the good ranger

mer!Klance? wholesome

you: disney made one of their white male villians gay 

me, an intellectual: power rangers has four poc, one is a lesbian and one is autistic, all of them are heroes


kadi’s never ending list of favourite movies (2/?)

Go, go Power Rangers!


Trimberly Bar!AU

When their eyes first meet from across the room at Central Bar, something sparks within them deep down inside. They have a wild fling at Kimberly’s apartment and Trini wakes up early in the morning to leave because she doesn’t do relationships.

…until now.


trini + billy’s death



(i would like to think they were exchanging smiles not only because of keith cracking a joke to make lance feel better in that moment, but because they were also sharing an inside joke from the previous moment; keith being like: ah yes I remember back on our first day in the castle when you called me a dropout for correcting you, while lance was thinking: keith, that comeback is a bit late)