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- Their first kiss happens one weekend during their Sophomore year of High School. They’re hanging out in Richie’s room (one of the rare occasions where he lets Eddie into his house before they start dating, since he’s scared of him seeing his mom).

-They’re chilling in his room, laying on their stomachs on Richie’s (messy) bed. Richie has a CD he made playing on his desk. They have a bag of cheetos between them and cans of coke on the floor in front of the bed.

- Suddenly Richie gives Eddie that huge shit-eating grin that Eddie’s so accustomed to and starts getting antsy from staying in the same place for a while. He starts poking Eddie and just being annoying while laughing super hard.

- As a payback, Eddie takes a handful of cheetos and smears it all over Richie’s face, getting cheeto dust everywhere. He’s grossed out but he’s also laughing, as it seemed to shut Richie up pretty quick and he was trying to rub the orange powder off his skin.

- Richie starts attempting to rub his face on Eddie’s shirt and even on his cheek just because he knows it’ll piss him off.

- Eddie starts shrieking and laughing so much, telling Richie to get the fuck off of him. Richie replies by pretty much telling Eddie he brought this on himself.

- Their faces get really close and they pull apart, embarrassed. Richie gets up and goes to his bathroom which is attached to the side of his room so he can wash his face and hands, and even washes his mouth with mouthwash while Eddie watches, confused as to why he’s going to such lengths.

- Richie lays back down next to Eddie and they continue reading. Richie gets bored and antsy again, so he decides to fuck with Eddie a bit.

- He starts to bring his face really close to Eddie and stare at him. Eddie pretends not to notice and just continues reading the comic book in front of him, only casting super quick side glances from the corner of his eye and hoping his cheeks aren’t red.

- Richie is annoyed by Eddie ignoring him, so he gives him a small peck on the cheek before jumping off the bed so Eddie won’t slap him.

- But instead of getting pissed, Eddie just gets flustered. He asks Richie, “What the fuck did you do that for, you weirdo?” but says it with a small smile. Richie asks why “Eds doesn’t want a smooch from Ol’ Richie” and tells him to pucker up

- Richie tries pecking at his cheeks again and Eddie’s swatting him away, telling him he doesn’t want to catch whichever multitude of diseases are festering in his mouth.

- Richie pretends to be offended and says “But I just washed my mouth, didn’t you see? Nothing festering in here, I can assure you. I gotta keep my dental hygiene impeccable anyways, you know my dad is a dentist”

- Eddie goes, “Yeah, and the rest of your hygiene suffers for it.” They both laugh. Richie, still pretending to be hurt, moves away from Eddie to sit up a bit farther away on his bed.

- Eddie sorta feels bad and tells Richie his hygiene is fine and that he actually smells pretty good most of the time; he’s not as gross as Eddie always says he his. This is Eddie’s attempt at being serious.

- They’re quite for a second after this moment of seriousness and then burst out in loud laughter. Richie thanks Eddie for that incredible compliment.

- Eddie’s hurt that Richie was laughing at his sincerity and says that’s the last fucking time he’s ever complimenting him, and shoves him over.

- Their laughter dies down and Richie asks, “So… you’re not completely repulsed by me?” Eddie shakes his head no.

- “You don’t think I have AIDS or Cooties or anything like that?” Again, Eddie says no.

- “Can I kiss you, then?”

- Eddie’s not surprised because they’ve been leading up to this for a while, and they’ve had crushes on each other for months if not years. Even so, he’s still super flustered and his heart his beating so fast.

- He nods his head yes, and he’s the one that goes forward to connect their lips.

- After they move back, Richie takes a look at Eddie’s tomato face and starts laughing at him. “… EDS, WHAT KIND OF FACE IS THAT”

- Eddie’s like “WHY DO I EVEN LIKE YOU”

- Eddie starts to get up, and Richie pulls him back down. In a rare moment of cheesiness (Richie is totally a hopeless romantic at heart), he tells Eddie how happy he is since he’s had a crush on him for so long.

- Eddie’s super happy and they’re super cuddly and close the rest of the night.

- That night, Richie calls Bev and is like “BITCH GUESS THE FUCK WHAT!!” She’s so happy for them that she screams on the phone after Richie tells her.

- That night Richie can’t fall asleep and his cheeks hurt from smiling too much. Eddie can’t sleep either because every time he thinks about it he has to use his inhaler.



Happy Birthday Richard Ayoade (*23 May 1977) - “a filmmaker, writer and amateur dentist. He lives in London with his wife, her wife and their two husbands. They have children. For his cinema, Ayoade has won no major awards. He has also won no minor awards. He has, however, watched several award shows and especially enjoys seeing other people receive awards. Good for them, he thinks to himself in his small house that he doesn’t own.”

Nurse Damon

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Damon x Reader

You wailed and plopped your head on your arms. Elena, Caroline and Bonnie were staring at you, you could feel their stares seeping into you and had you felt well enough you would have sat back up and pretended to be fine.

“I told her she was too ill!” Caroline stage whispered to the others who muttered to each other and before you realised it you had been traipsed off to the nurse’s office.

“My parents aren’t home.” You grumbled groggily, unsure if anyone was still in the room with you as you lay down.

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** = contains sexual content. 18+ readers please!!


  1. Loyal**                                                                
  2. Family Time
  3. Sick (request)                                                       
  4.  First Time Meeting (part 1)
  5. Backstage Pass (part 2) 
  6. Date of A Lifetime (part 3)
  7. Skype Sessions (part 4)
  8. Finally Returning Home (part 5)
  9. Brand New Start (part 6)
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  16. Graduation**                                                       
  17. Drunk **                                                               
  18. Interview**                                                              
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  1. A Trip To The Dentist 
  2. Secretive 
  3. Wanting A Baby
  4. Jamaica 

Alex (Dunkirk)

  1. Reunited

Full Legth Fics 
Unfaithful  (part: 2, 3, 45, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23)

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If you're not too terribly busy, the world could always use more Holsom fluff :)

Holsom fluff, my favorite! I combined this with a secondary request from @zombizombi for some ref!Holster, which I could not resist, because Holster+bitching speaks to my soul. Also, team dentist!Ransom, because it amused me. (Warning: mention of teeth.)

(Now also on AO3.)

Ransom landed in his seat barely five minutes before the game was supposed to start. Lardo, feet propped up against the glass, sketchbook against her knees, fingertips just peeking out of the sleeves of yet another sweatshirt stolen from Shitty, spared him a glance and a “You’re late” before going back to sketching warm-ups.

“I know, I know. Kid broke off two of her teeth on the playground, right up to the nerve, so I had to do some composites.”

She grimaced. “Ugh.”

“Why do you ask me these things when you know I’m going to talk to you about teeth? I’m a dentist, for fuck’s sake. And we’re here to watch hockey.”

“I’m in it for the butts.”

He grinned as he took in the player stretching on the ice in front of her and then her sketchbook. “Think Shits will like that one?”

“I call it ‘Spread,’” she said loftily.

He choked and was suddenly glad he hadn’t had time to stop by concessions on his way in. “So, uh, where is Shits tonight anyway?”

She waved a hand vaguely, barely missing whacking him in the face with the end of the sleeve. “Up in the office. They needed some documents looked over.”

He recognized that tone. “How long have you guys been here?”


“Couldn’t get anyone to strip for you?”

“Shut up.” Then she turned to him and smiled slowly.

Ransom was immediately alarmed. “Oh god. What?”

“There is some news you’ll want.”

“Yeah?” he asked cautiously.

“New ref.”

Ransom’s eyebrows went up. “And I’m interested in this… because why? I mean, is he supposed to be good or biased or something else?”

“Tall. He’s supposed to be very tall. You’ll see.”

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I thought I was doing good adulting wise with just my doctors appointment yesterday. But then my dental office called me today and said “we can fit you in today instead” and I said okay so now I’m getting my cavity dealt with today instead


BIGBANG React To; Being on Return of Superman

Writer ; ~ MonsterYuYu/ Yuyu ~

A/N ; I just love that show so much..

T.O.P ;

SeungHyun would be very hesitant to accept the invite to appear on TV with his son at first, thinking of all the things that could go wrong in just the first day. He was really not experienced with his kid, handing him to his mother whenever the little baby started to cry because he was clueless what he wanted and you somehow always knew what the baby wanted. You would convince him to accept it, because he wanted to get closer to his baby and also help you take care of it so that’s why he accepted after some months.

The first two days would be difficult, too difficult. It was like an war with his baby, calling you all the time to ask what he should do. But as time passed, he grew to understand what he had to do and what to do to make the baby stop crying.Things were going well, but when his kid started to crawl suddenly one day he wouldn’t know what to do anymore. Yesterday he was just kicking his foot in the air now he was crawling around the house? I feel like he would forget that his kid started to crawl someday and honestly lost him in his own house. Overall he would be a great entertainer, always doing silly faces that sometimes would make his baby laugh and other times cry.

“Wait.. WHERE’S MY BABY? … Oh there you are.”

TaeYang ;

Without even thinking, he gladly accepted. Youngbae knew his daughter well and was expecting to be asked in the show, after he accepted it he told you what he did. Your reaction would change his decision, if you didn’t want it, he would respect it. But he said he was doing it only because he wanted to get closer to you guys daughter and show her more things in life and make her interact with others children her age. He thought he knew what to do prefectly from watching you, but he really didn’t expect everything that was coming his way.

So yes, He would be clueless when things didn’t go his way, he thought he looked like a idiot in the TV, because he was saying how good he would be in the show and how his baby wouldn’t even miss it’s mother, but things took a turn, he didn’t new anything truly expect from playing with his daughter. But that didn’t work as she cried for you,her mother as the minute you walked over the door. She would be banging on the door softly and crying out for you, and Youngbae really didn’t know what to do. After that day, things would softly calm down and he would get along more easily with his daughter and know what she liked, what she didn’t like and these types of things.

“Ya…Mommy will come back later…”

G-Dragon ;

As soon as Jiyong got the invite he was already talking with you ether or not go to the show, he wanted to go but first he wanted you to be sure you were okay with you guys kid on the TV so early. He was a good father, he always helped you and you were sure he would do good. But his daughter was a bit of a cry-baby and she cried really easily because of small things , but that’s because Jiyong spoiled her too much and being on the show, going trough the child psychologist would make him realize that he shouldn’t do everything his daughter wanted at such young age. When you agreed he would happily agree with the contract in the same day.

As expected, Jiyong treated his daughter very well and actually knew what to do in the situations where she cried or even was hungry. Every time you did something to your daughter to eat, he would record it on his mind to do it when you weren’t home and his daughter needed food besides milk. When some people told him that it was not good to spoil the daughter too much, he would have a hard time saying ‘no’ to her and seeing her cry because of it, he hated seeing her cry and every time he had to take her to the medic or to the dentist he would feel bad seeing his child crying or in any pain so he couldn’t stay with they whenever he had to go.

“So.. i spoil her too much?.. I’ll try to stop… try.. ”

Daesung ;

As soon as he got the invite, Daesung didn’t really want to go at first, not because he didn’t know how to take care of his son but yes because he wanted hid son to live a life out of the cameras, Would only accept after a year to be honest, because he noticed that he hadn’t been that much active and present father, so he would accept it taking that in mind. Also, he thought about you taking a break for a while and that pratically made up his mind and he decided to attend the show.

He would be more into the playfully husband and father, but would surely know what to do when his son started to cry. Would love when other members of Return of Superman came to his house with their babies, he adored seeing his son so happy and running around, Daesung wants his son to grow more kinder than smart and that’s was his plan for him, teaching him stranger danger and how to share things. Even if he was still on the show for a long time, he would feel a bit surprised seeing cameras everywhere when he just wake up, it’s not always that it happens. But actually he was more afraid that the cameras were invading you both privates life and your child’s life more than getting surprised by it, he would think a lot. But would always do the show, succeeding on being a father and always making his little one smile in delight.

“ Whyyyyyyy?~ Whyyyyyyy are you crying?~~~ Daddy is going to be sad!~”

Seungri ;

The only word to describe how Seungri was, is definitely excited. He would always be taking care of his child and always watched the Return of Superman, when he got the invite he would talk over to yoy at first, but a quick talk, just asking you if he and your daughter could be on the show. You can’t say no, that’s a basic. He will be staring at you with those exciting and puppy eyes trying to win you over and we both know that we can’t resist anyway. It would take only a few weeks before he was on the show, in the middle of this he would learn more new things with you about the baby.

Seungri would love to have a lot of babies around, just kinda of inviting his daughters friends over with their mothers acceptance of course, It would be practically a baby’s sleepover and he didn’t mind one bit taking care of that many children. In fact, I guess seungri would be a guy who wants at least two kids and this experience would be kinds of leading him more to have more children with you. Would find amusing when his child noticed the cameras and started walking around with it following her each step. He would love to be out with his daughter, she would receive attention from everyone, from the granny’s who watched the show, from his fans and a lot of more people who thought she was absolutely stunning for a baby. In general, he would get pretty well on the show because he already take care of the baby without the cameras.

“That’s a camera! Look it’s following you! Run from it! Run!”

Harry isn’t only smiley

(a far-from-comprehensive post for @gettingaphdinlarry​)

All of One Direction are generally professional and controlled on-camera, so it’s fairly unusual for a camera to capture Harry in anger. I think he presents genuine parts of himself to the public — zenHarry, goofy joker, stageHarry, charismatic fashionista, etc — but he’s a private person and he keeps himself to himself. We’re more likely to see him laugh off any irritation, as here:

In my opinion,  the enjoyable “Harry is a sweet zen angel” trope is sometimes used to demean and dismiss complexity in Harry. His emotions include the uncomfortable ones, of course. I think he likely has a substantial and sometimes vicious temper. He doesn’t like to be criticized. He tends to get cold and/or passive-aggressive…  

When I look at the following gifs, I see varied displays of discomfort, irritation, and anger (but seeing as I wasn’t there and I’m not Harry, there’s every possibility that I’m wrong).

What did you say, Louis, that got Harry in a snit?

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Sweet and Sour: Part 3 - Rowaelin

Here it is! Part 3!

Fine parts 1 and 2 here.

Part 1

Part 2

Tagging these lovely peeps because they’ve been so kind and eager @pharaohleviphantomhive @the-lost-queen-of-terrasen @viajandosinalas @aelin-and-feyre @im-the-sass-in-assassin @squirrel-or-moose

Rowan couldn’t help the small smiled that played on his lips as he walked back to the dental surgery. That girl… she was something else. He couldn’t help but stare at her when she left. That sway in her step, Rowan just knew she had put there to catch his attention, and it certainly did its job.

The door of the dentistry opened smoothly with a quiet tinkling of bells. Rowan chanced a glance at Remelle behind the reception desk. The glower on her face almost caused a burst of laughter to escape from within his chest. He would definitely tell Aelin about this. When they would go out again. Very likely a real date this time.

In the break room he retrieved his surgery coat and put it back on. He had a full afternoon of appointments and a quick glance at the clock told him his first one would be here in 5 minutes. So Rowan washed his hands and made his way to his surgery.

Fenrys was waiting for him.

As Rowan entered the dental assistant spun in his chair to face him, arms folded, eyebrows raised expectantly. Rowan ignored him. “Well?”

“Well what?” Rowan replied as he took his own chair and faced the computer. 

“How’d it go on your date?” Fenrys said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. 

“It wasn’t a date.“ 

"Ha!” Fenrys practically shouted. “You did take her out." 

Rowan rolled his eyes. "As a thank you. Nothing more." 

"Nothing more my…” Fenrys was cut of by a message pinging on the computer. 

Rowan looked at it for a moment in surprise, usually Remelle slinked down here to tell him his patient had arrived. If she sent a message she must be pissed. Fenrys said as much and it made Rowan snort out a laugh. “There! Further evidence it was ‘nothing more’,” Fenrys said pointing an accusing finger at Rowan.

“Remelle not gracing us with her presence isn’t eveidence, Fenrys,” Rowan said as he clicked the confirmation on the notification.

“That’s not what I was talking about. You never laugh at my jokes. Did you get her number?” Fenrys asked as he stood to retrieve the patient. Rowan didn’t answer and just gave Fenrys a blank stare. “I won’t leave until you tell me.”

Rowan gave a long suffering sigh. If Fenrys just even dug his heels in a little they would run late the rest of the afternoon. 

Rowan nodded and Fenrys gave him a wicked grin.

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College!AU Seokmin
  • major: predentistry
  • minor: none
  • sports: baseball (pitcher) 
  • clubs: a cappella, sometimes does stand up comedy at the campus talent night
  • probably the most likeable person on campus, is literally friends with EVERYONE
  • like he’s predentistry so you think most of his friends would be in the pre-med field but nope, he’s got friends from the history department to the math department to the french department. if you ever need a favor from someone, ask seokmin because he probably knows them and can help you out
  • is the pitcher for the baseball team and he’d wanted to be the catcher originally but he heard about a horror story where a catcher didn’t have his mask on and got hit straight in the mouth and as an aspiring dentist seokmin was kinda like Yikes
  • when he wears the baseball cap his ears stick out really cutely
  • has won the comedy portion of the campus talent night three months in a row and counting
  • seokmin’s moto is “a good smile makes everything better.” and jeonghan was like “you should license that and put it on your business card when you become an actual dentist.” and seokmin was like jeonghan my man you are a GENIUS 
  • is the type to make the teeth molds talk in funny voices when the teacher is distracted during lab
  • so how do you meet giggly dentist-to-be seokmin???
  • WELL it’s 2 am and you’re in the communal laundromat on campus. usually this place gets locked up at 10pm but coincidentally your roommate works the last shift there and they passed you the keys in secret so you could come down and do your laundry in peace
  • that and because you fell asleep on your textbook at 7, woke up and it was past midnight, and since you need clean clothes you begged your roommate for the key and to make a long story short you gave up morning shower privilege to get to be able to do your darn laundry this late
  • so anyway you’re sitting there, reading over some old notes when you hear a knock on the door
  • and your first instinct is to grab the big bottle of detergent and throw it at whoevers there because knocking outside of a laundromat at 2 am??? has to be a serial killer
  • but then you’re like let’s be rational, it’s probably just another student
  • and it is. you open the door to see this boy, completely out of breath holding a bright yellow laundry bag over his shoulder and wearing like flannel pajama bottoms and you’re like
  • “????are you ok???? you seem……like you ran here??”
  • and the boys like “yeah i did, im fine!! im glad this place is still open though hoshi told me it’d be closed for sure but i had to run here to check-”
  • and he finally like stops and catches his breath and looks up and you’re like,,,wow he’s cute but yes anyway,,,,and then he smiles before he continues 
  • and you swear its 2 am its dark out but
  • that smile? 
  • sunlight. pure sunlight
  • but aside from being blessed by some sun rays at this dark hour of the night the boy is like “i ran here to check and thank god it’s open!!! and someone’s here, which is even better!! im seokmin by the way!!”
  • he sticks his hand out and you shake it and kind of look over your shoulder to your laundry still in the machine and you’re like
  • “well the other machines are all yours, so-”
  • but seokmin like drops his bag and fishes out what looks like a ??? doctors coat ??? like a white lab coat and holds it up and is like
  • “how much detergent should i use just for this, do you know?”
  • and you’re looking at it and then at him and you’re like
  • “you……came here at 2 in the morning to wash your lab coat?”
  • and he’s like
  • “yeah! i was just about to go to sleep, but i was eating some chicken and the sauce dropped out of my hand and well-” 
  • he like turns the lab coat upside down and right beside the front pocket there’s a bright splotch of orange but honestly it’s only the size of maybe your thumb
  • and you’re like
  • “you know, don’t put it in the machine. i have a bleach pen you can just rub it on this small of a stain and it’ll come right off.”
  • you go over and shuffle around the bag you brought with you and bring over the pen to seokmin who’s looking at you with wide eyes 
  • you flatten the lab coat on one of the folding tables and use the pen to whiten out the stain and after a couple of rubs the stain is completely gone and you hand the coat back to seokmin
  • who’s expression is just beyond shock and you’re like ???
  • and seokmin looks down at the coat and he’s like
  • “are you a miracle worker?” and you laugh like “no, but this bleach pen is. it’s expensive too like seven bucks at CVS.”
  • seokmin starts like digging around in his pockets and you’re like ?? and he’s like “i think i only brought quarters with me and i don’t think i bought seven dollars worth, but i promise to pay you back just give me a-”
  • and you put your hands up like !! dude it’s fine, really
  • and he’s like no no i insist and you’re like “i didn’t use up the whole thing, it’s nothing - really.”
  • and seokmin smiles again and this time maybe it’s even brighter honestly you can’t tell but he smiles and he’s like “well the least i can do is stay here until your laundry finishes. if you want the company.”
  • somehow just the little sentiment makes you sheepishly shy, but you like nod because yeah why not, seokmin’s nice and you’ve got another fifteen solid minutes till your laundry’s done so….
  • (and also seokmin doesn’t explicitly say it but he’s worried about you walking home back to the dorm after you’re done. actually, when he saw you were alone there - he was pretty worried already but like he keeps that to himself although,,,,isn’t he just the softest to worry???? hehe…)
  • so seokmin sets down his laundry bag and like hops up to sit on the folding table and pulls out his phone and he’s like 
  • “wanna have a sing off??” and you’re like “…… the campus laundromat…… 2 am?”
  • and seokmin grins and shrugs his shoulders like “yeah, why not. i have that group’s new album the one everyone’s crazy about - seventeen?” and you’re like “….why do i feel like there’s a catch?”
  • seokmin wiggles his eyebrows like “wELL it’s not like im in a capella club or anything and…’s not like i have a GREAT singing voice…..”
  • and you’re like nO WAY A CAPPELLA and he’s like (—–: and you’re like “well now i know i can’t have a sing off with you, ill lose!!!” 
  • seokmin chuckles and he’s like “fair enough - dance battle then?”
  • you and seokmin don’t really battle but you do spend the rest of the time talking about your favorite music and singers
  • seokmin hands you his phone so you can look through his library and you guys bond over all the favorite albums you have in common and you even get seokmin to sing a little for you
  • and honestly fifteen minutes goes by in a flash, actually you and seokmin forget about the laundry until you get a text from your roommate like ‘dude it’s already 4 am - are you ok’ and you’re like wE’VE been TALKING for OVer an HOUR 
  • and seokmin’s like “I HAVE LAB AT SIX HOLY SHIT” and you’re like aweighfw GO What
  • and seokmin takes his stuff and is like “gonna go take power nap rip!!” and you’re like “im so sorry” and he smiles once again and he’s like
  • “don’t apologize. this was the best hour of college so far.”
  • and he waves goodbye, but like stops in his tracks and he’s like “actually, let me walk you to your dorm if that’s ok, it’s just late and ill get worried if i leave you here.”
  • you’re like oh my god not only is he funny and charming he’s also sweet am i going to crush on the guy i met at 2 am doing laundry
  • but you like scurry to get your laundry into the bag and you come up to seokmin and he takes your bag, throws it over his shoulder as well and is like “do you live on the north or south dorms?”
  • and it’s so nice of him to take you all the way to your dorm even though his is across campus and he carries your bag the whole way
  • and when he finally says goodbye he’s like
  • “i hope ill see you around!” and you’re like “yeah, me too!!”
  • and you watch as he like turns and starts to make a run for his own dorm and you’re kinda like,,,,,,,,,i really really do hope i see him again,,,,,
  • anD YOU DO !!! you see seokmin literally 5 seconds later when he runs back and he’s like
  • “if it’s cool with you, can i get your number?”
  • and in your head you’re like o H THANK GOD HE ASKED i WAS TOO SHY but on the outside you’re like “oH yeah!!! sure!!!”
  • and when you type it in seokmin like grins and again you cant stop from just falling for that smile that makes his eyes into pretty half moons and makes all his teeth visible 
  • like you don’t know what it is but you fall for that,,,it must be his charm 
  • and like the next morning you’re on your way to grab some lunch when you see someone running toward you waving their arms and like you can tell by the lab coat flapping in the wind that it’s seokmin
  • and he’s like “Hey!!! where you headed?” and you’re like “gonna get some food, how was six am lab?” and seokmin laughs and points to the dark circles under his eyes like “can you tell? it was horrible. we were making crowns too and i kept almost falling asleep and stabbing myself in the eye with one of the hooks. the person next to me kept kicking the back of my chair to keep me up.”
  • you frown and you’re like “tell me you at least ate something before the lab? drank some coffee?” and seokmin rubs the back of his head with his hand and is like “if i tell you i ate a piece of candy before lab started, does that count?”
  • and you’re like sEOKMIN FIRST of all you’re a dentist you know how bad candy can be sECOND of ALL that isn’t a meal
  • and without really thinking you take his hand in yours and and he’s like ??? and you’re like “c’mon ill treat you to a sandwich or something.”
  • and it’s kind of cute you buy the both of you lunch but for some reason as you’re about to eat you own, seokmin keeps leaning over to take your wrist and bite into your lunch instead of the perfectly good sandwich you got him
  • and you’re like “this is mine!!!” and he’s grinning while chewing like “yeah, but your’s is better!!” and you’re like “heY be thankful the sandwiches here aren’t che-” but seokmin is like reaching out to take a sip of your drink and you’re like SEOKMIN and he’s like “hehe i can’t resist soRRY!!!”
  • and it’s just a giggly casual lunch and you keep thinking that seokmin really looks good in that white lab coat like he looks like a friendly doctor that you can trust but also ….acuteboywhowouldprobablybeagreatboyfriend. what no you didn’t say anything.
  • and when he checks the time he’s like “i gotta go!! talent night starts at 9 and i promised hoshi id meet him there!” and you’re like “talent night? we have those?” and seokmin’s jaw drops he’s like “yOU DIDN’t KNOW?? it’s every other friday and you’re talking to the three-month-in-a-row champion of the comedy section.” and you’re like “huh, really? but you’re not that funny?” and seokmin gets this look of straight up HORROR he’s like “SAYS yoU wHOSE BEEN LAUGHing AT my JO-” and you start giggling like im KIDDING ofc you’re funny and seokmin calms down and just pouts like !!!! you can’t say it all serious like that
  • and you get up and poke his cheek like “THATS what you get for eating most of MY lunch.” 
  • and like seokmin smiles but you guys kind of are looking at each other and standing pretty close and it takes a moment but your face heats up and seokmin looks away and you two just kinda nervously shift further apart
  • but seokmin’s like “you…..should come and watch. if you’re free tonight, you know, no obligations or anything!!!” and you like bite your lip but ofc you tell him you’ll go because saying no to seokmin is virtually impossible
  • so before the show you fret about texting seokmin something to encourage him and like you pace back and forth in your dorm until finally you just write “good luck!!” with some emojis and like
  • throw your phone into your bag because you’re too nervous to see if he’ll reply
  • and you forget about it because you notice you’re late to get down to the talent show and you like change quickly and grab your bag and basically run out
  • you arrive out of breath and the place is cramped but in the middle of the huge crowd you can see seokmin, smiling and talking to another boy who you guess is hoshi and when seokmin sees you he waves you over
  • and shyly you come and hoshi introduces himself as seokmins best friend/wingman and seokmin elbows hoshi like Shut!!!Up!!! and hoshi just winks @ you and seokmin is like EXCUSE ME NO
  • and they bicker a bit, but you can tell it’s all in good fun until seokmin is like “gotta go get ready, see you guys when im on stage!!” and he disappears and hoshi’s like “isn’t he great?” and you’re like “yeah,,,,he is,,,,” and hoshi’s like “he deserves someone that’ll really cherish him you know?” and you’re like ……where is this talk coming from……but hoshi just smiles again and the lights dim before you can ask and the talent show starts
  • and all the acts are great but you’re excited to see seokmin and when it’s finally his turn you expect he’s going to come out in some kind of silly attire or with props because he said he’s won three months in a row with comedy
  • but instead he comes out and music starts to play and for a moment you’re in disbelief because it’s the instrumental to one of your favorite songs that you told seokmin about in the laundromat last night
  • and seokmin starts to sing 
  • and it’s ,,,, it’s the most beautiful sound in the world and his face is so full of emotions and you’re sitting there with your mouth open
  • hoshi is also sitting there with his mouth open because seokmin has only ever sung publicly with the a cappella club. he’s never sung solo. this is a FIRST
  • and literally the song and seokmin’s voice makes you fall even harder for the boy you liTERALLY met less than 24 hours ago and you don’t know if he’s doing this on purpose
  • but when the song ends he finds you with his eyes and does that charming smile
  • and you’re like oh my god my heart and when the shows done seokmin comes up to you and hoshi and ofc hoshi jumps infront of you with three hundred million questions and seokmin looks over his shoulder and goes; “you told me you liked that song. did i do it any justice?”
  • and you’re like speechless so you can only nod and seokmin steps closer to you and hoshi is like this is my cue to get out isn’t it and he does and seokmin doesn’t wait one more second 
  • he leans in and just carefully places a kiss on your lips and you’re like !!!!! and he pulls back like “oh god was that too fast? it was too fast. im s-”
  • but you’re like “no no no. it was perfect. it was what i wanted.” and tbh seokmin is like “should we wait around to hear the winners?” and you’re like “you’re the winner. to me.” and he’s like foesdawergo and gets blushy
  • but he does win and seokmin lets you wear the like fake gold medal that he gets while he walks you to your dorm (this time you two hold hands!)
  • and like you lean in to kiss him just before he goes because you’re like “you need another trophy, not just the medal.” and seokmin’s like “your trophy was better than the medal.”
  • ANd this is how a BEAUTIFUL albeit meme filled RELATIONShip BEGINS
  • from that day forward you and seokmin are sharing much more kisses
  • even though once seokmin told you to close your eyes and when you leaned in you kissed a plaster of fake teeth and not him and you litERALLY chased him around campus like I WILL KILL YOU and he was like iM SORRy IT WAS A JOKe FORGIVE ME
  • to get him back you jokingly bought him a toothbrush for your 100th day gift and he was like ????? are you telling me my breath is bad???? and you’re like “oh! i thought you’d know since you’re going to be a dentist-” and seokmin was like no way. i brush my teeth thREE times A DAY and you’re like “well—–IM JOKING here i got you this baseball hat actu-” and seokmin is like shiodeghfdnwf iS THIS BECAUSE I maDE YOU KISS the TEETH MOLD ONCE and you’re like YES IT IS
  • you go to watch seokmin’s baseball games and he gets distracted because he’s always waving at you and the catcher has to cough like fivE times to get seokmin’s attention so he finally pitches
  • but the team thinks he’s all cute and keeps wolf whistling everytime you give him kisses before a game or you visit the locker room with snacks for everyone
  • and seokmin’s ears that stick out from his cap get all red hehe
  • seokmin: “here, this is a baseball bat. i know you said you have a late night study group today so when you’re walking back to the dorm, use it if someone attacks you.”
  • you: “you’re telling me to hit someone with a baseball bat?”
  • seokmin: “only if they attack you.”
  • you: “do you want me to get expelled?”
  • seokmin: “what no i want you to be safe!! but anyway here let me teach you how to swing this-”
  • you start encouraging seokmin to sing more on his own and it’s cute because when he’s tired he’ll lay his head down in your lap and softly hum words to your favorite songs together 
  • he really likes it when you fix his lab coat. like he’s always in a hurry so when he meets up with you you’re always like “seokmin!! the collar is inside out!!” and you lean in close to fix it and seokmin just grins and you hit him playfully like stop and he’s like “sorry. sorry, you’re just so damn cute up close like this.”
  • hoshi gets your number exclusively to text you photos of seokmin doing silly things. like once seokmin got his hand stuck in some molding clay in lab and hoshi was like “ill help you bro, don’t worry - but im taking a picture to send to your significant other so they can laugh at you with me.”
  • whenever you do laundry at 2 am now you call seokmin and have more dance battles but now they end up with the two of you like kissing the heck out of each other while you wait for your clothes to dry (thank god it’s 2 am no one walks in on you)
  • except that one time jeonghan walked in on you two and was like “im never doing my laundry here again.”
  • seokmin writes a comedy skit about it and wins first place aGain
  • you’re always like “seokmin you can’t be this silly, you’re going to be a doctor some day!!” and he’s like “im going to be a dentist, so really-” and you’re like pinching his nose like !!!!! still a doctor!!!! 
  • but it’s fine, you love his silly side and his charming smile and his gorgeous voice
  • and seokmin just wants to hold you around the waist and kiss you while spinning around 
  • and you both just love each other (but also play pranks on each other like you’re 5)

find college!vixx (here) & college!bts (here)
find college!woozi (here),  college!wonwoo (here) & college!seunghceol (here)
find special college!jb (here)
and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus


Oh, wow, another super late request. Shocking! I feel like I should stop using outdated gifs but they’re just too good not to. But still, here’s a Calum imagine. My masterlist will be updated sometime tonight or tomorrow. Enjoy!

Request: @love-youu-softly - a Calum imagine where you have to get a tooth filled but you’re very afraid of getting shots and you don’t think he’ll be able to come with you and you don’t want to ask him to bc you know he’s busy but he finds out and he shows up and comforts you through it // This was a good one to write because I hate needles (and the dentist), so I could relate to Y/N!

Title: Novacaine

Summary: You have a dentist’s appointment, and your anxiety levels are high. Worst of all, your best friend Calum isn’t even around to help you through it.

Words: 2k+, god help us.

Warnings: Just some language, I think. Maybe no language.

P.S. I made this into one of those “we’re best friends but everyone thinks we’re dating but hey maybe that wouldn’t be so bad” things. Hope you don’t mind!

Your legs bounce uncontrollably and your stomach is in knots as you sit in the uncomfortable waiting room chair. The fumes of the dentist’s office are making you feel lightheaded and nauseous. You look up anxiously at the TV that’s mounted to the wall, a muted talk show playing on the screen.

You take a deep, shaky breath and turn up the music in your earbuds, as if the sound of your music will somehow drown out the fact that you’re here right now. “It’s a simple procedure,” they told you the last time you were here, when it was time to schedule the appointment. “We’re just going to inject some novacaine, then we'll…”

That was the point where you basically shut down. As soon as you heard the word inject, it was like a switch was flicked. You hate needles. Just the idea of them makes your heart rate spike.

You wish Calum was here. He’s always been good about stressful situations, especially the ones you find yourself in. His presence is comforting, and he’s always there to hold your hand and make you laugh to reassure you and let you know that things will be okay. But of course he isn’t around today. Well, you assume he isn’t, anyway. He told you earlier in the week that he was planning on hanging out with Ashton today, so you figured he’d be too busy with that. You didn’t want to bother him or take away from his time with his friend by making him accompany you to an appointment just so he could hold your hand. At this point, though, you almost wish you did.

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anonymous asked:

hey, could you write something with Alfred and jason? And if bruce appears too I would be glad but it doesn't matter <333

Here you go anon - enjoy!

Jason bounces on the balls of his feet as he waits for Alfred out the front of Gotham Academy, absently biting his lip as he keeps a look out for the familiar black Audi. It’s not that he’s nervous. That would be ridiculous. He’s just, maybe, a little bit… unsure. Alfred had said there wasn’t anything to worry about, that it was just a routine checkup, and that’s all very good and well except. Well. If Jason’s ever been to a dentist before, he doesn’t remember it. He doesn’t know what to expect. And more than that, he doesn’t like the idea of some guy sticking all manner of pointy instruments in his mouth.

The Wayne town car finally pulls up to the curb and Jason hesitates only two seconds - Bruce should be proud; when they’d taken him to the doctor for a checkup he’d hesitated for at least ten - before opening the door and sliding into the backseat.

“Hey, Alfie,” he greets. Smiles big and wide like he isn’t headed for torture.

“Good afternoon, Master Jason,” Alfred returns, voice as pleasant and warm as always. “How was school?”

“It was fine.”

He’d been distracted most of the day by the anticipation of his appointment and had been called out for not paying attention three times, but overall his classes had been alright. Now he doesn’t even have history or math to try focus on, though, and it’s taking considerable effort not to unclip his seatbelt and throw himself out of the car every time they stop for a red light. Both Alfred and Bruce had told him the dentist was nothing to worry about but what if it is?

All too soon they arrive at the nondescript medical building and while Jason’s mind is buzzing with ways to stall, Alfred gets calmly out of the car and opens his door. “Come along, Master Jason,” he says, smile kind and patient. “We don’t want to be late.”

“Maybe they’re super busy and don’t have time to see me anymore,” Jason suggests even as he drags himself out of the car and follows the butler into the building. One last ditch effort to avoid this for at least another day.

Alfred just chuckles. “There is no need to be nervous,” he says, the reassurance crossing his lips for what must be the hundredth time in the last few days since he’d told Jason he’d made a dentist appointment. “Dr Payne is a lovely man and I assure you he is very good at his job.”

Jason might be filled with more confidence if his name didn’t rhyme with pain.

Bruce is already home by the time they get back from the city, having stopped to do grocery shopping after Jason’s appointment ended. Jason immediately retreats to the library to immerse himself in a good book and forget the whole traumatic ordeal, which is where Bruce finds him ten minutes later.

“Hey Jay,” he says. “How’d it go?”

Jason glares at him, ducking away from the hand that ruffles his hair. “I’m never going to the dentist again,” he declares, the words coming out a little garbed because his mouth is still kind of numb.

Bruce just smiles, squeezing his shoulder. “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.”

“It was,” Jason swears. He takes a careful sip of the tea Alfred made him then smiles, overly innocently, up at Bruce. “But ’s okay, I got my revenge.”

Bruce’s smile slips a little. “Jay, what did you do?”

“I bit his finger.”

12:09 P.M

You, 12:09 P.M
yoonoh. Love of my life. Boyfriend. Best friend. Greatest man I’ve ever known ;;;;

some short jjh texts for all you jaehoes out there, especially jaehoe prez @chittaporno. i was at the dentist and that is what inspired this plus dev getting her wisdom teeth out recently. enjoy.

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what are you doing? ( peter x reader )

Originally posted by winter-hunters

“Peter, when you told me that you wanted to talk to me in private… I didn’t think that you meant in a dark ally…” you said eyeing him unsure.

Peter who stood nervelessly before you, fidgeted with his shirt and didn’t dare to look at you in the eyes.

“I-I know but its necessary that nobody see’s what I’m about to do.”


Peter took a deep breath and shrugged his backpack off his shoulders. He started to pull his shirt off, showing his toned chest.

You started blushing heavenly and stared at him in shock.

“Peter! What are you doing?!”

Peter stopped when he started on his pants and looked up at you.

He blinked and looked down and then back at you.

“O-Oh!” he to started blushing and started stammering nonsense.

You giggled at his weird behavior.

“If you wanted to show me how toned you are, you certainly showed me now.” you said with an amused look on your face.

“N-No! I-I…” he didn’t know what to say and trailed off.

“I’ll just turn around then if you want. I mean, its not that I am enjoying the show but I don’t want anything awkward between us so…”

Peter gave you a weak smile and nodded his head. You turned around and waited a few minutes, only hearing a bit of rustling. 

“O-Okay, you can look now.”

“Alright, what is it that you wanted to show…” your sentence trailed off when you stared at Peter dumbfounded.

“S-So? what do you think?” he asked.

That’s when you burst out laughing, clutching your stomach and falling on the ground with tears in your eyes.

Peter stared at you in shock and a little bit of hurt but you just couldn’t help yourself. Peter had his Spiderman suit on and wanted to show you after 3 months that he was Spiderman. He didn’t know how to react at your reaction. he pulled his mask off and looked at your laughing body.

He prepared himself for your angry or hurt reaction but not this…

“Why are you laughing? I-Its not funny! I’m Spiderman!”

You slowly started to calm down and only giggled a bit slightly.

“Because.. I already knew that you were Spiderman dummy.”


“Come one Peter, did you actually think that I wouldn’t find out?”

Peter stammered something but you only grinned at him.

“How did you find out?” he asked curiously.

“Your just a bad liar.”

“Wha.. I-I’m not!”

“You so are! I found out after a week already when you told me that you had an appointment with the dentist. Your nose always twitched when you lie so I followed you and figured it out when I saw you taking out your mask out of your backpack.”

Peter groaned and slapped himself on his forehead. 

“But then why didn’t you say anything?”

“Well, you always tell me anything and when you don’t you always had a good reason, so I figured that this time was no different and waited until you were ready to tell me.”



“Your are an amazingly good friend, you know that?”

“I know, that’s why I’m your best friend after all.” you grinned.

“But why were you laughing so much when you saw me?”

“Because it looks a bit baggy and big on you right now, so you kinda look ridiculous.” you grinned and started giggling again when Peter’s eyes widened and looked down when indeed he forgot to push the button to tighten the suit on his body.

He quickly pushed the button and it automatically tightened and smoothed around his body. He sighed and gave you a weak grin.

“Well, that indeed looked a bit ridiculous. Typical me though. Always forgetting something.” he said sheepishly. You smile softened and you stepped closer to him until your chest to chest. Peter froze when he saw your softened gaze and stared into your eyes in shock.

“But that’s also one of the things that I love about you.” you said softly. before Peter could react, you quickly pecked his lips and pulled back. You grinned and turned around, walking out of the ally casually.

peter blinked and regained himself quickly.

“W-Wait! What does this mean?!” he pulled his mask back on and ran after you.

“Don’t forget your backpack!” you called back.

Hearing a curse behind you, you smiled at yourself and shook your head.

“That boy…”

AN : Hope you liked this one! let me now if you have a request and I’ll do my best to write it the best I can.

Shake It Off

Pairing: Dean x Reader (ish)

Word Count: 1,494 

Warnings: Dean being a cutie, date gone awry, Dean and the reader are best friends but it doesn’t go much further than that, drinking, cussing

Summary: Reader is upset after a date and Dean tries to make her feel better

A/N: This is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s RomCom Fluff challenge. It was a pain in the ass, but I got it done and I’m pretty happy with the results. Btw this is my first time writing spn fanfiction so if my Dean isn’t good, apologies. I picked a line from Friends With Benefits and used part of it, which will be in bold.

Prompt: “It’s not you. Nothing is wrong with you. He’s a guy. You gave him a five date challenge, he got you and cut out. Forget the douche! He’s a dick. He’s a dick douche.”

It’s not unheard of to have a bad date or two, but this date had to be the worst Y/N had ever been on by far.

It was going so well too, she had gone on a few dates with this guy. He was handsome, funny, well-mannered, and a dentist. He was so perfect and of course, of course, he was married. She should’ve known; his name, Barry, should’ve been a red flag. It should’ve been so obvious, seriously what guy with his life together hasn’t probably settled down?

It wouldn’t have been so bad if his wife hadn’t come into the restaurant, and… oh man. Could she even call it a scene? The poor woman was distraught. I mean, finding out that your husband was cheating has got to suck, but finding out that your husband is cheating while the two of you are going to marriage counseling has got to be absolutely awful.

So here Y/N is, coming back from what she thought was going to be a wonderful date rather early. Time for the good ol’ Winchester “cure” for all your problems.


Dean is just finishing up a call with Sam when he hears the bunker door open and slam shut. Looking up, he sees Y/N back from her date. She was back awful early.

“Hey Smalls… how’d your date with the dentist guy go?”

She doesn’t answer. And she’s on her way to the kitchen. Oh boy, not good.

She’s already digging through the liquor cabinet when Dean catches up with Y/N. The woman doesn’t even look at him.

He can tell by the way her mouth and shoulders are set that she’s upset. Okay, he can do this. Not the first time she’s been pissed about a date, but this is kind of different. So he tries to do what any good friend does.

“You doing okay there?”

She still isn’t answering him. In fact, she’s probably so pissed, she can’t hear him. Fuck, he doesn’t know how to handle this. He’d usually just go and look for the guy then kick his ass, but knowing Y/N she probably already took care of the guy herself.

Dean isn’t necessarily bad with emotions, he’s just never really dealt with bad dates. When you’re a hunter, you don’t really have time to. The most romance you get is a good lay from some bar dweller. Dean’s tried before but using that dating app ended up in gaining a hunt, so he deleted it and just settled with the standard hookups.

Y/N is his friend, his best friend, and she’s always been a good listener and problem solver. Dean wants to give back, but he doesn’t even know where to start. She’s usually the one to pick him up when he’s down, literally and figuratively.

She’s finally found the bottle she was looking for; George Dickel, her favorite whiskey. Now Dean knows something is wrong.

“Look, Y/N, if you don’t want to talk-”

She grabs a tumbler glass and starts walking away. Damn it.


“If you need me, I’ll be in my room, drinking away my feelings.” She throws over her shoulder.

She stops just before entering the labyrinth of hallways and sighs. She looks at Dean, giving him a sad little smile.

“See you in the morning.”

Y/N has watched five episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and drank about half of the George Dickel when she finally breaks down. Why the hell did she even try? Ah, yes…it’s because she’s a hopeless romantic. One would think after years of hunting, she would be jaded in every aspect.

Maybe that was the problem. Y/N had this little sliver of hope that she’d possibly find someone to fall asleep with, come home to; perhaps settle down with, but we can’t always get what we want, sadly.

Sighing, she rubs away her tears, ready to call it a night… but something catches her attention. Listening more closely, she realizes that it’s music. Y/N can’t really hear what’s playing, but Dean is the only other person in the bunker, so it’s probably his music.

She grabs her whiskey and glass, deciding to put it up, maybe give Dean a hug to say she’ll be okay. You know, best friend stuff.

Y/N can already hear Dean singing and the smell of burgers before she walks into the kitchen. She stops in the doorway, watching Dean. He’s doing a dramatic air guitar solo, powerslide and all, to “Stairway to Heaven”.

He sees her just before the last line of the song, holds the spatula out to her like a microphone, she laughs and goes to take it from his hand.

“And she’s buying the stairway to heaven.”

She sings the last line and Dean’s grinning like he won the lottery. He takes the spatula back and pauses the music. He flips the cooking patty.

“So how you feeling, Smalls?”

Y/N shrugs while putting away the whiskey, and leans against the counter after rinsing out the tumbler.

“I feel a bit better, I guess.”

Dean flips the patty he was cooking onto a plated bun, throws a slice of cheese on it, and slides the plate over to her. Y/N turns to pull all the burger toppings out of the fridge, while the older Winchester throws another beef patty on the skillet.

“You wanna talk about it?”

She sighs. God, where to start?

“It’s really complicated.”

Dean turns to her with a hand on his hip.

“Sweetheart, our lives are all kinds of complicated and weird. I don’t think a bad date will be hard to explain.”

“Okay, wow, that is complicated.”

Y/N had explained how the whole date had gone down. Thrown drinks, screaming, dramatic exits, etcetera etc. Dean even looked genuinely shocked and gasped a couple times.

Dean puts down the burger he’d been chowing on, and grabs Y/N’s hand across the table.

“I’m sorry he turned out to be an asshole, I know that you liked him.”

He squeezes it in comfort.

“Barry was a real douche. He cheated on a woman willing to work out their problems and then he dipped out on an awesome date with you to go after the same woman he has no chance with now.”

Y/N gives him an ‘I know right’ look.

He’s a dick.” she says in exasperation

He’s a dick-douche.” Dean says that like it’s an absolute fact, which it is.

Y/N snorts and shakes her head. She takes their plates to the sink and starts washing them, then sighs for what seems like the millionth time that night.

“What is it now?” Dean takes one of the newly washed plates to dry.

“I guess the whole situation just bothers me.”

He takes the other plate from her.

“Well I think I’ve got the perfect cure for all your worries.”

Sitting the plate down, Dean unlocks his phone and scrolls for a moment. Then taps something, smiles, sits his phone back on the counter, and a familiar beat starts.

I stay out too late,

A look of pure joy comes across Y/N’s face, and Dean’s already bobbing to the song.

“I cannot believe you!”

Y/N starts swaying to Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off” is their guilty pleasure song. They only listened to it when Sam’s gone.

Dean suddenly grabs Y/N’s wrist, pulling her to his chest and starts dancing.

Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

By this point, the two are singing and doing a goofy version of the twist. They throw in some butchered Dirty Dancing moves. Twirling and laughing. Then their favorite verse comes on.

Hey, hey, hey!
Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars
And dirty, dirty cheats of the world you could’ve been getting down to this sick beat

They face each other and recite the words.

My ex-man brought his new girlfriend
She’s like, “oh my God”, but I’m just gonna shake
And to the fella over there with the hella good hair
Won’t you come on over, baby, we can shake, shake, shake

They dance around the kitchen some more until the song finally ends. The two fall on the floor in a laughing heap.

Eventually the laughs turn into giggles and Y/N can finally form words.

“Dean, thank you,”

She smiles brightly.

“For everything, seriously. You’re the bestest friend I could’ve asked for.”

Dean smiles and pulls her to him, hugging her, and kisses the crown of head.

“Nothing to it, Smalls. I’d do anything for ya.”

And the two best friends stay like that, on the floor, talking about nothing and everything until they both fall asleep with smiles on their faces.

anonymous asked:

Although I couldn't find the post- it's AWESOME that you drew someone with acne. I actually see very little representation in art- and when you do it's a "bad" (villan) character or to make them appear as an awkward teenager. Thank you for the positive artwork!!!

I think it was in reference to this:

Just in case you were curious!

It really is a shame that there is so little representation for normal, “imperfections” such as this, but I know it makes me feel good to draw him with some kind of trait/flaw (however you as a person wants to view it!) that I know I struggle with sometimes. Gosh he even has pretty yellow teeth, cause he smokes like a train and can’t afford to go to the dentist all willy nilly. And he is lazy. BUT ANYWAY… I am definitely happy to hear others feel the same way seeing a character with blemishes. If it helps boost someones self-esteem other than my own I’ve done a good job in my book haha.

So… uh… here is a few more Levka skin outbreak drawings that are super old but I am not terribly ashamed of yet.

TL;DR Go forth and love yourselves. Levka does. He loves himself a lot.You should tooo.

huntressofthenorth  asked:

I liked the laserpointer story but what if Penny climbed and the mountain of toys toppled ontop of him? Also a prompt idea is Penny in the snow and Georgie hiding him under his bed cause the sewers are too cold in the winter.

(We all know that the tower would topple if Pennywise tried to climb up it. And then the kids would have to dig him out, because this lumbering child of an alien can’t get his act together. <3)

“I’m glad you weren’t frozen to death!” Georgie exclaimed, pulling Pennywise down to his knees so that he could wrap the only other coat he’d brought to rescue the clown with - his yellow rain slicker. 

It fell around Pennywise’s damp uniform like a tiny cape, and didn’t provide much warmth. Still, the clown smiled in appreciation while tightening his grip over the garment like it was the coziest shawl. Before Georgie had come, trampling around snow and sleet and slipping and sliding over icy patches of land in equal measure, Pennywise had been hiding in the corner of his underground cistern. While pain from many things such as being stabbed or shot or shoved into a bed of nails didn’t hurt Pennywise for the most part, the change in season still affected him. 

The barren cold that hit Maine like a storm was almost too much to take, especially when one lived so very close to a large body of water. When Georgie had skated toward him, safeguarded by the pile of jackets and scarves that Bill had forced him to wear, and fallen into Pennywise’s arms, the clown had made icicles hang down from his hair and replace on the bells on his collar to make the child laugh. But that was the most enjoyment that Penny was able to achieve in the long-run in the cutting chill. 

“Th-Thank you-u.” The clown chattered, buck-teeth clamping down with every word. Moving was painful, and yet he found it impossible to speak without violently shaking. “Y-y-you didn’t have to come here, you kn-n-ow. I-I won’t f-r-reeze, but you might if you s-stay down here. B-best go home now, G-Georgie.” 

Georgie’s brow furrowed. His little body shivered as he only now realized that it was indeed so very cold that he could feel it through his layers of warm clothes. 

“But you shouldn’t alone like this!” The little boy countered. He shrank down further into his puffy jacket before mumbling. “You don’t even know how to keep from shivering. See, you’re supposed to wrap your arms around yourself.” 

The child demonstrated, though it was difficult with his giant jacket sleeves. Pennywise’s lower lip trembled as a low but perceptible wind whistled through his cavernous home, but when he followed Georgie’s instructions, the trembling didn’t stop.  

Georgie eyed him, frown hollowing out ever more. Usually his advice worked for Pennywise, enough to make the oversized clown happy. 

So, he shook his head after a time. “Should’a asked you to sleep over in the first place.”

Georgie ran around his room, with Pennywise following him closely and no longer shaking like a leaf. It was a good thing that Georgie’s room had ceilings that were high enough to accommodate his friend’s absurd height, and that the wallpaper had Pennywise enraptured the moment he laid eyes on it. 

“Oh!” His eyes lit up at the softly-painted elephants and green stripes surrounding them, until Georgie ran back with one of his two blankets bundled up in his arms. 

“This is a quilt. My grandma made it for me.” The boy said, shoving the fabric into the clown’s outstretched hands. Pennywise was charmed by the soft patches of all different patterns that made up the blanket. 


Georgie ran to a different corner of the room and back again. “And this is Toothbrush! I got him after I had to go to the dentist and I had two cavities. It hurt so bad, but then Dad let me pick out a toy for being good. He’ll keep you warm too.” 

Georgie handed the clown a stuffed dog with black and white spots all over it - a funny creature that Pennywise immediately held to his tattered chest. He did the same with the puffy pillow and the purple seal with whiskers that Georgie had him as well, arms full and face nearly covered completely by the time Georgie was breathless and beaming. 

“Than-” Pennywise was interrupted when Georgie held his hands up in dismay. 

“Wait! I forgot where you’re gonna sleep…” Georgie swiveled around where he stood, having remembered in the din and fray of finding his friend as many comforting stuffed animals and bed stuffs to partially take off his jacket. It hung from one of his shoulders, abandoned as his mind worked to remedy the situation. 

Pennywise waited, one eye wandering off to stare at the wallpaper once more. 

“I think my head is too small for you.” The boy’s shoulders slumped. He tried to picture Pennywise sleeping on the bed with his hands held out for size, as it was proper to let guests have the comfiest places to sleep when you invited them over. That’s what Ben did when he invited Bill and Georgie for a sleepover, anyway. 

Georgie whined, grasping at the sides of his pants as he looked this way and that. His bed was too small for Pennywise’s spider legs to not stick out uncomfortably, and if the clown slept beneath the bed frame, there was always the possibility of Georgie crushing Penny accidentally in his sleep. You got pretty heavy when you fell asleep, Georgie reminded himself. 

“You shouldn’t have to sleep on the floor,” He groused. “Not without a sleeping bag at least.” 

Pennywise took one look at the boy’s sad little face, amid the downy blankets and the dog and the seal and the pillows, and was instantly right beside him. 

“It’s okay. I can go back home to rest.” The clown laid a comforting hand on the boy’s shoulder, turning him just the slightest bit to playfully pretend that the seal was nipping at his nose (which could’ve been an accurate portrayal of a seal or not, Pennywise had never seen one to know for sure) but Georgie shook his head.

“It’s too cold where you live, though, Pen!” Georgie started. “You can’t go back now. Not till winter is over.” 

He pouted, which made Pennywise pout in return, unsure of why this was so important to the boy. Technically, he wouldn’t need to sleep until several months from now… which wasn’t something that he was ready to break to Georgie yet. 

“Wait! Wait! I know!” Said boy jumped where he stood.

“Goodnight, Penny.” Georgie wished him, before shutting the lid of his toy chest. He’d watched as the clown waved happily from where he’d crouched, having twisted his body around so well that his arms and his legs were pretty much at length with one another. 

Georgie had no idea if sleeping like that would be more comfortable than  sleeping on the floor, but at least Pennywise was warm now, and had all of Georgie’s toys to keep him company. 

The terrible thing is that a perfectly good God is in this matter hardly less formidable than a Cosmic Sadist. The more we believe that God hurts only to heal, the less we can believe that there is any use in begging for tenderness. A cruel man might be bribed–might grow tired of his vile sport–might have a temporary fit of mercy, as alcoholics have fits of sobriety. But suppose that what you are up against is a surgeon whose intentions are wholly good. The kinder and more conscientious he is, the more inexorably he will go on cutting. If he yielded to your entreaties, if he stopped before the operation was complete, all the pain up to that point would have been useless. But is it credible that such extremities of torture should be necessary for us? Well, take your choice. The tortures occur. If they are unnecessary, then there is no God or a bad one. If there is a good God, then these tortures are necessary. For no even moderately good Being could possibly inflict or permit them if they weren’t. Either way, we’re for it. What do people mean when they say, ‘I am not afraid of God because I know He is good’? Have they never even been to a dentist?
—  A Grief Observed