the good the bad and the dentist

Just sitting here… At the dentist.. Half my face is numb and I’m shaking real bad but u know it’s all good this fuckin train wreck of a human being is gonna b just hunky dory and my face will be all fixed. Root canal ahoy!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! $#!


I did not miss the bus. I worked with a very nice Canadian doctor from Ottawa, who lives not far where I used to live. We commiserated about Ottawa’s winters.   There was no rain, and the road was good. It was chilly and damp, so a heavier jacket and socks tomorrow. I got hang of the data entry system. We (the doctors, dentists, vision people, lab and pediatrics) attended 128 patients, YAY!!! 

The highlight was a group (family?) of four, coming together; one of them spoke a bit of Spanish, others only Kichwa, so he had to translate for them. The main patient was Rosa Maria, a tiny, less than 4 ft tall, frail looking, 80 +; she was smiling at us like a sun. She has a bad hip, walks with a limp, and has back pain… all this coming from, according to her relative, when she was a girl and her father hit her with a stick “so she wouldn’t go out there and stay home”. Good job he did, too, the bastard! We gave her a prescription for pain (not much more could be done at this point) and a cane. She refused the cane first. I showed her that she could hit people with the cane. She just laughed her head off,  took the cane, was taught how to walk with it and really perked up. Another relative, around 80, was self-declared “sanito” (very healthy), the next one “sanito, solo me sacaron la muela” (very healthy, only they pulled me a tooth), and a younger woman had vague stomach complaint translated to Spanish as “chillos en la barriga”. After MANY questions I figured out that she had diarrhea. They got medication and left happy. I’m very impressed with our boss Anna, who speaks Kichwa, is calm and smiling and never lost her cool. 

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Oh gosh I had the worst weekend ever. While it was good for my mental health, it ruined my schedule. I went shopping with friends on Saturday and hung out with family. The only productive thing I did was summarize some stuff for economy. I have tests for maths, physics, and economy coming up. Maths and physics are my worst subjects... I have a dentist appointment so I'll miss math on Monday, but I'll probably have to do it on Wednesday regardless. I feel so stressed and tired.

The worst weekend ever? It sounds like you needed it. If it was good for your mental health, do not feel bad about it. I know the feeling of wanting to relax, but also feeling like I need to spend every moment that I can on school stuff, but that’s not healthy.
And don’t forget that you did do something school related and even though it seems like it is only a small thing, you at least did something. You also couldn’t have done anything, but instead, you decided to do something anyway.

How much time do you have left until the tests for maths, physics and economy? Write down everything that you need to do and divide it realistically over the days you have left until the tests and try to work from the latest topics back to the first topics discussed in your class. The latest topics are most likely to be the most difficult one and if you understand those, the first topics will be a lot more easier to go through!

Also keep in mind to get enough sleep and relax throughout the day. Your mental health is priority number 1!
Keep me updated on how things are going with your tests!! xoxo

It’s funny Okuyasu has bad diarrhea, insomnia, stiff shoulders, two cavities, and athlete’s foot until you realize it isn’t.

There’s no one present to make sure Okuyasu is taking care of himself. There’s no one present in his life to take care of him. It’s pretty neat that the anime shows us the circumstances he endures and how it effects him without telling us.

It’s sadder Okuyasu doesn’t seem to realize this himself. 

headcanon: the second best thing (out of like three good things) that come from being an orphan, for Trever, is not having to go to the space dentist anymore

canon: “His short life had been marked by megatons of bad luck, but at least Trever counted himself lucky in one respect: Regular attendance at the Ussan Day Academy was no longer required.”

conclusion: EFF THE SYSTEM

I just had my 6th month dental cleaning and check up, my dentist is really happy about how my teeth and gums look but she’s concerned about my jaw given the arthritis. It was swollen still today and during the cleaning it just started closing of its own accord which was painful af so that was great!!! I took ibuprofen and trammy before too so I can’t imagine how bad it would have been without. Hopefully by my next appt my arthritis will be better, I used to love going to the dentist because my teeth have always been good but now it’s just so painful :(

i tried to do handstands for you (but every time i fell for you)

Clarke can’t even remember a time when Bellamy wasn’t a part of her life. He’d always been there, through good and through bad since she was eight years-old. And she’s got a suspicious feeling that he’ll be there at the very end.

Childhood friends to lovers, featuring Bellamy and Clarke falling down a lot, being awkward, practising kissing on each other and - Wells/Raven because why not? Fluff that’s best read after you make an appointment with your dentist!

Clarke remembers the day the Blakes moved in two doors down very well because it’s the exact same day she sprained her ankle.

She’d been playing in the treehouse her dad built for her as compromise between a dog and a sibling (both of which she wanted at the time) when she fell down, her ankle twisted at a weird angle. It hurt a lot, too, enough to send tears to her eyes as she sat on the grass, holding onto it and trying not to yell outright.

Her parents didn’t hear her and she tried to move but she couldn’t – her ankle was swelling, pink and blue bruises blooming across her skin.

“Do you need help?”

A boy only slightly older than her was standing a few feet away, hands shoved into his jeans’ pockets. He was frowning at her and her first response was to say no.

But she did need help – the pain was getting worse and no matter how much she called for her parents, no one was coming.

She nodded, biting back the tears – she would not cry in front of this boy. He looked fiery and brazen, an older boy who probably ruled the playground. Clarke knew those – she’d just punched Murphy for picking on Raven the other day.

“What happened?” the boy asked, crouching next to her and inspecting her ankle, careful not to press his fingers to it hard enough to hurt.

“I fell. Off of there,” she clarified, pointing her finger at the treehouse. She still loved it, it didn’t matter that it had betrayed her.

The boy’s eyes widened. “All the way down here?”


“Wow, you must be made of some strong stuff. I would’ve keeled over.”

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that’s why I hate when people pick on Louis’ teeth bc tbh I’ve brushed my teeth twice a day and regularly used floss and mouth wash and go to my dentists appointments and I STILL don’t have good teeth, they’re discolored from medicine I used to take and they’re crooked and it didn’t used to be this bad, they’ve just naturally gotten worse over the years and I fucking hate when y'all talk about Louis’ teeth like its soooo fucking funny and assume that he/people with bad teeth have bad hygiene when it very well could be something that’s happened to them naturally so whenever those ugly jokes could stop, that’d be cool

what goes on in my mind
  • person: the sky is so pretty look
  • me: you're the skyyyy that I fell through
  • mom: hey your dentist appointment is tomorrow
  • me: ive been to the dentist a thousand times so I know the driiiill
  • teacher: students your essay is due tomorrow
  • me: (didnt do the essay) i just cant get you off my mind and now im gonna be up all niiiight
  • dog: *bites me because I have food*
  • me: its another wolf bite
  • sans from undertale: your gonna have a bad time
  • me: hey but it's always a good time
  • all my friends: your hopeless
  • me: I know

Lets be clear that we do not have to mention Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan Abu-Salha’s academic accomplishments, charity, and good deeds to validate their lives, and clarify that they were “some of the good muslims”, all of that is respectability politics. 

I love that they were role models for their communities, got married (mashallah!), organized free dental camps for the homeless, planned a trip to work for Syrian refugees (subhanallah!), studying architecture and photography, the other a dentist. All of that is good news and I love hearing it, but to write that as if it needs to be heard to validate their lives, that they need to meet some standards of respectability to earn sympathy, and were “not some of the bad muslims” is absolute respectability politics and reinforces Islamaphobia. #justiceformuslims

We brought Patrick to the dentist for the first time this morning. It went exactly as I expected it would: He enjoyed exploring the new space, playing with new-to-him toys, and chatting with the hygienist, he flipped out during the actual cleaning, and then he made an immediate recovery when the dentist gave him a sticker. 

The good news: HIs teeth are “perfect” and we’re doing a “great” job taking care of them. (Which, LOL are you sure? Because brushing a toddler’s teeth is not an easy task.)

The bad news: He still has one more full set of molars that need to erupt out of his gums.  

Hiraoka architects designed simple white box that stand out in Kyoto town. In the heart of Kyoto there is a landscape ordinance, the meaning How do things very good to protect the town, since the discretion of judgment is in the public officials in charge, it is difficult to build a beautiful building, it has become a reputation of bad regulations. Koyama Dental Clinic Presents Ultra-Perforated Facade In The Heart Of Kyoto-