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A-Z Book Recommendations.

What a great idea from my friend at @macrolit :) Had to give it a go. I’ve omitted “A’s” and “The’s” from most of the titles for sake of flow.

  • A - American Gods by Neil Gaiman - A wandering modern “fantasy” that felt keenly poignant to me having grown up in the midwest. You’ll need patience for this one but this book is truly about the journey not the destination.
  • B - Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer - I’ll be honest, I never finished this series. It got a little overblown but the characters are so genuine that I held out a lot longer than I would expect of myself. This first book though is the definition of a classic middle reader. Lot of Adventure and a lovable, fierce, albeit flawed, female protagonist. 
  • C - Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess - I used to read this book every summer. It’s a rough read with some explicit violence (sexual and otherwise) but an important one I think. I recommend reading the “British” publishing which has 21 chapters (the publishers took out the last one for American audiences, because apparently we don’t like character redemption and growth *eyeroll*). The real genius of this book is the vernacular Burgess created from scratch that is truly like reading another language at first. 
  • D - Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab - Not to be cliche but I find that a lot of the titles Booklr obsesses over in the YA genre to be par-baked at best. Not the case with this series! Well developed characters that exist beyond their actions and exhibit real emotional complexity without relying on tropes and a plot that kept me turning and turning pages!

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Monsta X Teaching Their kids to walk

“Come on princess. Flat feet, not toes. Slow steps with daddy now.”
Holds her hands and tries to guide her into slow steps

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“Come on bud, you have to hold on. Annnnd you fell again.”
Gets a little frustrated because his son won’t listen to him and he keeps falling on his bum.

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Bias has a big ass mouth. xx still cute though

“One at a time. I can’t do both at one time.. AHHHH TAKE A COOKIE AND CHILL FOR TEN MINUTES SO I CAN HELP YOUR BROTHER.”
One hundred percent stressed out about trying to teach his twin sons how to walk. They’re both trying to get daddy’s attention when he’s with the other one. He’s ready to scream and call his wife in to help.

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“Babe, you’re gonn- HEY NOT OVER THERE.”
Wild goose chase with his daughter. She’s not listening to him and is trying to climb into the fire place.
“I know I’m awful but come on! The fire place? We’re trying to walk not die.”

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I.M in the back & Minhyuk’s hair.. Bitch bye I’m dead 

“Lift your foot, you’re going to fall with shuffling. Come on cutie. Lift the foot and move it forward. Just like daddy, watch.”
Demonstrating how to walk then holds his son’s hands. Has a hard time teaching his mini twin how to walk because they’re too busy goofing off.

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“You’re doing so well baby girl. Daddy’s little monster is walking wonderfully.”
Is making great progress with his daughter and is highkey proud of it.

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“Ah, you usually listen to daddy, what’s different here? You have to walk, you can’t just crawl around your whole life.”
Frustrated and upset about his son not listening to him about something so important.

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The gifs are either way too spaced out or they’re covering something else and I apologize. I’m working on it guys, I swear. 

✧ * º • –– narnia sentence starters.
  • “Courage, dear heart.”
  • “Things never happen the same way twice.” 
  • “One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.” 
  • “Remember that all worlds draw to an end and that noble death is a treasure which no one is too poor to buy.” 
  • “Things always work according to their nature.”
  • “All get what they want; they do not always like it.”
  • “You would not have called to me unless I had been calling to you,” 
  • “Now the trouble about trying to make yourself stupider than you really are is that you very often succeed.”
  • “You doubt your value. Don’t run from who you are.”
  • “If you had felt yourself sufficient, it would have been a proof that you were not.”
  • “Dearest Daughter. I knew you would not be long in coming to me. Joy shall be yours.”
  • “But even a traitor may mend. I have known one that did.” 
  • “Be just, and merciful, and brave.”
  • “Remember that all worlds draw to an end and that noble death is a treasure which no one is too poor to buy.”
  • “He’s wild, you know. Not like a tame lion.”
  • “Oh, how cleverly you defend yourselves against all that might do you good!”
  • “Please, you’re so beautiful. You may eat me if you like. I’d rather be eaten by you than fed by anyone else.”
  • “I don’t think we can do anything for him. It only makes him worse if you try to be nice to him.” 
  • “I might as well die on a wild goose chase as die here.”
  • “I have swallowed up girls and boys, women and men, kings and emperors, cities and realms.”
  • “Grief is great. Only you and I in this land know that yet.”
  • “Let us be good to one another.” 
  • “We have nothing if not belief.”
  • “The bright side of it is that if we break our necks getting down the cliff, then we’re safe from being drowned in the river.”
  • “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”
  • “There are way better things ahead than any we leave behind.”
  • “How we walk with the broken speak louder than how we sit with the great.”
  • “He’s not safe but he’s good.”
  • “They did nothing wrong their time here has ended.”
  • “Do not by any means destroy yourself, for if you live you may yet have good fortune but all the dead are dead alike.” 
  • “If ever we loved one another, let me go with you now,”
  • “I don’t know that I care much about living on and on after everyone I know is dead. I’d rather live an ordinary time and die and go to Heaven.” 
  • “When I’m older I’ll understand.”
  • “I am older and I don’t think I want to understand.”
  • “I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now…”
  • “Show me your enemies.”
  • “A noble friend is the best gift. A noble enemy is the next best.”
  • “Children have one kind of silliness, as you know, and grown-ups have another kind.” 
  • “What do they teach them at these schools?”

anonymous asked:

Okay hi so I'm questioning my sexuality and rn I'm almost confident that I might be bi??? I just haven't ever had a crush on a girl before, so that's what's making me doubt it so much. My attraction to females seems mostly appearance based so maybe I'm just aesthetically attracted to them? Idk. Yesterday I had a very gay moment and it confused me. Help me feel valid?

ok! so ive struggled with this myself and I think many many bi (and pan) people do as well.

The question: ‘Am I bi enough?’

If you ever have pondered that question, YES ur bi enough you silly goose.

The idea that bisexuality has to be a 50/50 split is ridiculous.

I have more romantic and sexual feelings towards men and if forced I’d say my preference is towards men. But that doesn’t stop me kissing girls I find hot or making love to cute girls or being open to the idea of a committed relationship with a girl.

For me being bi or pan is about giving yourself to the space not to worry about the ‘why.’
And lets you focus on having nice crushes on whoever you want instead.

Hope this helps!! 🌟

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Imagine Lucio asking Efi to be the flower girl for his and Hana's wedding, she then proceeds to faint from excitement.

I LOVE THIS?? (It kind of turned into a wedding heacannon for bunnyribbit, but oh well. Also, I headcannon Lucio as Catholic)

  • The wedding is already arrange, but they are missing the most important piece. Lucio approaches Efi with his offer, and she nearly hyperventilates from thinking about being the flower girl for his and’s wedding. 
  • It’s set in Brazil, with lots of their culture mixed together. Before the wedding even starts, Lucio gives’s mother a wooden goose. A Korean tradition, wild geese mate for life, so his gift is a promise that he will care for her daughter for life.
  • wears a diamond lace halter strap princess style wedding gown. Her high heels are colored gold, a wedding tradition in Brazil. 
  • The church is grand and beautiful. is excited, only ready to see her future husband’s face. Lucio is a bundle of emotions, but more then ready to become one with the love of his life. 
  • Efi is dressed in a beautiful green gown, tossing bright flower petals on the path to the alter. Her excitement is contagious, and Lucio smiles at her job well done. 
  • Walking down the aisle,’s father is proud as he hands her to Lucio. The groom is crying, but is smiling through her tears as well. 
  • The priest speaks the vows, Lucio and accepting in the other’s native tongue. Once they are pronounced man and wife, they throw their arms around each other. Kissing as husband and wife as their family and friends burst out in joy.
  • After the celebration has ended, they take off to Korea. Their honey moon giving them time together and the chance to enjoy their first days as husband and wife alone. 
prom? ; park jihoon

genre: fluff yO okay anon im not good with fluff. dont kill me.

summary: jihoon wants to ask someone out at prom, and it breaks your heart that he didn’t ask you..

“prom, huh?” you say, fidgeting on the spot. you were around jihoon’s place after school. he was discussing about his prom date, and you weren’t going to lie that you felt pretty upset. it may be just a prom date and hopefully nothing else, but you have feelings for jihoon ever since you both met each other at school.

“are you going with anyone, y/n?” jihoon asked as you snapped your head towards him.

“m-me? no.. i uh, i’m going with somi probably. she’s alone too.”

plus, it would be embarrassing if he said ‘no’ to you.

“y-yeah.. i wanted to ask this girl..” jihoon said, scratching the back of his neck. “c-could you h-help me?”

me?” you ask, confused. “why me?”

“i don’t know.. you’re my best friend and i only trust you with your help after all.” jihoon smiles at you, “please..”

he pouts. you roll your eyes. jihoon was such an easy person to give in. which is why you love him. “first- this is why google exists, and why do you trust prom advice from me?”

“because you’ve been asked out by (bae) jinyoung before. and i’m sure he told you.” somehow jihoon sounded a bit.. angry, in a way.

“hey!” you exclaim, taking a sip of your drink, “first- jinyoung didn’t ask me out. we went as friends. simply because you asked sara and i was alone out of our group going to prom.”

“don’t remind me about sara. please.” jihoon sighed.

jihoon asked sara out, who is a heartbreaker at your school. she had a massive crush on jihoon, and it turned out asking her out was a mistake. she ended up ditching him, which you found odd since she has a crush on him.

“okay, fine!” you say. “so. tell me. about the girl.”

“she’s really pretty,” jihoon started, smiling widely.

she really must make him happy. you thought.

“she doesn’t think that.. though..” jihoon said, “she’s a lovely girl, and i really like her too. so i used this opportunity to ask her out as well.”

“t-that’s great..” you say. “well uh- good luck.”

“okay, so, advice, tell me-”

“jihoon uh, i, uh, gotta go now.” you say quickly, “i can’t help you. sorry. i really need to go.”

“where?” jihoon furrowed his eyebrows, “y/n-”

“it’s nothing. i’ll see you soon.” you said, grabbing your backpack and running out.

“he really likes her..” you said, staring at your ceiling. “why can’t you ask me out, jihoon? am i really not that good enough?”

“y/n, dinner is ready!”

“i’ll be there soon!”

“i want to tell you everything, jihoon.” you said to yourself, “i wish i told you sooner.. i love you-”

“unnie!” your little sister shouts as you shot up your bed, looking at her. “unnie! we have to eat dinner now. and who are you talking to?”

“m-my rilakkuma plushie!” you say, grabbing it. you quickly stroke it, your face flushing in embarrassment.

“you’re weird, unnie.”

after dinner, you and jihoon began to text.

6:57pm - wink boi:

y/nie, meet me at the park tomorrow at 12? we need to talk :)

6:57pm - silly goose y/n:

o sure, for what?

6:58pm - wink boi:

you’ll see, my goose.

6:58pm - silly goose y/n:


6:59pm - wink boi:

kEKEKEK you love me tho ;)

you laugh before locking your phone, wondering why he wanted to meet you. was it about his ‘prom date’? that he’s gonna brag that the girl said yes?

“gosh, jihoon..”

“why am i so desperate for your love?”

jihoon took a deep breath as he looked at his phone, 11:30am. you should be there soon. he got really nervous as he gripped the flowers in his hands, but being careful not to ruin them.

he even got you a rose necklace, and a flower wristlet, he knew himself that he was being cheesy, but he knew as well that this was the perfect time to confess.

11:32am - wink boi:

i’m at the park, it aint 12 yet but i came early lol

11:32am - silly goose y/n:

o youre there already?? im legit putting my shoes on and i waited for a text,, i’ll be there soon jihoonie

11:33am - wink boi:

see u :))

jihoon looked around and saw you running, and quickly he hid behind a tree. once you touched the park’s concrete, you started to catch your breath back, holding your knees.

“jihoon?” you said, still breathing. “jihoon, we are not playing hide and seek right now.”

“jihoon! yah, park jihoon!” you shout.

“i’m here.” you could see jihoon’s head peaking out of the tree.

“t-thank god. i ran here and-”


“uhm..” you blush, flustered.

“y/n,” jihoon starts, “you know i told you about the girl who i want to ask for prom? well, uh, it’s you.. i tried to pretend that it was someone else, but it’s not.. and i thought this might be a good time to say- we’ve been best friends for years, and i realise that i’ve changed. that i’ve liked you. and i think that taking you prom this year would be right.”

he places the wristlet on you as you smile at him.

“i love you y/n. will you go prom with me?”

“o-of course jihoon!”

forgetting that you were in a public place, people began to clap and cheer as you hugged jihoon.

“you’re so cheesy, you know.” you laugh. “i love you too, jihoon.. i was so scared that if i told you, you would hate me.”

“i wouldn’t hate my silly goose.” jihoon smiled. “i love you, y/n.”

“i love you, jihoon..”

“shoot..” jihoon muttered.

“what?” you asked, worried.

“i uh, forgot my wallet. i was supposed to take you dinner..”

“it’s fine. i just want to enjoy this moment,” you say, “and these flowers are beautiful.”

“i’m glad you’re happy, my silly goose.”


Fight for Me (Ch.1)

Pairing: Commoner/Knight!Seokjin x Princess!OC
Genre: Royalty!AU, Friendship, Romance, Comedy, & Slight-Angst
Words: 5,677
※ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Jig (The Little Mermaid) | Tour of the kingdom
POV: 3rd Person

Summary: Once upon a time, there was a not-so-traditional kingdom. In that kingdom, the royal family had the freedom of marrying whoever his or her royal highness deems worthy. Now, of course, having that special privilege came with some interesting challenges, but that doesn’t stop a certain head-strong princess from doing whatever her heart’s desire, especially when she has her heart set on marrying her personal bodyguard. Unfortunately, her beliefs might face some hardships when a certain king sets his eye on her. Will her bodyguard continue to fight for her or is it finally her turn? 

Next time: ch.2 | ch.3 | ch.4

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Some Bran and Arya parallels

Arya and Bran are the only Stark children that are seeing themselves as wolves and draw strength from that. I’ve already made an analysis about the wolfness of these two siblings so I’ll just put here one of the many wolf quotes each of them have:

I am a wolf, and will not be afraid.

(Arya Stark)

It was better inside Summer. I am him, and he is me. He feels what I feel. 

(Bran Stark)

Their inner wolfness isn’t their only source of strength. Lately, they are both shown to draw power from darkness,too.

Until darkness is as sweet to you as light

(Waif to Arya Stark)

Darkness will be your cloak, your shield, your mother’s milk. Darkness will make you strong

(The three eyed crow to Bran Stark)

Arya and Bran are among the characters that have plenty magic elements within their story. Currently both of them are under the tutorship of a magical figure. Bran under the three eyed crow’s eye is learning to become a better green dreamer and skinchanger. As for Arya, she’s trained by the Kindly Man to become a Faceless Man.

The priest lowered his cowl. Beneath he had no face; only a yellowed skull with a few scraps of skin still clinging to the cheeks, and a white worm wriggling from one empty eye socket. 

(Arya Stark)

The white wooden worm that grew from the socket where one eye had been.

(Bran Stark)

While the Kindly Man and the three eyed crow do not resemble each other, on these specific descriptions of them both have a white worm grewing from their empty eye socket.

Another thing  that both Arya and Bran have in common is the exclusive faith to the Old gods. But it doesn’t stop at this. It seems that the Old Gods listen their prayers and are looking out for them.

The old gods of the north must have been guiding her steps

(Arya Stark)

The gods were looking over him, he told himself; the old gods, gods of the Starks and the First Men and the children of the forest, his father’s gods

(Bran Stark)

The Northerners have a different justice system than the rest of Westeros. They don’t have executors and the Lord is the one who must do the deed. Bran has witnessed a Northern execution on his very first chapter and he was taught directly by his father about it. Arya since she was a girl never attend to a Northern execution but she knew that her father did the deed himself. Also, she had listen her father teaching Jon and Robb about it. 

It’s interesting to note that when Arya was offered three lives by Jaqen in order to repaid his debt to her, she knew it was wrong to accept. She knew that this was against the Northern teachings and after her encounter with Jaqen she’s the one who kills the people who wants to see dead, instead of making someone else do it for her.

I should kill them myself. Whenever her father had condemned a man to death, he did the deed himself with Ice, his greatsword. “If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look him in the face and hear his last words,” she’d heard him tell Robb and Jon once. 

(Arya Stark)

“He does,” his father admitted. “As did the Targaryen kings before him. Yet our way is the older way. The blood of the First Men still flows in the veins of the Starks, and we hold to the belief that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.

(Ned Stark to Bran Stark)

Finally when it comes to their personality both Arya and Bran are described as cheerful and friendly at the beginning of the series. These two children  could easily befriend others and they were loved by almost everyone. Also, despite being the Lord’s children they never showed any classist attitude

Sansa knew all about the sorts of people Arya liked to talk to: squires and grooms and serving girls, old men and naked children, rough-spoken freeriders of uncertain birth. Arya would make friends with anybody

(Sansa Stark about Arya Stark)

He is a sweet boy, quick to laugh, easy to love.

(Ned Stark about Bran Stark)

He sent some salmon down to poor sad Lady Hornwood, the boar to the boisterous Umbers, a dish of goose-in-berries to Cley Cerwyn, and a huge lobster to Joseth the master of horse, who was neither lord nor guest, but had seen to Dancer’s training and made it possible for Bran to ride. He sent sweets to Hodor and Old Nan as well, for no reason but he loved them.

(Bran Stark)

Girls are frickin hysterical

Today FUNNY GIRL comes out, an anthology of funny stories by girls, for anyone. Here’s the book:

And here’s a photo of the broads who wrote the stories. Image by Amy Ignatow. I’m the one riding the green space narwhal.

And here’s a post I wrote in May 2015 about girls and humor:

Elizabeth Bird (librarian, author, blogger) asked me to contribute to her upcoming anthology FUNNY GIRL. For the announcement, she wanted me to write a sentence or two about being funny and being a girl and a writer or whatever, and yeah, I got carried away. Here’s the stuff I sent her that was obv too long for her announcement article.

While there are moments of humor in my first two books (Goose Girl & Enna Burning), no one would rightly call these comedies. When I was writing Princess Academy, I remember going to NYC for something and having a meeting with my editor and publicist. They’d read an early draft of Princess Academy. They both said, “We’ve been talking about how funny you are in person but how that doesn’t come out in your books. Is there room for humor in this book? Is Miri funny?” And I thought, well, yeah, she is. She would totally use humor to defuse tension. So why hadn’t I written that? The truth is I think I’d bought into the idea that “girls aren’t funny.” I heard that hundreds of times growing up. And again as adults, with regards to movies especially: “women aren’t funny.” I’d swallowed the party line without realizing it. But I was beginning to question it. Are we really not funny? Not as funny as the guys? Or do people assume we’re not so don’t notice when we are? The answer is clearly yes since I’m hysterical.

Ten of my twenty published books could be considered comedies, and yet I’ve never heard myself referred to as a comedic writer. TEN BOOKS. Never been invited on a humor book panel (those are for man writers). And the books that I co-write with my husband (Rapunzel’s Revenge, Princess in Black) people always assume the funny parts are his. Hundreds of times people have pointed out parts that made them laugh and then asked, “Did Dean write that?” And most of the time, I had. Make no mistake, he is very funny and witty and clever. Too.

Here’s a little story. Fifteen years ago when Dean and I were getting married, we made a wedding website. One night at a get together with our old group of friends:

Mike: “Dean, I loved your wedding website. It was really funny. I kept laughing out loud.”
Me: “Well, you know, he built the site but I wrote the content.”
Mike: nods “You typed it?”
Me: “I wrote it.”
Mike: “You typed it up for him?”
Me: “No. I wrote it.”
Mike: “You helped him write it?”
Me: “No, I came up with the words and put them together in sentences and wrote them down.”
He was still so stumped. It took several more exchanges for him to get it. Later he returned.
Mike: “I guess I’ve just always thought of Dean as the writer.”
Me: “I just received my MFA in Creative Writing.”
He returned later yet again.
Mike: “I guess with couples, we’re used to just thinking that one of them is the funny one.”
Me: “You and I were in an improv comedy troupe together.”

Mike is a wonderful human being and open-minded and a feminist and we’re still very close. And believe me, he’s been teased about this mercilessly by all of us for over a decade. But this is how deep the “girls aren’t funny” idea runs. Even when presented with direct evidence, so many people can’t see it! They keep seeing what they’ve been taught to believe.

So why does it matter? Why do kids need to see/hear/read women being funny? And hear adults acknowledging that they are funny? Because stereotypes shut down possibilities. The “class clown” is a boy. The actually truly funny girls in class are just “obnoxious” or “attention-seekers.” Boys who are funny are encouraged, laughed, cheered. Girls who are funny are told to behave, shush, sit down. Comedy is a gift to humanity. How sad and pointless life would be without good laughs. We need to see girls being funny, encourage them to develop their sense of humor, reward them for the cleverness and intelligence it takes to make jokes. They’ll be happier, more fulfilled human beings. And so will we. The more comedy the better!

Spider-Girl - Peter Parker x (f)Reader

Originally posted by teamunderoos

Words: 1064
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader
Warnings: uh lil but of capture
Requested by: @camila1818
hey could I have a Bucky or Spider-Man imagine where you are spider girl and one of them is totally in love with you and saves you during a mission? thanks!💖”
Authors Note: I don’t have much to say other than I love how this turned out and OMG I’m positing so much Peter Parker considering he’s on of the characters in my 1000 follower celebratory series lol


You knew Peter Parker, but you didn’t really know him.

You saw him around the school sometimes. He always seemed to be doing his own thing, like the weird kid he was. You didn’t say hello to him but you didn’t hate him. Of course, you knew something was always up with him.

You had gotten these powers when you visited this little place called Sokovia for an advanced learning option with school.

You met a boy there. He was interesting, and eventually, he told you that he could teach you so much about Sokovia. He was Sokovian, after all.

Things went bad.

Something happened. Maybe it was because of that boy, maybe it was because you were new there. But someone had snuck into where you were staying, and took you away. Everyone in your class went crazy looking for you, but alas, you were no where to be found.

The people who took you said that they wanted a weapon of their own. Quite like one they had heard about in Queens, New York. Of course, you knew the person they talked about. Spider-Man stops a ton of crime around where you live.

You tried your hardest to get out before these people could hurt you, but it didn’t work.

Only after your ‘transformation’ was done, did the Sokovian boy save you and run your back to Queens. Let’s just say, everyone was excited you were back, as they thought you were dead. You weren’t exactly dead, just, different.

And now you could at least help the Spider-Man defeat the crimes. It would take some training, though.

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Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Jyushimatsu 06 - The passionate battle! Extreme sport!

Jyushimatsu 06 - The passionate battle! Extreme sport! 

Jyushimatsu: Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Baseball! Basebaaaaaall! 

Ichimatsu: Ughhhh… 

Osomatsu: Ah, I’m really bored. Jyushimatsu always looks like he’s having fun, I’m jealous. 

Choromatsu: How about going to pachinko? 

Osomatsu: I went yesterday, and lost, so I don’t have any money. Aghh, can’t I win the lottery or something, even just ¥100,000 would be fine. 

Choromatsu: You haven’t even bought a ticket in the first place, have you!? 

Karamatsu: Heh… even if dreams can’t be achieved, we still pursue them, that is a man’s spirit of adventure… 

Jyushimatsu: Swing! Swing! Swing! Swing! 1285! 1286! 1285! 

Choromatsu: The numbers went backwards again!? 

Jyushimatsu: Alright, we’ve still got a way to go! 

Ichimatsu: I’m going to die. 

Todomatsu: Ichimatsu-niisan plays the bat a lot, doesn’t he. Well, Jyushimatsu-niisan having him do that is weird no matter how you think about it though. 

Osomatsu: Don’t you think that the level of Jyushimatsu’s love of baseball is a bit on the insane side? And in a really weird way. 

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How We First Met

This is one edition to a series that I plan to write about all of Evan x reader’s firsts. (for example: first kiss, first argument, first “I love you”, etc.) This series is purely just for fun, so I apologize if it is poorly written or doesn’t have a strong plot. This series was inspired by a former tumblr user who wrote a first series about a few of her favorite celebrities.

Word Count: 631. short, sweet, and to the point

Warning: literal anxious children

Pairing: Evan Hansen x Reader

A pair of small eyes peered around the large classroom, looking over new books and new chairs and new… people. Evan clung to his mother’s leg as he took in the new environment. The first day of preschool was hard for everyone, but Evan seemed to be having more trouble with the whole notion of staying at school than the average 4 year old. 

“Evan, honey, look at all cool toys they have! Don’t you want to go play with the other kids?” Evan’s mom, Heidi, said sweetly to her son. Evan only tightened his grip on his mother’s navy pant leg. Tears welled in his eyes as he shook his head no.  Heidi sighed softly and ran her fingers through her son’s hair. She knew Evan would be shy on his first day, but she hadn’t expected this. 

“Ev, you’re going to stay here with your new teacher Ms. Adams and I’ll be back soon. I promise I’ll come back to take you home but I have to go to work first,” Heidi tried explaining. She crouched down so that she was eye-level with her son. By now Evan was a total wreck, shaking his head as tears rolled down his rosy cheeks. He felt his teacher try to take his hand to lead him away from his mom, but Evan was determined to stick to Heidi like glue. 

“Hey,look what I got for you!” A new, small voice squeaked. Evan looked through tearful eyes at the person who had called his attention. It was a small girl who smiled widely at him. Her hair was pulled back into two messy ponytails and her hand clutched the stem of a dandelion. She stood right next to Evan, stretching out her small arm so that the dandelion was in front of his face.

“It’s from my backpack so it’s a little squash'ded but… It’s a happy flower! So when ya hold it makes you happy and keeps ya safe! You try!” The girl said excitedly. She had the hugest smile on her face and bounced on her toes as she waited for Evan to take the dandelion. Evan slowly let go of his mother, his small hand wrapping around the cool, green stem of the plant. Evan sniffled softly as he stared down at the ‘flower’. His mother kissed the top of his head gently and took the opportunity to head off to work. 

The feeling of the dandelion’s stem against Evan’s soft skin calmed him. It’s bright yellow top reminded him of the warmest summer day. He sniffled and quickly wiped away the tears clinging to his face with his green ninja turtle sleeve. 

“I’m y/n. What’s your name?” The small girl asked softly. She looked at him with a soft smile, afraid to scare her new friend away. 

“I-I’m uh… Evan Hamsen,” Evan whispered softly, a mixture of a lisp and nervousness culminating to cause Evan to pronounce his last name wrong.

“Evan? That’s a pretty name!” Y/N exclaimed. Evan blushed, looking down at his light-up shoes. Y/N giggled and looked at him with starry eyes. Her heart soared as she saw Evan slowly calm down. Evan just stood there stiffly, his arm outstretched and holding on to the dandelion. 

“Well you can’t play with the flower in your hand, silly goose! Here, I’ll fix it for ya,” The small girl giggled. She took the plant from Evan’s hand and, surprisingly, Evan let her place it gently behind his ear. All of Evan’s perceived fears melted away, relaxing shoulders and turning his frown into a toothy grin. Evan’s eyes met Y/N’s kind visage and he knew that he would like school as long as Y/N was right besides him. 

  • Title: Pull
  • Pairing: Jake x MC (romantic), Diego x MC (not romantic) and Mike x Jake (not romantic)
  • Summary: Jake and MC discuss what each of them thinks about soulmates. My entry for #ChoicesCreates @hollyashton@lauraotaku2234


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Quietness sat between them comfortably, both of them looking at the shining stars and pale moon that contrasted with the black sky. There was a light breeze that had pushed them closer, his arm lazily resting on her shoulder to give her more heat, as they both lunged on the hammock.

Everybody else was sleeping, and when the girl suggested they went down to have a couple of beers and enjoy the silence, he couldn’t refuse. There was something about the way that she spoke to him, the way that she carried herself with him, that made it almost impossible for him to say no to whatever she might propose.

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A Surprising Christmas Present - Chapter 1

(Read on ao3)

For the first time in his life, Harry is alone on Christmas Eve, well not completely alone. He still has the company of his cat Amelia. His friends have drifted away from him after his godfather’s death and he can’t blame then. He wasn’t easy to be around for several months. But now he wishes they were here with him. He wishes he was over at his best friend’s house and celebrating with his family.

Amelia struts along the back of the couch Harry is sitting on, clearly bored. Harry looks at her with a smile. She is incredibly proud, even for a Siamese cat. She shunned him for days when he accidentally stepped on her tail once. She rubs her head on his and then jumps off. He doesn’t have to watch her to know she’ll disappear into his bedroom. She probably decided to get some sleep as there’s nothing more exciting to do at the moment.

An hour later, Harry decides it is time for dinner and before he prepares his own, he scoops cat food into Amelia’s bowl and calls her. When she doesn’t come strutting out of his bedroom, he is confused and goes to see whether she’s still sleeping. When he enters the room he is greeted by two empty beds, one for cats and one for humans and left even more confused and a little worried. He calls out for her again – maybe she just found a different cosy corner to nap in – but gets no response. When he can’t find her in the other rooms in his flat either, he concludes she must have taken off on her own. He leaves her alone in the flat quite often, it wouldn’t surprise him if she had found ways to get out of his small flat to explore the whole building.

He sets off to find her so he won’t be completely alone this evening. His first stop is the flat next to his where just a few weeks ago a guy about his age moved in. Upon hearing Christmas music from inside, he rings the bell and patiently waits for the door to be opened. He doesn’t have to wait long until his neighbour does – he’s even more handsome up close, Harry notices – and waits for him to say something.

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Day 14: Quack Pack

So that cartoon about anthropomorphic ducks living in a world with humans and amazing technological inventions was WEIRD right?

Well… prepare for the same thing.

The Bizarre thing about Quack Pack is that on a premise level it sells itself as a sort of sequel to Duck Tales. It stars Donald and Daisy but an older/teenage Huey/Duey and Louie and that’s fine until you start to notice the cracks. See: Ducktales takes place in a romanticized Americana setting where crazy future robots and aliens can exist but so can undiscovered civilizations, vintage cars and old school crime bosses. The people of Ducktales world were also still anthropomorphized animals. You had other ducks but also Dog Faces (like Goofy) and occasionally like a goose or two.

Quack Pack takes place in a modern (well 90′s anyway) setting where there are humans. Like straight up HUMAN HUMANS. So like… is this the same world as The Mighty Ducks? Are Donald/Daisy from the Duck Homeworld and came to earth with 3 babies who’ve become teenagers in the modern era? Or did humans suddenly appear in between Ducktales and now?

ANYWAY this show has had two robot girls. One episode in which also involves mind control weirdly enough.

The firs one involves one of the boys encountering a girl next door and developing a crush on her (dude you’re a duck) but it’s okay because she’s a robot!? And so is her wierd 1950′s throwback family? Developed by the military? This episode was wierd but ANYWAY.

Big episode revolves around Huey (or Duey or whoever) getting braces (HE’S A DUCK HE DOESN’T HAVE TEETH) but it turns out it’s actually a mind control device created by a criminal organization. And he uses it to make a buncha people do whatever he wants and goes on a power trip

commanding cheerleaders to sing his praises. Why are the ducks aroused by the very human women. Anyway the evil organization sends this really beautiful woman to seduce __ey and then she pulls off her skin and reveals herself to be a robot assassin.

Who constantly tries to keep herself shiny and chrome so she can Enter Valhalla? You know I’m not one to make “OH MAN WHAT DRUGS WERE THEY ON!?” jokes because I think that undermines the creativity of the human mind and also oversells the potential effects drugs have on the brain but Disney animation staff of the 90′s? You must have had some very interesting creative assemblies is all I’ll say. What I would give to be a fly on the wall when this episode was being pitched.

anonymous asked:

I know you're probably supper loaded with prompts and stuff, but would you mind ( whenever you have time) writing a natsume prompt about natsume and that one girl who defended him about the broken glass (the one who noticed he needed a haircut) at his old school. Sorry I don't remember the episode!

adachi is an oc from this prompt fill. turns out i’ve adopted him gsflflkhjf. he’s barely in this but i felt the need for that disclaimer regardless


A bewildered Toyomatsu takes the pencil from Yuriko’s imperiously outstretched hand, and leans over the table to scribble directions on an empty page in her notebook. His round-framed glasses slip an inch down his nose as he does, bangs falling forward and flicking neat parentheses into his eyes. Junko giggles good-naturedly at the sight.

“That’s the route the cycling club took,” Toyomatsu says, adjusting his glasses. Yuriko turns the notebook towards herself, scanning the page eagerly. “It’s a rural town, and really small. Easy to miss, but it looked nice.”  

“Like a well-kept secret,” Junko says, leaning forward on her elbows. Her smile is crooked and cute and makes Yuriko smile in turn, every time, without fail. “You’ll tell Natsume I said hi, won’t you?”

“Of course I will,” Yuriko says fondly, and folds the notebook closed with unending care. “We have the day off tomorrow, so I’ll go then. Thank you, Toyomatsu, this means a lot to me.”

Natsume lingers, like the perfume of a person who left the room minutes before Yuriko arrived. He occupies her mind in small ways—she thinks of him when she climbs the steps to her favorite shrine, when she opens an umbrella against heavy rainfall, when an impatient parent raises their voice at a somber child in a convenience store—and he’s dear to her, for all that she didn’t know him for very long, and didn’t know him very well.

Now it feels as though someone’s pried open her ribcage and stuffed it full of sunlight. She’s going to see him again.

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TOP 10 GIRL MEETS WORLD CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers)
10 = “Corn Chip” Dave & Evan the Sherpa ( tie )

“She’s actually too nice to make someone the goose!”

“See, when you bring people to a place they’ve never been before, and they realize they’ve finally made it, it’s this look on their faces that makes it all worthwhile. Well, they look like the whole world has new possibilities. It’s a certain look. I know it when I see it.”


Scrap drawings! …comic’s still on the way! Promise! XD

Just some small stuff I scribbled between work and drawing the Special comic. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it out sometime this week still! Work’s just being super busy and the comic itself is looking like at least 24 stickynotes (and some of them have more than one panel per sticky so it’s gonna be a big one).

Vaggie, Charlie, Alastor, Angel, Molly, and the sillhouette wolves I’ve been retooling into extras and background characters belong to @vivziepop! She’s working super hard on getting the actual Hazbin Hotel series into its first pilot so go show her some support! ^w^

And the adorable goose woman above is @gooseworxmusic she makes AMAZING music and is currently working on Horde of Heroes which looks like it’s going to be a very fun webcomic! ^w^

…And Twoey from Little Shop of Horrors and Squip from Be More Chill (which if you haven’t heard of, imagine The Heather’s and Little Shop of Horrors had a really nerdy baby. If that sounds like something you’d be into then go check it out)

HOW I LIFT, Tips and tricks

  1. HOOD/HAIR FIX METHOD : I know it’s very dumb to take young children with you. But I take my 13 year old brother with me and this works very well. So he has a Canada Goose jacket with a big ass hood and it’s handy af for concealing small things. Side tip, wear a few brands so you look too expensive to be lifting. When I want to lift a cute lipstick or something, I take it from behind the row with lipsticks as I shove it into my sleeve so that it looks like I can’t find my color or something. I wait then for a few minutes, search through other lipsticks and stuff. And after waiting for a while, i’m going to pretend as if i’m trying to fix my brother’s hood while dropping the item in there. You can alsonpretend as if you want to fix your hair while dropping it in your hoodie.
  2. BEST WAY CONCEAL ITEMS ON THE GROUND : If you are in a make-up store where make-up is placed from the ground to a teachable height, reach to the items that are the closest to the ground. For example :

Reach for the lowest row and take stuff in your hand to that row and conceal it in your sleeve behind the bag that you have put on the ground. You can use a big bag because if they are going to search in your bag, they are not gonna find shit because the items are in your sleeve. One particular store I go to has the make-up section close to the check-out but the make-up section is also in a corner like the picture above. So they have placed a rack with items that are on sale right next to the make-up. So I don’t have to sit on my knees on the ground to conceal but behind the rack. Since they have racks each way of that particular make-up brand section, you can conceal a lot because it creates a kind of “wall”.

3. HIDE SECURITY TAGS AND RFID STICKERS IN THE CHANGING ROOM : So the first method I use is to collect the clothes you want to lift and one unnecessary item with pockets, like a pants or something. Conceal the clothes under your normal clothes and put the sticker in the back pocket of the pants. For bigger things like a security tag that has to be removed with a magnet or hook : Take a jacket with pockets inside or put them in the hood. Hang them back in the store, not on the rack by the fitting room because they may check the clothes before hanging them back. Method 2 : Tape the stickers and tags under the chair in the changing room. Or chewing gum for stickers ;)

4. HOLE IN POCKET METHOD : I discovered this method when I wore my old jacket. I lifted some make up with my sleeve. when I walked out of the store I put all of the make-up in my pocket and went to the next store. While I was walking to the other store, I noticed that all the make up items disappeared. But I forgot about the hole and the make-up sagged to the back of my jacket because of the hole. Perfect way to lift things without a bag and prevent the LP from finding things in your pockets because they reach for the pockets and bag.

5. CODE LANGUAGE AND LIFTING BUDDY: I used to have a best lifting buddy, like we lifted a lot. We have an “ov card” in the Netherlands for travelling with the bus and train. Because we are students, we can travel free in the whole country so we went to so much big cities and took a small purse with a folded plastic bag in it. We wore the lifted clothes, went to a public bathroom to take off all the clothes. We put them in the plastic bag and asked a store if we could leave the plastic bag there because we had an appointment. We came back and we took the plastic bag back after lifting another store and did the same thing again.

So when we were both in the changing room and one of us was finished earlier, and one of us sat on the chairs by the changing room and we gave signals to eachother. If a employee came to the changing rooms to clear them, and I was done with lifting and ready to leave the changing room, I would ask to my friend if “{name} was online on Facebook. “Yes and he’s typing” means she or he are still here. “He’s offline” means he/she left. So it was safe to leave the changing room.

6. RUBBER BAND AROUND WRIST: Wear a hair band around your wrist and shove lipsticks between your wrist and the hair band. Conceal it with a sweater or jacket.

More tips and tricks are coming, feel free to ask questions.

And most important: Stay safe! ♡

2k Followers & One Year Anniversary!!

Here it is! I’ve reached 2k and am ready to celebrate! I’m going to combine this celebration with the blog’s one year anniversary in October. So this means that what I have for you will be going on for the next two months!

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Why is this exciting?!

Well, I broke an anon’s heart when they thought I was taking requests a few weeks ago. So, below the cut you will find 100 quotes/prompts and I will be doing the writing. You guys provide amazing support and show me so much love!! It’s also been quite some time since I’ve taken requests! Keep reading to read all the details!!!

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