also had pink streaks in it, the kind of pink you get when you accidentally throw a new red washcloth in with the whites on laundry day.

From whitexblackrose

For the fan fiction thing: “Not many knew this, but Dracula had a little sister. A bubbly woman who used her inhuman paleness to her advantage. It made him cringe for when she visited, he found his castle refurnished with pink velvet and black lace.”

audacityinblack  asked:

Will you be my fairy gothmother?

Of course, darling!

And for anyone who may be unclear on the matter: if any of you peeps out there want to adopt me as your fairy gothmother, go right ahead and do so. There still isn’t a reliable spell to summon me, and teleportation is also proving more difficult than expected. (Splinching = bad.) But I will be with you all in spirit! 

What I ask in return is that you always try to be kind to people. Because kindness is punk rock, and kindness is Goth As Fuck. Trust me on this. 

anonymous asked:

Would you do a "how Goths decorate for Halloween " video? I must know how the batty gothmother does it!!

Nice idea, would be fun :D Although generally I don’t change anything for Halloween, because my home looks scary all the time? :p