the gotham joker

Gotham characters as things I’ve said recently

Jerome: I have my dad’s morbid since of humor. I actually have a lot of things from my dad that my dad probably wishes I didn’t.

Ivy: I am an adult. I am mature and responsible, and I can take care of myself.

Jim: My ass-kickings are only for honest reasons, but how about I come up to your work early, but I kick your ass instead? Compromise.

Harvey: I literally hate my job, and people, and I need to get famous already so I can be rich and quit.

Alfred: Like, yeah, I wanna be a parent, but I don’t wanna be in charge of other people’s kids. I don’t wanna fuck them up. My kids, it’s different, but not theirs.

Selina: I mean who the fuck you yell at and then don’t talk to for two (2) years calls you up in the middle of the night like “yeah I thought we’d have a conversation and catch up”. Wft even? Anyway I just hung up on him and went back to sleep.

Oswald: Listen I know I showed up late to the [Nygma] fandom, and I don’t even have Starbucks, but hear me out.

Ed: You know, I’m really nice on the outside but I’m savage on the inside. One day someone’s gonna set me off and may God have mercy on them I swear.

Jokers Daughter Imagine: Keep it in the Family

Request: Please can I request the anons idea of cp and Jerome having children and the youngest who’s a girl going out with penguins son or something and the clown family being protective Thank you !!!! 😊😊😊xxx

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“I think you and I are destined to do this forever”

The Evolution of Batman & The Joker (1966 - 2017)


My personal Top 10 Batfleck moments (So far and in no particular order) 

Feel free to add your own. I know i missed a couple. :D