the good the bad & the queen

i’m going to lose my goddamn mind if the theory is right and kravitz is lydia and edward’s long-lost younger brother. like i’ll have a fucking conniption (in a good way). i’ve been griping about how bad i wanna know krav’s backstory and like, if his backstory is that he got sick and died so his siblings became powerful necromancers and then untouchable liches feeding on the suffering of the living while kravitz lives on, undead, under the employ of the raven queen, seeking to destroy those who wander down the same path that his siblings wandered down due to his passing

like is that not the fucking illest. i’m amped as hell just thinking about this. what a cool fucking backstory that’d be

kickin’ ass, taking’ names
“a man’s gotta have rules.”

🔫 mourning ritual - bad moon rising (cover) 🔫 pantera - cowboys from hell 🔫 dorothy - wicked ones 🔫 steppenwolf - born to be wild 🔫 juliet simms - trouble finds you 🔫 george thorogood - bad to the bone 🔫 mantra - i want 🔫 ram jam - black betty 🔫 kaleo - no good 🔫 ac/dc - back in black 🔫 black pistol fire - suffocation blues 🔫 judas priest - breaking the law 🔫 the white stripes - blue orchid 🔫 dorothy - raise hell 🔫 queen - another one bites the dust 🔫 bryce fox - horns 🔫 iron maiden - run to the hills 🔫 goodbye june - oh no 🔫 ac/dc - thunderstruck 🔫 year long disaster - the fool and you 🔫 ozzy osbourne - bark at the moon 🔫 bleeker - highway 🔫 bon jovi - wanted dead or alive 🔫 isobel campbell & mark lanegan - snake song 🔫

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Unpopular Opinion

Adam and Eddie are not subtly hinting at swan queen. I truly believe that they’re so in love with h00k that nothing bad will happen to him. The show is now about him. A&E don’t care about what fans want. Their ratings dropped once, but at the moment they’re fine. Watching “just for Regina” is not going to show the writers how dumb they’re being. As long as enough people are still watching, they’re going to think that what they’re doing is good. I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch the show. You could watch it on a random website so they don’t earn anything from it. I just imagine that if every outraged fan/sq shipper stopped watching they’d lose a lot. And I would enjoy that, even if it did put some great actors out of a job for a while.

Idina Menzel World Tour Concert Review - 5.20.17 Atlantic City, NJ

I went to my 3rd Idina concert in AC last night and it was amazing! I wrote a review. It’s not really coherent but it’s as much as I can remember. it’s under the cut because there are some spoilers (for those who don’t want to see any). I didn’t explain every little thing, just the main highlights. I don’t have pics because the lighting was bad, but I do have a short clip of “For Good” that I’ll post. (I already posted part of Let It Go, I’ll post the full one too)

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rules: answer the questions and make 11 more of your own.

what was your first otp, and what was the last one you started shipping? // first otp was probably zoey redbird and James stark from the house of night series & latest one is klayley from the originals tv show

least favourite character of all time? // Elara from red queen series 

what toys did you grow up with? // nintendo gamecube, Barbie dolls 

best place to eat out? // big fan of steak n'shake here in Texas 💯 

favourite character of all time? // Stefan Salvatore for sure ❤️ 

trope you hate the most? // the good girl gone bad

are you currently in high school or college/uni? // in a little abit of a break bc of money issues but I’m hoping to start university this fall or sooner if possible 

what is your favourite season and why? // favorite season has to be season 4 of supernatural when dean is freed from hell 

drawing or painting? (if painting, do you like watercolours, acrylics, or oils the most?) (if drawing, do you like using graphite or charcoal the most?) // don’t really do either bc I’m crap at artsy things but I would love to start painting with watercolours 

best subject in school? // history I’m so fascinated by it all 

what’s your favourite book/series of all time? // the house of night series I own all 13 or so (I forgot how many are in it lol)

my questions:
-What song has impacted you the most?
-Are you a book person, film/tv person, or both?
-Is there a career you’re wanting to do but feel like it’s out of reach?
-What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re with friends?
-Is English your first language, if not what is?
-What is your favorite childhood memory?
-Have you been to any concerts?
-What is your favorite vacation spot?
-Any interesting hobbies?
-Do you believe in the supernatural such as voodoo, wtichcraft that type of thing?
-Favorite person in the world? (doesn’t have to be a celebrity)

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mint-bandit  asked:

Your Cinder is different but a good different. For starters the Phoenix idea I just clicks with the character and it works so well. I used to ship Cinder and Qrow too so it's cool to meet someone else who does. Secondly I love how your Cinder wants retribution like she wants to atone for her bad deeds which is an interesting twist. I give your portrayal a 10/10. :3

i’m still a gross sobbing mess over the other asks & i’m sobbing even more from this one.  thank you, kind stranger!  you have no idea how happy it makes me that others do in fact like what i’ve done with cinder.  ever since i first saw her on the show, i’ve always associated her with a phoenix & it just made sense to me from the beginning.

oh god cinder & qrow are my trash that i love so so much.  you have no idea how much i love their dynamic.  i could go on & on for hours about how much i love them but i’m gonna spare everyone from that tho my partners know it all heh. 

i know a lot of people hate the redemption trope but it makes so much sense to me for my cinder because of the different side of her we saw in v4.  i may not have kept what happened to her as part of my cinder’s canon but i was beyond glad to at least see that they were trying to show her as more than one dimensional.  i’ve been working on adding more dimensions to my portrayal of her & i hope it shows cause she’s become one of my all time favorite characters & i love her so much.

oh jesus i didn’t mean to ramble on & on but thank you for this. really! <33

how’s my portrayal?

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The Good, the Bad and the Queen welcome Rainbow Warrior III back to the Thames