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Corey passed away later that night, shortly after Avery gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Our nephew, and also my second cousin.

I was by his side holding his hand when he left. There are no words to describe how numb I feel right now. Our baby girl is going to grow up without her dad, we’re never going to get married in the ceremony that we dreamed of.

Rest in peace, my love. I’ll see you again one day.


Legacy Memorial Hall

There are many challenges that require a family memorial space for legacies and/or a space for collectables. As I usually prefer mine to be separate from my family’s lot, I created this building. 

This is the lot I am using for my Goth legacy family. It holds their photos, paintings, collection items, written books, sculptures and other knickknacks. It also contains some learning objects.

The lot has the following features:

Ground Floor:

Reception room – This contains a computer that my Sims can use to type up their books or create video games in a Sim’s honor.

Lecture room – This contains a podium (you will need ‘City Living’), bookshelves to hold family biographies, book display cases (you will need ’Get to Work’) and a piano to memorialize your ancestors in song.

Collections room – The display cases can hold any collectables found throughout the generations. Note: There is plenty of space in the basement if you run out of room here. No collectables are included in the upload.

Basement legacy museum:

This is where I place photos and family created paintings, sculptures, child drawings etc.

When I have enough “stuff” in my Sim’s personal inventory, I have the active Sim travel to the lot. I move the items I want to keep to the walls or display cases. I then go into build mode to move them around as needed – usually with the “bb.moveobjects” cheat on.

The upload will have some paintings on the walls and a few sculptures as required for a museum build. None of my personal legacy items are in this upload. The restroom is also located here.


The back of the building contains two easels, a chess table and seating area with a fountain.



  • No CC
  • Lot size: 30 x 20
  • Cost: $140,181
  • Lot location in my game: Hallow Slough, Willow Creek
  • Lot type: Museum
  • Lot trait(s): Sunny Aspect / Natural Light


  • I have all expansion, stuff and game packs
  • Enable the “bb.moveobjects” cheat before placing the lot.
  • There is still plenty of space available to build in the basement if you need more room for your collections and/or more wall space for pictures.


This lot can be found in the Gallery under my Origin ID: erisema or via: #simgurl

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Marital Status: Single parent

Number of Children: Four

Primary Career: Criminal (Evil)

Generational Goal: Fulfilled

Misc. Fun: Random Traits

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