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Can you do a Bill S. imagine where he’s at an interview and he gets all blushy and cute when they start showing pictures of you two together and you guys always slay red carpet events 💗           

Annon 2:
Can you do one where Bill is telling the story of him scarring his wife (reader) and she hits him out of instinct and immediately she feels bad about it? Thanks💛

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader      

A/N: Woooow! thanks for all the likes and good vibes with my previous writing, that means a lot to me <3 here’s another one because my crush on Bill is getting bigger and bigger :3 sorry for my bad english and I hope you like it <3

Title: Social experiment

They were just a few days before the world premiere of ‘It’ film, which was expected to be a success due to good reviews from websites such as Rotten Tomatoes among others, Bill had been invited to an interview to Ellen DeGeneres Show and he was more than excited to talk about the movie, so there he was, behind the scenes waiting to be introduced by Ellen to enter to the small stage, suddenly heard his name and entered as he was told.

He ran into a huge crowd which applauded and screamed to see him, his wife was in the front row and stood up like everyone else to receive him

Ellen greeted him and made some strange grimace at noting his large height, especially because she wasn’t very tall, she told him to sit on a small beige couch, Ellen sat in front of him on another identical couch.

“wooow… what a good genetics” the audience laughed

“thank you” replied Bill, smiling at her

“Well, Bill, your siblings Alexander and Gustaf have already been here, both agreed to kiss me, I hope you do too, it’s for a social experiment” the audience laughed and Bill too

“Oh Ellen!, I wish I could support you in your social experiment, but you know, my wife is among the public and I doubt she’s very happy with it” The audience laughed even harder and the camera focused on Y/N, his wife, who also laughed

“Look at her, I’m sure she will agree to support me in my experiment” The camera refocuses on Y/N and could read on her lips saying, “go ahead” and Bill laughed ashamed buried his face in his hands, they were always this playful and they loved to make a fool of each other from time to time “Well, I have her approval Bill, but we can leave it for later. Now I want to focus on your new movie, It, where you play Pennywise”

“That’s right”

“Then, tell us, how someone as handsome as you, can play this devilish and horrible clown”

“You just said it, you know, it’s in my genetics to play psycho and attractive characters”

“Were you an It fan before you got the role?”

“Well, I remember watching the 90’s movie, and I also remember sleeping with the light on for the rest of the year, so I could say yes, I was a fan”

“We already know that your wife is here with us, you have a short time being married, am I wrong?”

“We’ll celebrate our first anniversary next month” he smiled victorious “we’re excited about it”

“Oh wow! Congratulations Bill, look, here we have some pictures of you two” on the big screen behind them began to appear images of they both in different places, walking her French Bulldog, going to Starbucks and especially on red carpets and movie premieres “You both look very in love, eeh” Bill began to feel his cheeks burn and he gave a shy giggle

“We are, Ellen, Y/N is one of my favorite people in the world, she knows how to show up the best of me in the worst moments” The public said an ‘awwwwweee’, seeing to Bill so in love” I mean, every time I see her, I feel like the first moment I met her”

“How did you meet her?”

“I was visiting my brother Gustaf on Vikings set, she’s part of the cast and was wearing those weird clothes…. I could only think “that woman’s so hairy” then I realized that it was the makeup” The public laughed out loud and Ellen too

“What did she say to you when you told her that you were chosen for the role of Pennywise the dancing clown?”

“She was like ‘Fuck yes, dance to me clown daddy’” Y/N laughed along with the public and her face turns red like a tomato because those were the exact words that she had used when her husband told her that he would play Pennywise

“It’s not going to be necessary to ask her if she’s fan of the book” said Ellen, who was laughing too

“Not at all”

“I heard that both are very pranksters, and that you love to make each other all kind of heavy jokes” on the screen appear small videos taken from Y/N Instagram, where she scared Bill on countless occasions and he fell in each one of her jokes, from the smallest to the worst “We found this video on Finn Wolfhard Instagram“ a short video where Y/N appeared entering Bill’s trailer on ‘It’ set, was on the screen “We don’t have much information, we only know that Finn was dying with laughter and decided to publish it with the caption  ‘LMAO, HE DESERVES THIS, SHE’S MY IDOL’  Do you want to tell us a little more about this?” she asked

Before he could say a word, Bill started to laugh and took a drink of water “Actually, there’s a very good story behind that video, it almost cost me my fiancée, but it was worth it, until a certain point of course.  You’ll see, Y/N had made me a very heavy, like really heavy joke, so I had planned my revenge and Finn had agreed to help me, we were in the city filming some scenes, my car was in the workshop and Y/N had me taken to the set in the morning and would pick me up at night, about eight o’clock, so… She arrived and she already knew that she could park the car in my place. She called me by the phone and said she was waiting for me, but I told her to get off the car and wait for me on my trailer because I was talking with Andy and it was going to take a few more minutes. Actually, I was in my trailer, full dressed as Pennywise, even my makeup artist was behind all this because she accepted to wait to remove my makeup once I had fulfilled my plan. Then, Finn was hiding in front of my trailer and filming everything from the outside, I had left my phone inside recording everything and then he would help me to edit it. I was hidden in my trailer and the lights were completely off, I heard Y/N approached and opened the door. She couldn’t turn on the light when she tried and it was when my revenge began.  ‘Hi Y/N’, I said in my Pennywise voice and I started to laugh, ‘You’ll float too’ and I appeared in the dark laughing like a maniac, making all that clown stuff and running towards her, but instead of being scared or I dunno know, perhaps by instinct, she hit me in the face and then in my throat or she tried, but I fell to the ground and my nose began to bleed exaggeratedly” the public and Ellen began to laugh and Y/N put her hands hiding her face feeling guilty again “She approached me and when she saw my state, she panicked and pulled me out of the trailer, that’s where you can see Finn laughing at saw my nose bleeding, Y/N instantly repented, well, she repented and then when we went to the hospital, I still full dressed as a clown to get x-rays and realize that my nose wasn’t broken, she said “you deserve it”, that’s when I decided not to bother my wife never again when she just arrived from her kick boxing class”

“Did you sleep on the couch that night?”

“Uhhm, not exactly, she felt really bad for hitting me, my nose was very swollen”

“She’s lucky not having sanctions for domestic violence in her records, uh?” Ellen joked “What about kids?  Have you planned to have any?  You would give us very beautiful babies”

“Oh, thank you, Ellen” Bill laughed “But we’re not interested yet. Both Y/N and I are very focused on our careers, maybe in the future, but not now”

“That sounds good Bill!  And just to say goodbye, could you make that characteristic Pennywise’s smile?”

“Of course, for which camera?”

“Number two” Bill turned to the camera and made the smile, the audience applauded and gets excited “thank you Bill! I hope to have you here again very soon!”

“I hope so  Ellen, it was a pleasure” He stands up to say goodbye and Ellen kissed him for her “social experiment” the audience applauded and Bill turns red with embarrassment, he had completely forgotten about that…

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Makin’ Magic Happen

Porn Star!Sam x Porn Star!Reader AU—So entirely NSFW

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

Summary: You get to work with Sammy Winchester for the first time, Mr. Big Cock Super Star
Pairing: Sam/Reader
Word Count: 5.9k
Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (both female and male receiving), kinda choking, hair pulling, spanking (like, only one little spank, but it’s a good one), come play. It’s filthy porn, y’all.
A/N: This is the prelude to a series I’m currently working on. So, get used to reading Sam as a porn star. And maybe—just maybe—some other spn characters as well. Guess you’ll have to wait ;)
update: some users have had trouble opening the fic on Tumblr, so here is the AO3 link if you find yourself unable to open it as well. Sorry for the inconvience!

You walk on set in your typical fashion—hair tied up in a messy bun, prescription glasses resting on the bridge of your nose, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt with a grande latte with double espresso in your freshly manicured hand. Part of you dreads how long the day is going to be with shooting and scene preparation, while the other part buzzes with excitement.

“You ready for your scene today?” Penny, your agent, asks, face glowing with just as much excitement. You give her an enthusiastic smile and a quick nod. “Good,” she smiles back, hands coming up to grab at your shoulders, her deep green eyes catching yours. “Sammy’s the best in the business. I hear his cock’s insured for a million dollars.”

“That seems a bit drastic,” you murmur before finishing off your latte.

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Safe and Sound

The Request: The reader and Negan get into a huge fight over something (what it’s over is up to you, lol) and the reader is fed up/hurt and decides to sneak out and leave The Sanctuary. She comes across another group, and they seem fine at first, but it turns out they’re not, and they’re horrible (to her, and to other people, to what extent is up to you). Because they’re horrible, one day they fuck with the wrong person (Negan, lol) and they steal his stuff or maybe ambush his people (like Rick did, only they do it to get supplies) and so, he’s obv gonna find and punish them. When he comes to punish them, he sees the reader and can tell they’ve been awful to her, so after he’s through giving the assholes what they deserve, he saves her, tells her he’s sorry, and that he loves her?  And basically, just as happy an ending. 

Characters: Negan, Reader (OC), Simon, Other OC characters 

Rating: Mature (For Swearing & Dark Situations)

Warnings: Swearing, Threat of Rape (not by Negan), Abusive Situations, Some Fluff.

Notes: I absolutely adore the person who requested this, so I hope it’s okay. I thought of making this multiple parts because it’s kind of long, but decided in the end to make it a short story one shot. Hope it’s good enough! 

AO3 Link: (I had the wrong one in there originally. Oops)

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It’s Ways (Lucifer Morningstar)

Character: Lucifer Morningstar
Words: 860
Warnings: Just some good ol fluff
Request:  your lucifer imagines are sooooooooo good! can I ask for one? YN is his wife (angel a fallen angel) but she’s completelt his oposite: humble,likes kids and everyone wonders how she’s still with him ( it’s an amazing show and I think that’d be hilarious,and adorable ;)

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Ford had always been an organized girl, and it all stemmed from the first time she came back with a grade less than an impeccable “A.”

It was in her first year of middle school.

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Fun With Boss

Last sunday I(Archu) had fun with my hubby boss n his wife n one of his colleagues….

I told lie with my in-laws that we r going for movie with my child but only we both knows the truth that am going for fun alone n Sam will take my child for movie…..

He dropped me at their house n went for movie with my child….

As I reached there they were eagerly waiting for me….
They welcomed me with tea n juices…..meanwhile we all started talking n trying to know each other….they were 45 & 43 aged cpl with kind hearted n open minded n lovable cpl…..

His colleague(age 27) came with drinks n snacks….. we all started taking drinks n snack n both men said they want to see striptease n lesbo session from both ladies…. we both ladies got ready….

We both ladies started dancing on music n started striptease ourselves slowly n slowly n seducing them….

We took off our clothes n throw at their face to smell ours lingerie…. they started smelling n licking ours lingerie n started passing comments like “U both ladies r real slut n whore housewife who knows how to enjoy this lifestyle”…we both ladies started kissing sucking each other to which they said “Our real life slut lesbo ladies….great show….CHEERS🍺🍺

Then we moved to them(I went to boss n she went to colleague) n took off their clothes one by one slowly n slowly….. then we both ladies took off their undies by our mouth n their dick was fully erected n saluting both ladies….we both ladies dip their dick one by one in our drinks n drank it n licked their dick which was dipped in our drinks….

They both started pouring drinks on ours boobs n started drinking it from ours boobs….slowly slowly they started pressing n sucking our boobs….

Then they poured drinks on my stomach n navel n started licking n sucking it….then slowly slowly drinks came down near my pussy n he(boss) started licking it n sucking it as it was wet…..he started fingering it slowly slowly….then he turned me back n dropped his drinks on my back started licking from my asshole till my neck……we started kissing passionately sucking each others tongue…..he was kissing my neckline then arms armpits then boobs…..started playing with my boobs pinching it chewing it hard n sucking it n pressing it hard…..then he went down to lick n suck my clean shaved pussy….he was so much passionate n great sucker n licker that it cant be explained in words…..he then finger fucked me….

After that it was my turn to love him so I started kissing him passionately….. meanwhile his wife n his frnd started fucking each other but we were not in hurry to fuck each other…..then I went down to his dick which was cleanly shaved n started playing with it….I started teasing it n it was getting hard slowly n finally it was fully erected….I took it in my hand n pressed it hard then I slowly I started removing his foreskin then I took the blood red like his dick head in my mouth n started rolling it in my mouth…. slowly slowly I started sucking it hard n sucking his balls too….he was in dreamland n saying "Archu darling u r best sucker my lovely whore just suck it hard n make it cum” meanwhile his wife was smiling naughtily as they were still fucking in doggy style…..we both den went to 69 pose n started sucking each other…..

Then we both started fucking each other in missionary pose n I was like in heaven by fucking n was moaning loudly……we both ladies were moaning so much that whole room was filled wid fucking sounds….

Then I came in cowgirl pose n then revese cowgirl n started fucking n thumping my pussy like hell….

Then he was about to cum I told him to cum on my boobs….then he cummed on my boobs….

Again his dick started erecting….after fully erection he said he wanna fuck my big boobs n give me boobs job…..he sat on my stomach started giving boobs job to me n in meanwhile his wife was enjoying n kissing his frnd….. he was thumping n giving hard boobs job to me…..after sometimes he was about to cum n then he cummed on my face n boobs again….meanwhile his wife n his frnd also completed their fucking….we all cleaned ourselves n relaxing nude on bed….

As we all were relaxing his frnd came up with an idea that he wants to bang my big rounded ass as he never done it… which boss said let’s have DP with Archu….I agreed to them….

Then after sometimes they started DP with me…..we came in spooning pose means I was in between both of them….boss was fucking my pussy from front n his frnd was fucking my ass from behind…..meanwhile I was moaning so hard that his wife came started kissing me hard n pressing my boobs hard so that i didnt moan…..then we changed our pose n came in cowgirl pose on boss dick n his frnd fucking my ass from behind n his wife sat on his face to suck her pussy n we both ladies kissing each other……the scene was so erotic that no one can imagine….. then finally both cummed on both ladies…..

Then we all cleaned ourselves n bath together n took shower…..meanwhile my hubby too came from movie with my child n took lunch from restaurant for us….

After bathing n fresh up we all took lunch together with them….

After lunch we all kissed each other n bid good bye n returned home with some unforgettable n unimaginable experience….

Hope u guys will enjoy it…..keep loving me like this…..

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30. Out of necessity, please c:

30. cuddling out of necessity, also requested by @brambleberrycottage and @clytemnestrad

Jyn has a glass of liquor halfway to her lips, carefully scanning the ballroom over the rim, when Cassian appears suddenly in front of her: eyes narrow, jaw tight.

He tugs just a moment on the high collar of his suit—he hates the thing, when Jyn not-so-secretly finds hilarious—and then lays a hand on her arm.

“Listen carefully,” he mutters, plucking the glass from her fingers and moving to set it on a side table. “I am over here telling you that I sealed the deal with Kavak. You need to react accordingly, in case we’re being watched.”

Jyn scowls. “So Kavak is selling out to the Empire. That two-faced—”

“Yes dear,” Cassian interrupts, smiling through gritted teeth. His voice is low enough that only she can hear it. “But as you recall, we are with the Empire. So this is good news.”

Right. Fat lot of good it would do to whip out her blaster and shoot Kavak here, in the middle of a damn party; they can’t cause a scene. Which means she needs to react the way an Imperial officer’s wife would, knowing her husband has just made a sinister, behind-doors deal to increase the Empire’s power and their own personal wealth at the expense of the lives of innocent civilians.

“Uh,” says Jyn, managing a crooked smile. “Hooray?”

Cassian blinks at her for a moment, clearly appalled. Then he sets his jaw.

“Don’t hit me,” he mutters, before striding forward and wrapping his arms tight around her, yanking her flush to his chest. One arm snakes around her lower back, palm resting firmly on her hip, and his other hand cups the back of her head, fingers sliding through her hair.

And of course it makes sense: it’s the appropriate strategic manoeuvre, given their situation. What doesn’t make sense is the way Jyn’s breath has caught, the way her heart has started racing, the way the skin of her neck burns where she can feel his breath.

“You need to smile,” Cassian reminds her, his voice a low rumble in her ear. “To make it convincing.”

Jyn tries, but her face refuses to move that way, still frozen in a state of semi-shock. So she does the next best thing: she closes her arms around his waist and buries her head into his shoulder, neatly tucking her face out of view.

Cassian inhales, sharp.

“This work?” Jyn mumbles.

Cassian’s thumb strokes a slow line across the base of her neck, a miniscule motion, something the rest of the room probably won’t even notice.

“Yeah. This works.”

“How long should we stay like this?”

“Oh, uh—” Cassian clears his throat. “Probably just another few seconds.”

“Let’s go a bit longer,” Jyn suggests, glad he can’t see the way her cheeks are surely reddening. “Just to be sure.”

“Okay,” Cassian agrees, voice a touch shaky. “Just to be sure.”

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Halo Nightfall In Cinema First Look

First Look takes you behind the scenes with Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor, executive producer David Zucker, and actors Mike Colter and Christina Chong of the new live action series “Halo: Nightfall”.

Secure your access to “Halo: Nightfall” debuting November 11, 2014 in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, only on Xbox One.

Executive-produced by Ridley Scott, Scott Free TV President David Zucker, and directed by the award-winning Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Pillars of the Earth,” “Heroes”).

Halo: Nightfall is a live action series providing insight into the origin and backstory of legendary manhunter Agent Locke (Mike Colter, “The Good Wife”), a pivotal new character in the Halo universe who will play a key role in Halo 5: Guardians. A strange and treacherous world exposes elite UNSC operatives to a much deeper danger.

Sometimes a film director does not put on screen exactly what he wants, we all know the motives.
There is a whole language behind Thranduil, especially in BOTFA, symbolic, where the Thranduil that he wanted to on the scene is translated.
The immortal warrior, the Lion-King, with all the symbolism that implies, the solar emperor and the doe. Thranduil appears in more than one scene with the doe statue behind him. Lamentations for the dead elves? Not only that, it’s in the background. His important decisions lie under the eyes of the deer’s wife.
I do not agree with the version of Thranduil’s dead wife, but in the film, her omnipresence in all acts of the King is well represented.
Peter Jackson is good at symbolism and through them he tells us the story he really wanted to tell. 


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Seen a lot of people offering their Highspecs headcanons, I was wondering if you'd talk about yours?

THIS ANON IS MY FAVOURITE ANON. bless, yes, i can talk about this for years. my headcanons are so shitty, i’m sorry, haha. 

-They started fucking around sometime relatively early on after they meet. It was a casual thing. Aranea thinks Ignis is rather handsome, entertaining, and smart enough to actually appreciate her. Ignis is intrigued by her, and okay, he doesn’t have much of a life outside of Noctis, so why the hell not?

-Aranea doesn’t expect herself to keep coming back to him, at first, but goddamn that man’s fingers are the thing of fantasies. And Ignis realizes very quickly that he likes a strong woman who can put him in his damn place (when he wants that).

-They keep finding reasons to meet up. Gladio realizes it pretty damn early on. Prompto is terrified of Aranea. Noctis just wishes she’d stop making fun of him.

-Aranea enjoys helping out Ignis with meal prep. Partially because she doesn’t like sitting still when there’s work to be done, but mostly because she likes an opportunity to flirt and tease Ignis.

-She steals his shirts after sex. Ignis doesn’t necessarily appreciate it because she purposely gets them all wrinkled (she likes to drive him insane) but it’s a VERY nice look for her.

-Ignis, in turn, likes to play with Aranea’s hair. It drives her insane because she secretly enjoys it.

-He decides Aranea may in fact be more than just a fun affair when he catches her reading his favourite book. Turns out they have very similar tastes there, too.

-Aranea also has a secret sweet tooth. She’s loathe to admit it when Ignis figures her out, because he starts baking her treats and slipping her little boxes of chocolates, and that errs too close to the side of romance.

-She always takes pride in the fact that she has no vices, but that changes when damn stupid Ignis starts brewing her coffee every morning. She first tries Ebony solely out of curiousity, and he gets her hooked.  Doesn’t help that the scent of coffee reminds her of him. 

-Neither of them talk much of their past, but Aranea’s convinced that Ignis is so high-strung because he needs a damn vacation. She gets him to agree that after all this trouble dies down, they’re absolutely going somewhere of her choice. Never happens, unfortunately. 

-After his injury, Ignis shuts Aranea out. She hunts him down in Lestallum after she lifts them out of Gralea when Noct disappears. Several people may have been threatened with bodily harm. The desk boy at the Leville definitely thinks she’s “Mrs Scientia” for pretty much the rest of time. Ignis is highly amused by this.

-This incident leads to them using the pet names ‘dear husband’ and ‘sweet wife’ for pretty much eternity. Half of Lestallum thinks they’re married, and they definitely play it up. 

-When they become ‘exclusive’ Ignis lets his inner romantic out, and Aranea absolutely has NO idea how to act. Inwardly, she’s squealing like a little girl. Outwardly, she’s smacking him for spending precious gil on flowers (and she’s wondering how the hell he manages to come up with such a good arrangement when he can’t even see the damn thing)

-They make the absolute perfect power couple, the dragoon and her steadfast advisor. Behind the scenes, Aranea’s working tirelessly with Ignis to get him back on his feet. She kicks his ass countless times, and this is definitely when Love happens, damnit.

-The first time Ignis sets foot on the battlefield again, he’s overwhelmed and nearly killed, and Aranea goes into a total bloodrage and absolutely decimates every daemon in sight.

-This is also how Ignis learns that Aranea has a tendancy to nearly get herself kicked out of hospitals for arguing with nurses about ‘adequate care.’

-Marriages don’t really exist in World of Ruin, but there’s definitely rings at some point. They both wear them on chains around their necks. Ignis slips his on his skull pendant. 

I’m going to stop now but only because if I don’t, I never will, lmao. 

anonymous asked:

Well, it seems Rob did look into ur blog and decided to give proof to u and ur followers that his romance with T still going strong and it will never be broken. Good for Rob for not being afraid to bring his woman to the premier, unlike when he was with Kristen who I assumed never wanted the hassle. But now Rob's GF/wife doesn't mind to come at his private work or to his premier to show support, not just behind the scene support. Oh, he looks so happy with T there. Poor u

I stick to my last post!


Better than you fake ass fans and better than this hanger on!

Do you really think a REAL girlfriend or his wife would show up at HIS premiere with a PUBLICIST?!

Would a GF/WIFE pose for pictures with HIS FANS?! Sign AUTOGRAPHS at HIS PREMIERE?! HIS NIGHT!!!

Are you REALLY okay with that behavior?

Rob didn’t show me anything but she showed me EVERYTHING!

She proved once and for all that what I and others have said is true! She’s there for the free PR/Exposure and Rob was cornered. If he reacted negatively and refused to take pictures with her…WHEN HER PUBLICIST REQUESTED…he would have looked like an ass…so he did the only thing he could.

Next move is up to Rob and Kristen. But this once again confirms to me why they stay clear of each other’s events. Neither want to outshine/diminish the event for the other. And that’s exactly what would happen. It would become more about the two of them (which you, anon are attempting to do) than a celebration of their independent accomplishment!

After tonight, I’ve never been more proud for how they handle their relationship and their careers and whatever games they choose to do to throw ppl off the scent of the truth is understood and supported by me and so many other true Rob and Kristen fans.

And if you think I’m lying just check out this video

NOT poor me!!! POOR ROB!

This is a continuation to the H7xEoY ficlet I wrote after episode 2 of TWP (in which Henry secretly visits Lizzie in her confinement). It takes place a few days before episode 3. 

Some of you have asked me to write more so I decided to give it a try. Don’t mind me, have some fluff mixed with angst, I guess. Edit: be warned, it’s cheesy.

In the early hours of the day his study was always quiet. The morning dew rose from the gardens to his windows; the air was fresh, almost holy even. In the quietude of the morning Henry found the perfect time to attend to the constant letters that piled up on his desk. In routine he had found the means to dedicate himself to one of the multiple duties pertaining the King of England, no less burdensome than the one that wielded the scepter or the one that carried the sword.

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