the gospel of the viking

i need some help tho cause i srsly cant place the guardians of the galaxy in their hogwarts houses its just .. this is what ive got 

gamora - hufflepuff

drax - gryffindor

groot - hufflepuff

quill - gryffindor or hufflepuff

rocket - ravenclaw or slytherin 

can someone who is smarter than me pls help me out ?

i just dont want the trechcoat to disappear in s9 like cas doesnt have to wear it bc the trenchcoat is a big part of him and his past but not wearing it would be like the end of a big part of his life and now starts a new big part without trenchcoat, but it would still be nice to see it on a hook in the bunker or draped over a chair or something

im just so fuckign obsessed with the thought

that sam and dean and cas hunt a rly powerful shapeshifter of sorts, like it’s so powerful it strikes down sam and dean and then crams cas up in a corner

and then he gets into cas’s thoughts and sees one or two things and transform himself to dean

and then he sorts of starts teasing cas with being inches away from him with dean’s lips, and then he eventually kisses him

and cas knows it’s not dean, oh doesnt he know it, but it’s still dean’s lips and dean’s tongue and dean’s teeth so he just gives in and kisses back with such a power and wraps his arms around the shapeshifters head 

and then dean rams the blade through the thing and then it’s over 

list of enfp people/characters


  • spider (anansi boys)
  • aang (atla)
  • troy barnes (community)
  • phoebe (friends)
  • tonks (harry potter)
  • dean thomas (harry potter)
  • lily potter (harry potter)
  • ron weasley (harry potter)
  • gilderoy lockhart (harry potter)
  • happy gilmore
  • roxy lalonde (homestuck)
  • ellie (the last of us)
  • pippin (lotr)
  • damien (mean girls)
  • courfeyrac (les mis)
  • phil (modern family)
  • winston (new girl)
  • michael scott (the office)
  • pippi långstrump
  • simba (the lion king)
  • ash (pokemon)
  • ANDEN BITCH (aladdin)
  • renly (asoiaf)
  • margaery (asoiaf)
  • jaime bae (asoiaf)
  • anakin skywalker (star wars)
  • cecil (wtnv)
  • charles xavier (x-men)
  • finn (adventure time)
  • johanna (hunger games)
  • rapunzel (tangled)

people that are nice

  • oscar wilde
  • anne frank
  • walt disney
  • kurt vonnegut (<333)
  • ellen degeneres
  • keira knightley
  • robin williams
  • sarah michelle gellar
  • daniel radcliffe
  • robert downey jr

people that are bad 

  • che guevara
  • fidel castro
  • muammar gaddafi
  • charles manson 

people ive known for years are growing up and doing things and acting like the stereotypical teenager and it just makes me feel so alone because no i still wanna have pyjamas parties and share stories about pets not about what that person did with that person and did u see her that one time at that one party no