the good the bad and the furry

What I took away from Fantastic Beasts:
  • First moment Percival Graves came on screen I accidentally and audibly said “Daddy” in the theatre
  • I am married to Jacob Kowalski 
  • I am Jacob Kowalski. I am married to myself. 
  • I enjoyed the little furry man who wanted the jewelry
  • First moment Percival Graves started fighting Tina I accidentally and audibly growled “Kill her” in the theatre
  • Realized in that moment I’m a bad person
  • I really love Jacob Kowalski you guys I don’t even give a fuck about wizards actually I just love Jacob Kowalski I would watch a film of him canning beets. 
  • There were some beasts also and they did a good job

Here’s a very cross fox in a dapper WW1-esque uniform. Unfortunately, it’s covered in blood. Just like yesterday’s Art Deco fox, this one came from context-less imagination. I’ll let you decide if he’s fighting for the good guys or the bad guys. I can imagine the instrumental of Muse’s ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ blaring as he slices and blasts his foes to pieces. 


Chenkari Commissions!

$7 for Sketches, $20 for line art, (can be colored loosely if you wish) and $25 for full flat color.

Things I won’t draw :

NSFW, Animals, Muscular people, Mechs, or Furry Things. I’m just not very good at drawing those sort of things, and I don’t want to give you a bad drawing! I don’t do complex backgrounds either because I’m not very good at them. I can give you flat colors with simple designs or transparent backgrounds. This doesn’t apply to the sketch commissions because they are typically semi transparent.

 Please let me know if you want something drawn in a certain way!

Things I’m Best At Drawing :

Feminine characters with fluffy dresses, magical girls, monster girls, especially touhou characters. Those are what I draw the most often, so I have more experience making those sorts of things. OC’s are okay as long as you give me refs! 

Check out more of my art here!

Payment :

I use paypal for my commissions! And I will not draw until I am paid due to previous events. Please contact me through my askbox or messenger for my paypal address.

If you can’t buy something, I would appreciate if you spread the word!

dran-dragoon  asked:

thank you for not drawing furry NSFW stuff, there already enough of them around. And I think its time to clean up the furry community up!

Ahh I’m sorry if I misspoke but no, it’s not that I don’t like nsfw furry art or any nsfw. Some of my good friends are nsfw artists ahaha. I have absolutely no issues with it, I’m a firm believer that sex and lewd artwork shouldn’t be shameful or seen as morally wrong. It makes some people uncomfortable, but discomfort for yiff does not mean it’s wrong.
I mean, I own a bad dragon toy. I think nsfw furry artwork is neat. I don’t even have a set choice NOT to create nsfw artwork, I just end up drawing other things! It’s the same reason I don’t draw, say, alpacas. It’s not that I can’t or don’t like alpacas, it just doesn’t really occur to me as something I’d like to draw in comparison to drawing something else. You like what you like!
The only thing that I think can taint a fandom is nasty people, sexual harassment, immaturity, and mean people, among other things. Drawing consensual, legal, harmless nsfw doesn’t hurt anybody unless your boss is looking over your shoulder at work

anonymous asked:

ah i feel like,,,,maybe not all furries,,,are bad,, thsis sounds so dumb but i was dumb scared of them until i found you on this blog lol

im.. i feel like its not even worth it at this point to correct people who think im actually a furry but u know what i will gladly accept my role as Furry Ambassador to the US if its going to convince ppl that drawing animals doesnt automatically make you like a weird deviantart fetish person

good job anon. im proud of u for overcoming ur Fear

re: that “furry network is okay to use!” post

Before I dive into the obligatory rant: regardless of the Herpy thing or the fact they didn’t ban cub porn until very recently, Bad Dragon is still not a good company by any means.

I get the impression from people that they’ve been focusing entirely on the aforementioned issues, the discourse about which evidently riddled with false information on all sides, but allow me to explain:

1. Bad Dragon is… pretty damn transphobic.

For one, their staff (in the cited source Varka - the owner of Furry Network himself, no less) appears to be under the impression that only cis men and women should be categorized as actual men and women [NSFW]. While FA is guilty of much the same thing themselves, they seem to be far more concerned with catering to people with antiquated ideas of gender than they are with not deliberately misgendering people’s characters that, especially when it comes to trans furries like myself, are often an extension of the people who created them. Now, while FN’s actual rules page doesn’t say a word about this, but given that this is already how it works on every single other site their own, if I were to upload an NSFW image of my character Kazimira and tagged it as female (because y’know, she’s a woman), I’d almost definitely risk having it taken down or be forced to tag it as transgender and only transgender.

That kind of policy only serves to further invalidate trans identities and fetishize transness, which leads me to my next point:

2. Bad Dragon has no qualms with using and encouraging the use of transphobic slurs, along with equating fetish characters with intersex people.

Seriously. Instead of even considering to change their tags or try to come up with a different system for this (seriously y’all, how hard can it be to implement a system where you just have a bunch of tickboxes for what set of parts you want to see?), they actively resist shifting away from using terms like “dickgirl” or “cuntboy”, again entirely for the sake of convenience.

And additionally…

3. They treat their employees like trash.

Have a first-hand account of it all. Honestly, just read the source for yourself as they could explain this all much better than I ever could, but… to summarize, control and exclusion to the point of being borderline abusive, shady business practices (printing without original artist’s consent, false advertising, resharing source files for prints, not compensating creative work), transphobic policies leading to real-world effects (employee in question was called slurs because “e621 told [them] to”) and disallowing access to one’s non-disclosure agreement.

All in all, as a trans person, these factors make me feel completely and utterly unwelcome on Furry Network and until I see an explicit statement about this to rectify these concerns, my profile there will remain nothing more than a placeholder pointing to my Weasyl and my art Tumblr.

anonymous asked:

hey, pst, i have a friend group who made an oc 19th division for CLAW. it includes a dirty old man who likes snuff films, a infinite gun grandma who shoots bullets from her finger, a dank weed socks girl, a furry who is always larping, bad priest whos into vampire erotica, a hacker man who cries over club penguin, a 30 year old who thinks shes 15, a neat freak, doctor malpractice; no one likes him, and their leader, gamzee makara. what do you think of these losers? :)

i think theyre fockin cool bro. i really fuxx with that girl with the weed socks too