the good ranger

mer!Klance? wholesome

you: disney made one of their white male villians gay 

me, an intellectual: power rangers has four poc, one is a lesbian and one is autistic, all of them are heroes


kadi’s never ending list of favourite movies (2/?)

Go, go Power Rangers!


trini + billy’s death

I had a dream last night I was a park ranger for some small Utah town and there were a series of fatal maulings in the woods surrounding the town. We investigate it and for some reason we deduce it was werewolves, because they’re the only animals that could have viciously slaughtered these people. So I’m skeptical, saying werewolves aren’t real but everyone else in the town is convinced.

Then we discover the murders were actually done by the head of the rangers, my boss. Because he was crazy and part of some werewolf cult. We arrest him and send him away BUT THEN

BUT THEN actual werewolves start attacking the town because as it turns out the chief was part of a werewolf HUNTING cult and those people he murdered were actually werewolves and he was protecting the town

I woke up just before we were going to blow up a damn to drown the werewolves it was a wild dream you guys

supersupergirl  asked:

Prompt: the green ranger joins the team (a female tommy) and likes and flirts with trini. Kimberly gets jealous and has to confront her own feelings for trini.

Tommy Oliver is fine. 

And not – Kimberly would like to clarify – ‘fine’ as in super attractive, mainly because that’s a totally separate and unrelated discussion for another time. 

She’s just… fine. Acceptable. Adequate. Whatever. 

And watching her now – training in the Pit with the Rangers like she totally belongs there – it’s fine. And if Kim is frowning about it – about Tommy’s cocky little smirk as she flips Trini onto her back and pins her to the ground in a way that’s just completely unnecessary and unhelpful to their improvement as Rangers – well, that’s all… professional disagreement.

Because Tommy is fine and Kim doesn’t have a problem with her or the way she’s now dumping the contents of her stupid green water bottle onto Trini’s face, like that’s cute or something. 

(It’s not.) 

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