the goose master

You Won the War, but I Win this Battle


Cleanup and repair of the panda village took much less time than Tigress would have expected. She had learned, within the past few days, not to underestimate the giant, gentle folk, who looked as though they were more capable of a feast-sized snack and day-long nap than fighting and heavy construction. Even with her years of training with Po, she had still been dubious of his peoples’ capabilities, but by the end of the day many of the buildings damaged by the fight with the jade zombies had been repaired almost to completion. It amused her to see the workers snack on the bamboo scaffolding once they had finished using it.

She and the warriors freed from Kai’s influence helped as much as they could, but the villagers were a bit wary of them; not only because they had been fighting them mere hours before, but out of sheer distrust of strangers. Mr. Ping had gotten along well through his connection to Po and his talent in cooking, but strangers such as Masters Croc and Bear were not as welcomed. Tigress, now that all the commotion was over, was getting a few more fearful looks herself. She quietly worked with Mei Mei and Crane to finish the roof of Mei Mei’s house. Not far away, Po and his fathers were sizing beams for another repair.

“I can fix that for you, if you like.”

Tigress looked up at the panda woman sitting on the scaffold a few feet in front of her. She pointed a mallet at Tigress’s robe.
“I do most of my own clothes, you know. And I sew for several of the villagers. I can fix that robe of yours.”
Tigress looked at the sleeves she had rolled up, taking in the holes, burns, and tears along her ensemble. She honestly hadn’t noticed.

“Thank you, er. I…”

“So…you and Po, huh?”
Tigress looked up from the joints she was connecting.

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