the good tim

  • Robert: I've got your money.
  • Tim: It's not that I don't trust you...
  • Robert: (shows the envelope) Have more faith.
  • Tim: I will. Next time.
  • Robert: There won't be a next time. This was a one-time only deal. I told you that.
  • Tim: Believe me, if I wasn't so broke there's no way I'd take your blood money. But now I have, I might need a bit more.
  • Robert: That's not gonna happen. I said I'd get rid of you and now you need to go.
  • Tim: If you want the full Houdini, then I need more. Whether it's from Lawrence or from your cut, I don't care.
  • Robert: The deal was you disappear. For good.
  • Tim: I could do that. But I told you, this isn't enough. I could always tell them this was your idea, so you can be the hero and save the day. How do you think Lawrence would feel knowing I nearly hit his pregnant daughter? You never mentioned she'd be there.
  • Robert: Be careful.
  • Tim: Careful never got me anywhere. I'm being opportunistic. So get me more money or I tell them you put that pregnant woman in danger.
  • Robert: Okay, then. (puts his glass down, picks up the knife) Change of plan.

Reasons to be happy today:

  • Y’all know how every single Wayne child is the maximum amount of dramatic? A truly impressive and extra amount? It’s because they interact almost solely with superheroes and super villains, both of whom speak in full monologues by design. It’s a pretty obvious cause to effect relationship, right?
  • The less obvious part is the true cause of every single bit of it: superheroes, super villains, Wayne children, even the overwhelmingly dramatic aesthetic of Gotham itself. One man is responsible, and his name is Bruce Wayne.
  • Listen, Gotham City is Like That because it’s 100% impossible to live a normal life when there’s a dude in a bat suit posing dramatically on your rooftop. You can’t do it. It’s also impossible to fight said man in a bat suit without monologuing back at him when he starts yelling about Justice and Morality and whatever the hell else he’s on about this week. Furthermore, it is absolutely impossible to be friends with that dude without absorbing the drama, and it’s even more impossible to peacefully be his child.
  • Honestly? The marketing team is just trying to have a normal quarter meeting, but nooooo, Tim and Damian can’t make it through thirty minutes without “YOU SHOULD HAVE KILLED ME WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE,” and frankly this is not what they signed up for. Why do they all talk like that?
  • Yeah, it’s Bruce’s fault. 
  • But why does Bruce talk like that? That one comes down to two factors: the obvious death of his parents and the man that ended up raising him. You see Alfred Pennyworth is a classically trained Shakespearean actor, and that was bound to bleed over.
  • After his parents’ deaths, when Bruce was at his lowest, he remembered all his favorite books. All those heroes suffered, right? Most of them lost everything, but they did the right thing anyway. It helped them, and it helped other people. 
  • And when Bruce decided that he wanted to be a hero, the voice in his head that told him how a hero sounds was Alfred’s. Adventure sounds like Alfred reading The Count of Monte Cristo by flashlight on a stormy night when Bruce couldn’t sleep in the thunder. Heroism sounds like Alfred reciting the legend of Arthur over breakfast on a winter morning while the fog rolls past the windows. Destiny looks like Alfred in a blanket cape, brandishing a stick like a sword– “Let the angel whom thou still has served tell thee, Macduff was from his mother’s womb untimely ripped!”
  • So yeah, Bruce is a little over the top, but who can blame him? He learned from the best.

🎃 🎃  (Even more) Quintessential  Halloween movies and chill? Because once again, it’s just about that time of the year. Les get spooky. 🎃 🎃 


Proud dads


Batman? Batman has the best damn team in the world at his side. 

Joining the Batfamily fandom is like falling into a black hole. You try just dipping your toe in and that damn family grabs your ankle and tugs you in before you know what the hell is happening. Next thing you know you are so far in you can’t claw your way out. The longer you are in that worm hole the more you find and the more they make you not want to leave. And then you find their friends and the rest of the DC universe just completely takes over your life.

  • [at the shoot for the Wayne family calendar]
  • Bruce: That's it. Everyone look like you're gardening.
  • Bruce: Jason, grab that little hoe.
  • Jason: [grabs Tim]