the good, the bad and the queen


Hi everyone,

I’m downsizing a lot of my music / music memorabilia and 90% of that stuff is Damon related. I really want my old magazines and t-shirts and the like to go to some dedicated fans so I’m selling about half my collection on ebay. Everything will have free shipping!

Keep on eye on this space as there is LOADS more stuff coming in the future. 

Prices and ebay links -> here 

What we know so far about the new TGTBTQ album:

  • “I’m doing another record with the Good the Bad and the Queen. We’re doing that in May. That’s not GarageBand at all. That’s just the four of us playing live, straight on the floor.”
  • “I see the Good, the Bad and the Queen record as being a soul version of Parklife. It’s stories about Britain – as it is now. We’ve been up in [the English seaside resort] Blackpool. That’s where I’ve been getting my energy for that. I decide on places, and I like sticking to it. Everything has to happen in my head in that place. It’s cinematic in my head.” 
  • He teases it as his first “post-Brexit commentary” and says it’s so far an extension of the first album but with a more soulful direction and more Afro-centric rhythms, describing the whole thing as being “an Afro-soul Parklife, if that’s possible.” 
  • “I’m recording with The Good The Bad and The Queen and it’s a completely acoustic thing. There are some keyboards but it’s more like piano and a Hammond organ”
  • Tony Visconti as producer? -> “He doesn’t offer any details or concrete plans yet, but also reveals he’d recently talked with producer Tony Visconti (famed for his work with David Bowie) about working on something — something also involving Paul Simonon.