the good witch's gift

🎃 31 Magical Movies 👻

Happy Month of Halloween everyone! To celebrate, here’s a list of movies for the marathons y’all are surely planning – I can’t be the only one, right?

I tried not to include anything too scary – just ‘cause I don’t personally like those! But all of them involve magic or witches in some way, and there’s technically more than 31 because…some movies have sequels!  🎃👻

🎃 Bedknobs and Broomsticks
👻 Kiki’s Delivery Service
🎃 The Craft
👻 Practical Magic
🎃 The Last Keepers
👻 Hocus Pocus
🎃 Chocolat
👻 Mistress of Spices
🎃 Woman on Top
👻 The Worst Witch
🎃 The Good Witch +  Its 5000 Sequels: The Good Witch’s Garden, The Good Witch’s Gift, The Good Witch’s Family, The Good Witch’s Charm, The Good Witch’s Destiny, The Good Witch’s Wonder
👻 Beetlejuice
🎃 What Dreams May Come
👻 Spirited Away
🎃 The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
👻 The Mists of Avalon
🎃 Howl’s Moving Castle
👻 Eve’s Bayou
🎃 I Married a Witch
👻 Halloweentown + Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge
🎃 The Witches of Eastwick
👻 Labyrinth
🎃 Matilda
👻 The VVitch
🎃 The Wicker Man
👻 Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost (I know, I know, but still)
🎃 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone + Y’ALL KNOW THE SEQUELS
👻 The Love Witch
🎃 Twitches
👻 The Fountain
🎃 Stardust

Sonder, Chapter 2 - A Slip of the Tongue

A/N: I was so happy to see you liked the first chapter… writing Blackinnon is always so much fun! ;) Thank you for the feedbacks, and please let me know if you’d like to be tagged.

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Sonder Masterlist

“I don’t know why everyone likes her so much,” Sirius grumbled not much after Marlene stepped into the library. As she walked down the aisle between the tables and the rows of bookshelves, she could feel the eyes on her back, even though she didn’t pay much attention to it. “I mean, she has a nice ass, but that’s the end of her good qualities.”

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I must have been such a good witch this Sabbat wheel to deserve all these amazing gifts from my secret Santa @xxmoon-sistersxx !!! I love love love love all of it, it’s all so perfect and so me!! (I just got some rose quart earrings that match the necklace so perfectly! and my partner will not stop smelling the coffee soap! Lol I also used the lotion last night before bed because my skin was so dry it was a life saver! 2 of my genie bottles broke on their way here, but I am getting super glue tomorrow to try to fix them :D) Every thing is so amazing and wonderful and I’m gonna cry from happiness!

THE WANDERER [partII] - for male witches on the run… they’ll never stop running, magic in their blood stronger than the tides, an impossible force to tame (sly and ever-changing, shredding their skin along the way, their loyalties to none but themselves)

i.mausam & escape - A R Rahman / ii.echelon - 30stm / and the storytellers - jamin winans / iv.witchcraft - maJiKer / v.leave the riches - son lux / vi.exile - hurts / vii.the fuel - sneaker pimps / running - the burned / ix.crossroad - audiomachine / x.rising - son lux


There’s a coldflashweek fic challenge this week, but I wanted to do art instead. One of their prompts was witches/warlocks, and instead of HP, I thought of an alternate form of “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”

So quick explanation for this verse: every town has a local witch or two, they’re considered good omens, and giving them sincere gifts often earns a person their protection or at least their friendship.

Barry made the mistake of assuming their new witch was going to be a female, so he had given Len a bow. It was an honest welcome gift though, so Len wears it anyway, and it’s not like he cares what people say about his fashion habits.

In this moment he’s offering Barry a ride. (blame @mockingbird-22 for the flash of red panties XD)

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anonymous asked:

what type of creature / monster / being would momo and tsuyu be ( for the halloween ask ) ?? thank you !

(Kappas are described as water monsters and idk if they’re explicitly turtles bc all the art shows that but lets pretend she’s a frog Kappa.)

Asui Tsuyu:

  • Tsuyu would be a Kappa.
  • Kappas are actually quite friendly, contrary to popular belief. Tsuyu hates the rumors that they drown people who come too close to the waters edge; she, personally, has always helped any child or adult who fell into the water and couldn’t swim. She actually learned to keep an eye out for children who wander too close to the waters edge. If you show her disrespect she becomes quite scary, but it rarely happens because it’s hard to be mean towards a friendly monster who just saved your child. She is still very wary of interaction from humans, but is comfortable around most monsters (specifically Sirens and Mermaids).

Yaoyorozu Momo:

  • Momo would be a witch.
  • She’s a friendly witch who spends a lot of time alone in her room, reading up on potions and spells and trying to be the best she can be. She does crave friendship, and is very good at making gifts for other monsters. Among the witch community she’s considered incredibly intelligent, and will often tutor young witches in brewing potions or practicing simple, helpful spells. She refuses to use her magic for evil, and has very high morals, finding it hard to use her magic for anything unruly or mischievous.
Witches 2


“Burn the Witch!” People roared with anger as Lapis was tied to a wooden pole. She cried out for help, for them to spare her, that she hadn’t done anything to hurt them, and never would.

All she’d wanted was herbs to store in her hollow for winter so she could heal herself if she got sick, and she would gladly share it with others. But she had been caught near the river, using her hydrokinesis to clean off the plants, they beat her mercilessly, chained her up, and mocked her when she’d begged for food or water.

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