the goodwill project


Truly surprised by the outcome in tonight’s Project Goodwill show. My very first award and it’s first place ♡ huge shout out to my beautiful model @honeytoastie for making this a reality

Our challenge was to create a look using only items from goodwill, and we were urged to include nontriditional items. Using a pair of trousers, a curtain, scarf, lampshade and a few wreths I made my first award winning look

RFA+SAERAN+V HCs of people in University

My new semester is starting and I decided to do this just in time before V Route (if it actually comes out this August 😅)

-That senior who lead the Freshman orientation that everyone finds really hot
-Star of the theater club
-Actually majors in Education, but was forced by his family
-Does above average with his studies (because he will be booted out of the theater club if he fails)
-The representative of his college for pageants, probably wins them all too
-Smoke break after every subject
-Has more female friends than male
-Goes to school in a motorcycle
-Joins study groups, doesn’t really get any studying done
-That guy who always buy snacks sold in front of the school and never eats in the canteen
-Really popular, everyone knows him!!
-Even people from another school
-His IG and Snapchat stories are always updated with selfies
-Got featured in a magazine article called “University cuties you should know about”
-Captions his photos #DailyGrind

-“LOLOL after class?”
-“LOLOL before class starts? We still have an hour left”
-Goes to the PC Bang rather than getting lunch
-Makes friends with his classmates by inviting them to play LOLOL
-Post Snapchats of his food, manages to make it look unappealing
-Probably stays at the school dormitory and made friends with the school guards
-Always forget to eat his meals on time
-That guy who always complain about being single
-Probably reposts sad quotes about his love life
-His header on social media is 100% definitely his LOLOL wins
-Has the Tinder app but never used it
-Replies after 2 hours (because LOLOL is life)
-Goes to the library for free wifi

-Shares study tips and news on her Facebook
-With the occasional photo of her favourite celebrity
-Dean’s Lister
-Definitely a double major
-Spends so much time in the library the librarians know her
-Only uses Snapchat and Instagram to stalk Zen
-Convenience store aficionado
-Minimalist school supplies
-Her reviewers are on index cards, in coded colors, and probably has a soft and hard copy
-Hates study groups
-Always has coffee on her desk during lectures
-Hates school events but she is always asked to help organize them
-Doesn’t really want to be in the student council but was forced to be the secretary
-Has an ebook and hardbound copy of the school material
-Likes highlighting notes

-That guy who is dropped off to school by his driver
-Brought his pet cat to school once
-A business major and dresses better than his professors
-Member of the student council
-President of the economics club
-Doesn’t care for school spirit; will rarely attend games and events unless attendance is mandatory
-Doesn’t eat lunch at school; goes all the way to a restaurant to eat
-Give his professors donuts not because he is sucking up to them but because he believes in goodwill (lolololol)
-Hates group projects; will do everything by himself without being asked
-That guy who takes his exams in advance because he’s traveling with family
-Probably has no Facebook DP
-He posts pictures of his cat all the time and no one likes it because its always blurry

-Drives to school in different fancy cars everyday
-Road trip everyday with his classmates
-Spams his timeline with memes
-Tweets about everything that happens to him (“Ran out of HB chips >.< Otw to the store to get some more!)
-A lot of girls actually has a crush on him because of his outgoing personality
-Probably went to school once in pajamas
-Actually in the dean’s list
-Can graduate early but doesn’t care enough
-Has no clubs
-SCHOOL SPIRIT!!! Probably dressed as the mascot at a game once
-Sells weed, doesn’t smoke weed
-Always has the latest gadgets
-Eats in class
-Lives off ramen, chips, and soda but actually has money to spend
-Always sits at the back with his earphones on

-Commutes to school (would die of embarrassment if he hitched a ride with his brother)
-Denies Seven is his brother
-Impossible to find on social media
-Smokes weed with his classmates, not aware they bought it from his brother
-Has a lot of extra curricular clubs for the extra credit
-Has a tattoo that everyone wants to see
-Tries out every new food place that pops up near campus
-Probably has a girlfriend from another school that no one knows of
-Always wears a face mask because he is 1.) sickly, and 2.) so no one realises he looks like Seven
-Pretends to be listening to music so no one talks to him
-First to arrive in class, also the first one to leave
-No one can get a hold of him when they need him (i.e: group projects)
-But he actually helps in group projects
-Hates study groups but wouldn’t deny the help
-Always has candy in his pocket
-Is never updated with what’s happening in school
-Probably went to school once when there was no class because he didn’t know it was a holiday

-Take photos for the school publication
-Always excused in class when there’s an event because he has to take photos
-Above-average grades
-That guy who always has a girlfriend but isn’t a player
-That guy who has a polaroid of him and his girlfriend on his ID
-Once deleted his Instagram and made a new one because his girlfriend and him broke up, and it had a lot of pictures of them
-Probably secretly smokes
-Has a lot of social media followers because of his aesthetic posts
-“Did you see what Jihyun posted? I wanna go there too!” Is a common phrase among other students
-Always share posts about aesthetically pleasing movies, photos, etc.
-Attends school events because he actually wants to