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It’s Ways (Lucifer Morningstar)

Character: Lucifer Morningstar
Words: 860
Warnings: Just some good ol fluff
Request:  your lucifer imagines are sooooooooo good! can I ask for one? YN is his wife (angel a fallen angel) but she’s completelt his oposite: humble,likes kids and everyone wonders how she’s still with him ( it’s an amazing show and I think that’d be hilarious,and adorable ;)

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This is a continuation to the H7xEoY ficlet I wrote after episode 2 of TWP (in which Henry secretly visits Lizzie in her confinement). It takes place a few days before episode 3. 

Some of you have asked me to write more so I decided to give it a try. Don’t mind me, have some fluff mixed with angst, I guess. Edit: be warned, it’s cheesy.

In the early hours of the day his study was always quiet. The morning dew rose from the gardens to his windows; the air was fresh, almost holy even. In the quietude of the morning Henry found the perfect time to attend to the constant letters that piled up on his desk. In routine he had found the means to dedicate himself to one of the multiple duties pertaining the King of England, no less burdensome than the one that wielded the scepter or the one that carried the sword.

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anonymous asked:

Well, it seems Rob did look into ur blog and decided to give proof to u and ur followers that his romance with T still going strong and it will never be broken. Good for Rob for not being afraid to bring his woman to the premier, unlike when he was with Kristen who I assumed never wanted the hassle. But now Rob's GF/wife doesn't mind to come at his private work or to his premier to show support, not just behind the scene support. Oh, he looks so happy with T there. Poor u

I stick to my last post!


Better than you fake ass fans and better than this hanger on!

Do you really think a REAL girlfriend or his wife would show up at HIS premiere with a PUBLICIST?!

Would a GF/WIFE pose for pictures with HIS FANS?! Sign AUTOGRAPHS at HIS PREMIERE?! HIS NIGHT!!!

Are you REALLY okay with that behavior?

Rob didn’t show me anything but she showed me EVERYTHING!

She proved once and for all that what I and others have said is true! She’s there for the free PR/Exposure and Rob was cornered. If he reacted negatively and refused to take pictures with her…WHEN HER PUBLICIST REQUESTED…he would have looked like an ass…so he did the only thing he could.

Next move is up to Rob and Kristen. But this once again confirms to me why they stay clear of each other’s events. Neither want to outshine/diminish the event for the other. And that’s exactly what would happen. It would become more about the two of them (which you, anon are attempting to do) than a celebration of their independent accomplishment!

After tonight, I’ve never been more proud for how they handle their relationship and their careers and whatever games they choose to do to throw ppl off the scent of the truth is understood and supported by me and so many other true Rob and Kristen fans.

And if you think I’m lying just check out this video

NOT poor me!!! POOR ROB!

Halo Nightfall In Cinema First Look

First Look takes you behind the scenes with Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor, executive producer David Zucker, and actors Mike Colter and Christina Chong of the new live action series “Halo: Nightfall”.

Secure your access to “Halo: Nightfall” debuting November 11, 2014 in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, only on Xbox One.

Executive-produced by Ridley Scott, Scott Free TV President David Zucker, and directed by the award-winning Sergio Mimica-Gezzan (“Battlestar Galactica,” “Pillars of the Earth,” “Heroes”).

Halo: Nightfall is a live action series providing insight into the origin and backstory of legendary manhunter Agent Locke (Mike Colter, “The Good Wife”), a pivotal new character in the Halo universe who will play a key role in Halo 5: Guardians. A strange and treacherous world exposes elite UNSC operatives to a much deeper danger.

Thoughts on Cross-ethnic Casting and “The Promise”

I’m going to frame this by saying I don’t have a problem with cross-ethnic casting in and off itself. In the past I’ve been very loud about how demanding ethnic purity in PoC roles, but not for white roles, only hurts PoC actors by further limiting the pool of roles available to them.

For example, as a Japanese-American, I don’t care that John Cho plays Sulu on Star Trek. I’m perfectly happy with him in that role. In fact, if the reboot people had gone to Japan to get a 100% Japanese actor who’d already gotten famous in Japanese media and imported this hypothetical actor just to play Sulu, I would have been angry, because these kinds of actors are not comparable to Asian-Americans (Japanese-American, Korean-American, or otherwise). If they’d gotten a white actor I’d have ten times as angry, Ghost in the Shell level angry, but that’s another topic.

As long as the people whose stories are being told don’t mind it, I don’t mind it. And I knew in advance that since The Promise was produced and promoted by Armenians, I went in with a totally open mind about the cross-ethnic casting.

Having just seen it, I can recommend the movie as an excellent edutainment kind of movie. Many parts were really moving. As an outsider, it taught me specifics of the history while also relating to general themes of genocide, denialism, the survival of the human spirit. It was designed to be a professional, very mass market appeal movie that teaches an English-speaking Western audience about the Armenian genocide, and it 100% succeeds at that goal.

However, I do think there was one mistake with the casting. Not Oscar Isaac, who was incredible, or Shohreh Aghdashloo, another actor I love to death. Charlotte Le Bon as the main female lead was my problem. She’s also a good actress, but she’s about the least Armenian-looking woman they could have possibly gotten for the role. And there’s zero explanation for why. Maybe if her mother had been French or something? But nope.

Whereas Angela Sarafyan, an Armenian-American actress, gets a rather thankless role with maybe three lines of dialogue as Oscar Isaac’s obviously doomed wife.

Once I realized this dynamic, I also realized that while a lot of Armenian men were obviously involved with The Promise behind the scenes, well… a lot of Armenian women probably weren’t.

It’s an issue that cuts across a lot of groups. And it’s sad because actresses like Angela Sarafyan don’t get offered a lot of good roles. She played an Egyptian vampire next to Rami Malek in a Twilight movie and I heard she’s also in Westworld. But except for genre movies and shows, she’s probably only going to be allowed to play “exotic” or MENA roles. The lead female role in The Promise could have been a great chance to let her shine. I hope she does get a chance to shine one day! She’s absolutely gorgeous.

(I wasn’t even going to touch on whether Armenians are white or not, because in the context of the Armenian genocide, it’s a totally irrelevant and insulting question. However, in the context of 2017 Hollywood, it does happen to be a relevant question, just not a question I have any interest in answering. Whiteness is clear in the center, fuzzy around the edges, and a lot of groups fall under those fuzzy edges, that’s all.)

Roman Reigns confession

It makes me laugh at how Roman haters are always trying to make up bullshit that he’s a bad person yet everyone who’s met him had nothing but great things to say about him. People who actually know him praise him for being so respectful, down to earth, and hard working. They’ve even said he helps out the new talent by talking with them and giving them advice on making it in the business. His haters are so desperate to find shit on him. They throw a tantrum every time they find out whoever he’s feuding with in character is actually a good friend of his behind the scenes. Like when he was feuding with Rusev. They were so happy any time Rusev beat down Roman but then they were on Xavier’s gaming channel playing a game together and joking around. His haters got so pissed off about that. They’re doing the same now with him and Braun sightseeing together in Rome even though they’re in the middle of a big feud. It’s pathetic. Roman is a great guy who is just trying to provide the best for his wife and kids. Sorry your life is so shitty that you have to take it out on people like Roman.

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Family — Chapter II

Read the first chapter HERE.

It was an urgent, important, eye-wateringly boring meeting that kept her at DEO headquarters long past lunch time. Fingers tapping against her leg, pen drumming the table, Kara tolerated the powerpoint presentation long into the twentieth slide before slipping out with excuses of an upset stomach. There was an eagerness to return home and she felt a small guilt that it wasn’t just for Lena, though it was quickly overshadowed with excitement.

She did well to dodge Mrs Fairchild in the hallway. She always seemed to sense when Kara was in a hurry, it was in these moments she suddenly appeared outside of her door, yapping dog in tow, droning on about a single bachelor son Kara had never met. Lena always grinned when she came home and complained about their neighbour, always crept up and slipped her hands around Kara from behind and whispered little promises that Mrs Fairchild’s son was no match stacked up against her.

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How to know if you’re a perfectly innocent specimen:
*name is Jillian Holtzmann*


…and like any good performance we had some memes, hilarious injuries and horrible mic interferences that were horribly, terrifically wonderful. So naturally here’s the list.
- “This cow is not as white as milk… It’s wearing a hat! (the witch. Milky white- forgot her "flour” smock and improv’d with a hat)
- The Prince tripping over his own foot: “Ugh Agony”
- The Baker’s wife not quite falling behind the curtain during her death scene, and having to slowly drag herself offstage.
- Jack’s Mother(me)getting wrapped in the curtains on her exit and dabbing violently to prevent someone from entering early and hitting her in the face and all of us nearly losing our shit during ‘No one is alone part 2’
- The Baker dropping Jack’s Mother(me)’s corpse while carrying her offstage.
- When the stepmother was temporarily possessed (mic interference) while cutting off her daughter’s foot
- Me, the Eyelash beauty guru. “When are you starting your beauty guru channel Hope”
- Granny taking off her makeup with babywipes and whispering, “ah yes, the Fountain of Youth”
- our Narrator, kicking out his leg and striking sassy poses to prepare for the spotlight.
- “I raised you well, granddaughter” whenever the granny approved of something red riding hood
- Granny, in Act 2, waiting for Me to die so we can go breathe fresh air and meditate.
- Little Red coming over and staring at GRANNY before turning around and giggling “It’s so creepy” B I T C H IM YOUR GRANDMOTHER WHERES MY FUCKING BREAD
- “Why are bedbugs found on beds but cockroaches not found on cocks” from ME
- “Imagine how terrifying horses would be if they were carnivorous” also from me
- Me holding granny as She broke down on the bathroom floor, in a stall, in a Shari’s almost past midnight .
- granny drinking her disgraceful pepsi that She poured chocolate milkshake into, and doing a spit take as I whispered “Send in the Clowns” (another Sondheim musical song) after her breakdown
- The Prince going blind, backing into and tearing down a tree and ripping his pants up the middle onstage, twice.
- The wolf doing pullups on the door frame of the costume room, hitting his head, falling, starting to bleed, and probably scarring his head.
- The wolf later deepthroating waterbottles in the greenroom.
- The Baker trying to carrying Jack’s Mother’s (Me) corpse offstage and stepping on her hand. TWICE
- one of the princes not waking up from his nap in the greenroom and The other prince giving him True Love’s Kiss™ and him STILL not getting up. WE THEN POURED WATER ALL OVER HIS FACE AND HE STILL DIDNT FUCKING WAKE UP.
- Jack giving Milky White and uppercut onstage during the line “TO SLAY THE GIANT”
- The Narrator sneezing into his microphone midscene (Pre-Agony), the Princes breaking character and snorting into their mics, the audience losing it, and our music director (Kim) losing it. Afterward, Kim prompty forgot that they had a song to sing.
- Repunzal almost falling out of her tower
-one of the princes dropping the bakers wife and snorting into his mic after 'anything can happen in the woods’