the googly hat


The first two are a bit crappy quality because it was a cellphone in a dark area, (and Lindsay’s is a bit blurry because I was laughing as I took the photo) but this is the first installment of photos from The Googly Hat Takes ConBravo!

(L to R) 

  • Lindsay Ellis: Also known as The Nostalgia Chick and “the mistress of all destiny” at Chez Apocalypse. True to her character, she took this unamused photo but in reality she was actually very nice and really funny. It was awesome meeting her again.
  • Antonella Inserra:but to most of the internet, she goes by Nella. It was my first time meeting Nella and we were all super excited about her being there. The hat and Nella seemed to share a bonding moment, but with a hat like this, it’s hard not to. Plus, the photo turned out to be really adorable.
  • Elisa Hansen: to some she’s the Makeover Fairy, to others she’s the Maven of the Eventide. Regardless, seeing her again was great. I just happened to randomly meet her in the hall, which explains why the photo is clearer than the others. Afterwards, we got to talk about Awoken, which I had already read a few chapters of while in lines.